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Player go for ball and throw in is for opposition

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Again some stupid reaction, so my player go for ball who go to the out (from opposition player who has last touch) but then my player touch the ball and go out with her instead of let the ball go out and it will be ours... this is just one of that comic situation which is FM full of it, but you dont do anything about it for a 2 months i suppose that you think this is everything ok. You dont answer on any reported bug...just can believe this behavior :-(



Tottenham v Crystal Palace.pkm

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This happens to me all the time, even when the player has time to control the ball and keep it in play. Just runs up to it and takes it out of play. The match engine is completely broken. Much worse since the update. 


All the admins seem to have gone quiet

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Guys, now is 2 months after this report, they do nothing... so there will no be any repair ( i reported 6 big issues) they obviously dont think there is need for update :-D

They will see result of this behavior very soon on release of FM 2022

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