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No mail asking if first team players are available for u-20/18 teams


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i have selected always in the staff responsibilities tab, i have also tried to change it then change it back to see if that would make a difference, it didnt.im managing in italy if that makes any difference. i have experienced it before on fm20, i couldnt solve it in the same save, but other saves seemed to be fine.

if you want me to send a save without the bug where the bug can 100% be recreated, i'll have a hard time, because i have no idea what causes it, and i overwrite my save files, so i cant go back to before the bug.

if there is something i could have done wrong, or you (whoever sees this) have any ideas for something i could try, please tell me.

its not a major issue in my save right now (because my youth teams suck), but 2-3 years into my save, it could ruin the fun in youth development (in my experience youth team managers dont rotate enough)

i hope someone can help, thanks in advance.

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