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Board competition expectation showing as failed despite being fulfilled

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I'm playing as Darlington in my second season.  My board set a requirement of reaching the second round of the FA Trophy. I reached the third round.  The board now say that I failed the expectation.  See screenshots.  Capture.thumb.JPG.4ccd844fced3366576fbbce269073c95.JPGCapture1.thumb.JPG.64b48cb6d367f2aac3a7ebfb82d6b2a9.JPG

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I'm having exactly the same problem with FA Trophy, and I have a theory. In your case, your first FA Trophy match was the 2nd round match, so you had fulfilled the expectation even before the match. In my case, I was also expected to reach the second round but I'm managing Wealdstone so my first match was a 3rd round match.
After losing that 3rd round match, I noticed that I had apparently failed to reach the second round...

I have a a feeling that the game doesn't realize you've already reached the round when you start the competition from that required round or later.

I have uploaded my save, filename is Mika Hakala_20210711.fm. The save is from few days before the 3rd round match.

P.S. I'm using a "real name fix" in my save, but no other non-SI database changes.

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