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[FM21] Scouting Centre - Actions Top Target


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  • michaeltmurrayuk changed the title to [FM21] Scouting Centre - Actions Top Target

Hi Michael

I found the bit of code which is 

<widget class="check_box" id="topt" >
            <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="card fg" blue_replacement="black"/>
            <translation id="text" translation_id="447614" type="use" value="Declare as Top Target[COMMENT: Scouting centre action]" />

I have tried adding disabled_colour="X" to each line but no luck.

Am i doing something wrong?



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Hmm looks like it's hard-coded for some reason, so you'll need to change it via the gradient trick.

Add a font="X" bit to the above widget line.

Then in the fonts folder for your skin create a new fontxml file with the name you used above and in that file paste in the following lines:

  <string id="file_name" value="text"/>
	<integer id="gradient_upper_margin" value="20"/>
	<integer id="gradient_lower_margin" value="0"/>
	<integer id="gradient_curve" value="0"/>

	<integer id="gradient_upper_colour_red" value="255"/>
	<integer id="gradient_upper_colour_green" value="255"/>
	<integer id="gradient_upper_colour_blue" value="255"/>
	<integer id="gradient_upper_colour_alpha" value="248"/>
	<integer id="gradient_lower_colour_red" value="255"/>
	<integer id="gradient_lower_colour_green" value="255"/>
	<integer id="gradient_lower_colour_blue" value="255"/>
	<integer id="gradient_lower_colour_alpha" value="248"/>

That will then override the colour, you can adjust the rgb values to suit

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