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I manage Dulwich Hamlet and have gotten to League 1 in 2023/24. Four of my players had settled status going into 2024, and I was going to help them apply for a work permit. 

An email popped up maybe in August/September 2023 informing me that work permits were likely to be rejected for these players unless I offered them a higher wage. So I offered them a new contract and eventually got their work permits accepted after they signed their new contracts.

However, in January 2024, the same email came up so I was confused. I tried offering them another contract but the player wasn’t willing to negotiate so soon after signing a new deal. I tried to apply for a work permit, but they were all rejected. Unless I’m in the dark about some work permit rule, I don’t think this should’ve happened.

Anyways I’ve played the rest of the season without these players and had get a few loans in to cover, but it was frustrating to have to do that. They also didn’t get any loan offers and I tried to offer them to clubs (which they happily agreed to), but no incoming offers for them at all. 

For other players in similar situations, I recommend not offering them a new contract until the January 1, 2024 work permit message pops up. Probably if I had waited till that second email, nothing would’ve gone wrong. 

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