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Bug when I’m subbing and my player gets a red card


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Like the title says, here’s what happened.

I was about to make a substitution for a player when an unrelated player for me gets a red card and sent off. My subs were already confirmed by me, but the UI kicks me to the screen where I have to adjust my formation for only 10 men. I change the formation with the screen showing my 10 man formation WITH my new substitutes. The game continues, but my players weren’t substituted at all? I check the substitute list and it says my player I was going to sub off was both playing in the game AND subbed off at the same time. The subbed off player had a ui bug where it said my going-to-be subbed was already off. It even went to his profile when clicked on. I couldn’t switch my substitute on, so I hope this bug to be fixed

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