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Creating Attribute Boxes


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Hi :)!


I seem to go through the same problem every year and can normally find a solution, but no joy for FM21 so far. I have tried using a few skins and cannot find one that gives me the right balance - most have the features I want, but don't have any attribute boxes. I have pretty glaring sight issues that make it really hard to read the blank numbers without the box behind them. I've tried taking the attributes panel from one mod and combining it with another but it has not worked.

Seem to be having weird resolution issues this year so only skin I can find that isn't totally out of sync on a 4K monitor is the Heffem skin. That dosen't have attribute boxes, though, so I want to try adjust and add them in where possible. I was able to make my own attribute boxes in FM20 but the same process isn't working now for FM21. Would anyone be able to help me add attribute boxes to player and staff sections, please? I've tried playing without boxes but it just isn't comfortable for my eyes.

Appreciate any help that can be provided, thank you.

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