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Amount of corners in a game is insane !!

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Hi. First of all , I’m sorry if I’ve put this in the wrong section. I just felt this was the best place to bring up my issue.

Is it just me or are most games having an INSANE amount of corners. I was playing my old save with Chelsea and I was get on average 15/20 corners a game for my team. Which I though was far too many (especially when I’m not even trying to play for set pieces !!) but after speaking to a Mod on here he said it’s just because I’m a top team and attacking a lot that the opponents are defending deeper and happy to concede corners. So I thought nothing more of it. 
My most recent save is with Newcastle, I’m only games into the season and it’s happening again !! I played arsenal first game away. They had 12 corners in the first half !! The game ended with a total of 25 corners in the match ! 
My second game was in the carabao cup at home to Stoke. I’m only at half time and there has been 22 !! Yes 22 in 45 mins of action. 

is this a bug ? And do SI need to know about it ? Does anyone else notice the same ?

in real life , let’s be honest games don’t have 22 corners in one half of football. I’ve just had a look on a betting app and had a look on the odds for over 10 corners in first half between Liverpool and spurs tonight. The odds are 100/1 !! That’s just for Liverpool to get over 10 corners in the first half. So effectively it’s 200/1 in real life to see how many corners I get in a game of FM21. 


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3 hours ago, braddockmatt said:

Is this just me then ? All I ask is because I want to know if this is a bug ??

It's not you, but some tactics make this even worse. Like attacking hightempo and flank heavy tactics. Especially with pass into space and dribble more ticket on. It's a problem that doesn't have a quick fix. It's mix of dribble more attacking winger roles and limitations of defline lateral movement. There have been lots of examples so right now I think we can only wait and see how much better SI can make it in fm21 cycle. But I will not speak SI's behalf do they need more examples. 

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