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Advice on this tactic?

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Is this tactic on the right path or have I got it completely wrong. 

My thinking is, the left back will be able to push up the pitch and head into the space occupied by the IF cutting inside. 

By having a DLP on that side, he would sit centrally and provide a bit of cover while also being able to play passes forward to those in front. 

On the other side, I'm hoping the Mezzala pushing higher up the pitch will be able to link up with the IW and maybe creating an overload on the right hand side before playing a ball across the LWB. I did about using the RB on support to really provide an overload but not sure if that will leave me too exposed at the back.

With the Mezzala pushing on, I'm hoping the FB on defend plus an Anchor man will provide us some cover there. I've also put the LCB on a covering duty, thinking here is that with the WB heading up the pitch, if the CB drops a bit, it should give us time to get some numbers back to support.

FM20 1.png

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Might help to see an example lineup to get a better picture of how it would perform but generally seems ok, don't think you need the LCB on cover to delay counters when you already have an anchor-man who won't venture far + a fb-d who I reckon would be fine on support.

I would watch to see if there is enough width being provided on the right to stretch the back line since the IW will cut inside and the FB on defend won't really overlap much, rather he will sit deep to provide a recycle option.

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1 hour ago, LeeWHU888 said:

Is this tactic on the right path or have I got it completely wrong

The left flank and midfield trio are perfectly balanced. The problem is on the right - the fullback's role is too conservative to be able to offer proper attacking support even if you want to play a more direct style of football. So I would change him into WB also on defend duty and lower the LOE by just one notch in order to make the tactic as a whole more suited to such playing style. Alternatively, you can keep the FB on defend duty, but then switch the IW to winger (also on support) and the mezzala to CM on attack duty. Actually, that would be the more appropriate option when the rest of the setup is taken into account.

Also, with the IF and PF both on attack duties, there is the risk of space competition up front, given the similarity in role types. So either switch the IF into IW (just role, not duty) or change the PF into a role with more movement and creativity (e.g. CF or DLF). 

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Your tactic is close, but has a few key issues I can spot, mainly in duties. 

The 433 is a bottom heavy formation, meaning you naturally lack support for your attacking players, and your selections make this even stronger.

The striker really needs to be a role that drops deep, or he’s going to get very little support. The PFa is moving into the same places as the IFa, and your MEZa will be the primary beneficiary of any throughballs from your IWs. Your DLPs may send some balls through into that left channel, but realistically he’s going to be so isolated from any support himself he probably won’t have the space to find anything decent. Try any of the Treq, F9, DLF, or even a CFs, they should recieve passes from your DLP better and then look to move the ball to the Mez or the IF. 

The left side combination is great, DLPs, WBs, and IFs/a have done very nice things for me. And I feel the CM pairing can definetly work, as well as the IWs, but the Anchorman needs to change. The DLPs is going to pull away from him, either to the left to overload with the IF and the WB, or more forward centrally when the Mez takes up an advanced position and the IW dribbles infield. When the ball moves to the IW, the Mez pushes up, and the DLP moves to support, your formation will look like a 4-6, a 4-1-5 if the dlp sits off a little ways, but even then, when you do get deep in the opponents third, I would be surprised to see him in Zone 14, so a 4-1-5 could be more of a 4-0-1-5. Either way, this is going to cause your midfield to get overrun consistently. Your players will lack support, will turn the ball over, and will then be unable to stop the counter, mainly because of the Anchorman and the FBd. The anchorman needs to be a DM (good all around), BWM (for possessionish system, more later), or a DLP with the other DLP changing to a Calilero IMO. The FB just needs to be a FBs and you’ll be Golden.

In terms of how this team would play football, if you want a more counter heavy style, lower the engage line to standard, slap a Regroup on it, and you’ll be set. For a more possession style, I’d go Mezs, IFs, FBa on the left, dlp CML, BWM or DM for DM, reduce passing to shorter, and you’ll have a possession system. This is in addition to the changes above, ST still needs to change, FBR still needs to change, etc. 


If you read nothing else, take your CBL off Cover, 2 defenders should be on defense, if they’re not they’re going to cause problems for your offsides trap.

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