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Player unhappy that position not strengthened but has been massively strengthened since transfer agreed

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I have a player who joined in January, the transfer was agreed in the previous summer as an end of contract move. As part of the transfer i promised him that i would significantly strengthen the midfiled which i did over the duration of the summer, bringing in 6 players who all play in the midfield over the course of the summer transfer window. They are all significantly better than the players i had (except one who was me buying a player i had on loan for the whole of last season who has now joined permanently and become my captain.)

He joined in January and then at the end of the January transfer window has said I haven't kept my promise and is now demanding a move. There is no option in the dialogue to convince him i have kept my promise... which i absolutely have and now i have a star player who is going to spend the rest of the season sowing discontent into my small squad for no reason.

Can i also point out that the options in response to his complaint were limited to:

an admission i hadn't done it and agreeing to transfer list him, or

a put up or shut up,

which has left me with no where to go... no opportunity to placate him and say - there wasn't anyone else worth bringing in, or wait until the next window and see if i don't strengthen... it's really frustrating to have only 2 options of complete capitulation on my part or to basically refuse and make him angry

it's also worth saying that i attempted to sign a player in the window as well but he chose to go elsewhere

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I can see that the promise doesn't actually become 'live' until he joins on the first of january... but unlike other such promises when you hire in the summer i only get a month to resolve it, usually when you make these promises you get the year to do it. 


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hey @tremor

Sorry about that! There are a few changes being made in this area, but I think I'd like to investigate this

Might be a pain so sorry if it is one, but a save before you sign these players would be good. Basically to track what the game does... the Strengthen promise, it goes by position (Midfield is flexible enough, doesn't matter what role they play)  and if the new players are a clear upgrade? Absolutely should count

Happy to take on board the other points too to see what happens internally; only a month to fulfill a January transfer window promise for example.. hmm.

Think a lot of it is areas we're working on anyway, but happy to take a look, just let me know the save's name if you do upload one. I'll play through it for a bit and get any issues I spot to the developers.


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I don't think I've got a save before he agrees to the contract. I've got a save just before he joins in January, but he agrees the transfer in the summer. My saves in the summer are all before I offer him a contract, before I've even scouted him.

Happy to upload either/both if it helps.

I have since gone and reloaded just before the window closes to see if it happens again but it happens every time. I have now just ignored him to avoid the conversation/clash... 

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Since this, I have ignored his request to have a conversation and almost completed the season, he seems to have dropped his concern as we have performed better in the league than he expected. I can also now not see any reference to the promise in my profile or his... not sure if it will still count as a 'failed promise' from a game point of view though

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