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Hi all,


Does anyone know the xml file or how much of the career screen I can actually play around with? I've got no idea what I really want but just think that it looks ugly - particularly when you've got 3 clubs per season, as seen below, with no appearances (aside from non-competitive games which, annoyingly mean that line needs to show up)



Wondering if anyone has had any previous success on this, also?

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39 minutes ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

You cannot that screen is hard-coded.

Thanks! I am presuming then that the graph tab on that screen is also hard coded?

EDIT: If we are going that way then - is it possible to edit the below panel to include AR, assists etc?


Edited by _Ben_
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I've managed to add some extra columns to this table, as seen below:


Using this code found in 'playing history small.xml' Note - I've two more columns (assists and AR) the same width as apps and goals.

        <widget class="table" id="phst" layout="50,20,10,-1,55,55,55,55" fixed_size_rows="true" row_height="20" row_spacing="0" column_spacing="0">
            <list id="column_table_properties">
                <record index="0" sort_disabled="true" />
                <record index="1" hidden="true" />
                <record index="2" hidden="true" />
                <record index="3" sort_disabled="true" right="0"/>
                <record index="4" sort_disabled="true" />
                <record index="5" sort_disabled="true" />
                <record index="6" sort_disabled="true" />
                <record index="7" sort_disabled="true" />
            <list id="column_widget_properties">
                <record index="0" alignment="left,centre_y" colour="faded text" size="small"/>
                <record index="1" alignment="left"/>
                <record index="2" alignment="left"/>
                <record index="4" alignment="left,centre_y"/>
                <record index="5" alignment="left,centre_y" />
                <record index="6" alignment="left,centre_y" />
                <record index="7" alignment="left,centre_y" />


I just don't know where the file is to actually find the stuff that populates this table...

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15 minutes ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

You cannot add stuff to those tables as the data is hard-coded.


10 minutes ago, bluestillidie00 said:

it’s pretty safe to say it’s impossible to edit the content of tables and keep that as a rule 


Thought as much when I looked at a retired player and got this:



Shame. Not even the 'playing history summary.xml' which looks like it should be the right thing will let me edit the row stripes, for example. I presume the appearance isn't hard coded even if the data inside it is?

Edited by _Ben_
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