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Can't sell player nor extend his contract

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I don't know if it actually is a bug but if it's not than it is at least weird. Some club wanted to buy Martial from me. I refused, Martial complained, so when talking with him I chose an option with: "I will let you go at the end of season if there will be interested clubs in you  and you still want to leave. I wanted to get more money for him , so at the end of the season I used the 1 year automatic extension clause. All clubs lots interest in him.

Now I am already in another season (one year after extending his contract) and Martial still wants to leave even if none is interested in him.  So I offered him to the clubs and the response was that there is no interest in him, because: "there aren't any clubs who seem to be thinking that signing him would be a good move at the time". In my experience this notice shows up when the player only just signed new contract (which is not the case in here). So I tried to extend his contract, but he doesn't want to because he is unhappy.  As he is in his final year I need to sell him or extend his contract but I can do neither. 

The save on cloud is called PS-Martial.


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