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How can I make this tactic better offensively

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Initial thoughts are that you have no player on Attack duty so every single one of your players is basically going to be looking for passes rather than scoring opportunities.  You need a couple of Attack duties somewhere, probably at least one in midfield and one of the wider players, as mentioned above. Also, you're trying to hit early crosses, but who are you going to target with them? You have one striker and he's a DLF so he's more likely going to be outside the box along with the IF who are also on Support so not exactly going all-out to get into the box. You're also telling your players to run at the defence but simultaneously cross early, which is a direct contradiction.

I think your central midfield is quite defensive with a DM and two CMs on Support so maybe change the BBM to a Mezalla on Attack and then have the fullback on the other side of the pitch on Attack too. I'd still want one of your 3 forwards on Attack but if you start there and see how that changes things you can tweak further afterwards.

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