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Player unhappy that position wasn't strengthened even though it very very obviously was

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My goalkeeper said he wanted to strengthen the left wing so I signed Joe Adams on loan, who instantly became our best left winger. For some absurd reason this apparently didn't fulfil the promise and now he's demanding a transfer. If, as I assume, it's because this was a loan signing then that is beyond a joke. 

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Hey @Gran2

Sorry about the frustration of this mate, I'll explain what I can about this and how it should be working, but happy to look at a save too in case it's the game going wrong.

OK, so loans should count towards this Strengthen promise. Joe Adams is a left winger, check. You say he's the best left winger at the club - that should count. 

So if you have a save before you sign Adams we can investigate what happens, do you have one please? From what you're saying it does sound like we should be looking at it as a game issue.


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