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FM Online Clan Advertiser Thread

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Welcome to the FMO Clan Advertiser Thread, if your hosting a game and are looking for players, or your a player looking to see what clans need more people to join, then this is the right place to come.

Hosts, please use the form below to give us the required details about your game:

Clan Name: (We only ask you dont have anything too rude here)

Game: (Which version of CM / FM you are hosting)

Times: (The times that your clan will be playing, please dont forget to state your timezone!)

Leagues: (What league(s) will you be playing? e.g. EPL, SPL, La Liga etc)

Additional Info: (Please give here info that potential players need to know, do not post your clan rules here, e.g. use Skype, MSN, etc)


DO NOT post your email address or other contact details here, these contact details should be upto date in your profile.

Posts will be valid for 3 weeks, we feel this is a long enough period to attract players to your game and get underway.

If you require your post to stay up longer, please contact a Mod so that arrangements can be made for this.

Happy Gaming!

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The Gathering 2021


Join us as we start a new save every evening from 8.30pm till late! 

(banish the lockdown boredom and interact with other people for a change)

*Pentagon Challenge across the Major Euro Leagues

*4 Regular Manager already in place

* Fast play most evening (hols from game to game where possible)

* Time to do all the normal FM bits.

MUST BE ON SKYPE TEXT CHAT ( No mics) to join in the evening Sessions.

Message me on steam kev.13 or kevy3480 on skype for full details


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Porco Dio -currently running 4 saves, depending of players availability
FM 2021
Times- depends from save
Polish Lower divisions (3rd tier now) - mornings, 2 players currently, beginning of the 3 rd season
EFL Champ and L1 ( 5 players spreaded between Prem and L1) - afternoons /evenings, end of 2 nd season
German 3 liga -evenings/weekends (side-save) beginning of the 2nd season
Serie C -italian career mode (main save, 7 players from England, Scotland, Sweden and Poland, currently 3 in serie B, 4 in C) end of 2nd season -evenings, late night (while the host doesnt sleep), weekends. Game is often loaded for checking teams issues,transfers etc.

We communicate on steam chat - "kostropaty" is my username there.

Every save will have an update on SI Forum dedicated section so you can choose wisely.


EDIT -due to necessary laptop change (for the worse one) i was urged to form a new save and postpone the others for the better times (some other players left due to family/life balance reasons).

There is one save, started from the EFL Championship as we all love EFL porn.  Currently 2 nd season, both our teams were promoted to Prem (Beggazs Blackburn won the league, my Nottm Forest via the playoffs) and doin fine there. Therefore feel invited to join us, you may pick your fav club unless its not something from the top 6 or start the journey from our level-surely the best league in the world. There is only one rule or rather indication, that we re starting winh auto badges and semi-pro reputation (if you can prove that you're Steve Bruce or Frank Lampard no problem then). We re playing in the rather irregular manner, mostly during the weekdays morings from 10 AM to approx 2 PM and during most of the late evenings -times to discuss anyway, depends of players will to play with hands-on-approach as we do. Below the current situation in the Prem and Champ, please note that QPR are reserved for one hardcore player who is likely to join in few days


Contact me via steam ("kostropaty"), then we are contacting eachother via Whatsapp(offline) and steam (online).

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save change
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Clan Name: LFMC (Lionheart Football Manager Championship)

Game: FM21

Times: Wednesday 20:30-23:30, Friday 20:00-00:00, Sunday 19:00-22:30 (Spain timezone GMT+2)

Leagues: England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. First and Second division.

Additional Info: It is a Spanish-speaking league, so the ability to understand and communicate in Spanish will be needed.

More Information here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1alhPAatA96GVJ0hca2rHIeKvQoswY6mbzSxEird9_hI/edit?usp=sharing)

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Players wanted for our online league for season 4.

We are running a network game of Football Manager, where players can compete online to test their management skills against others. Choose any available team from Spain, Germany and Portugal

We are particularly looking for dedicated managers. New members will be asked details before being accepted via our Discord Server, where someone will go through the process with you.


We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7:30PM-10:30PM GMT. The game will be up 30 minutes beforehand at 7PM UK time.

You will need Discord for chatting and messaging during gameplay. We currently have 12 active managers

During the game you will need to be on comms, but you can mute yourself.


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In the Spanish Football Manager community  we are organizing an online tournament of FM21, an online European Championship, this Sunday at 8 AM (GMT+1). It will be only one day, the tournament starts at 8:00 and finishes at 14:00 of the same sunday. We are all players who speak Spanish, but I will be personally helping everyone who speaks English with everything that he could ask. 

This tournament works in a very simple way. You choose one of the national teams that are free, you enter the game, pick your 26 players, create your own tactics and then on the Sunday at 8:00 we all come into the game and play the European Championship.

Now we have 28 players but we are aiming to be 32 :D 

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It will be fun, with that game European Championship.  I was in a game closed to that, in 2004 .  Proud winner .  But its was a long time ago. Computers , broadband  etc is much  bettter . Good luck with the game.   


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