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Finding a new job after getting sacked

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Does anyone else find it really difficult to get a decent job after being sacked? 

I recently had a save game where I took Sunderland from League 1 (English 3rd tier) to the Premier League in 4 seasons. 

In my 5th season, we struggled and I got sacked in January. Fair enough. Results weren't good. At the time of my sacking I had a Gold coaching badge and Regional reputation. 

I spent the next year in-game applying for every single job that came up (in England top 3 divisions, USA, Australia, Argentina and international) and the only offers I got were from newly promoted teams in the English 3rd tier. 

I didn't like the prospect of effectively starting from the beginning again and slogging through another couple of 46-game seasons, so in the end I ditched that save game and started a new one. 

But should I be finding it so hard to be offered a job in the top two tiers?

I get that maybe the game thought I was out of my depth at PL level but I was always competitive in the Championship (2nd tier) so surely I should be getting offers at that level?

I'm interested to hear other people's experiences and thoughts. 

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The reputation is the main issue, with regional you can't really find jobs in tier 2 top leagues. With that run you should have been on national reputation which would allow you to get, for example, offers from the championship. 

I know they tweaked the reputation growth but I still see no improvement, specially if we don't win any trophies (just getting promoted) and still find it a struggle for journeyman managers like myself. 

I've posted before, when looking for jobs I see little to no difference between unknwon , local and regional reputation. Only after national reputation is when you will start to see a difference. 

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