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This is not necessarily a bug, but I don't know where else to post this :)

The scout responsible for transfers and contracts advice at my club, has just given this recommendation:


I do not understand the logic behind this. Can anyone please explain?

Should agreed playing time levels really be made based on such a proposal?

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  • nugatti changed the title to Playing time changes vs ability

It is up to you. The scout gives you this recommendation so when you are not playing some player the time agreed in his contract, the player beginns to be concerned after some time (resp. unhappy). But it is based only on plyer ability compared to other players from your team, not on his actuall playing time.

 When you lower his playing level, there is lower propability that the player will moan about lack of his playing time. But he can moan about lowering of his playing level, or when other teams want to buy him, they offer less for a player who is regular starter than for star player.

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Yes, that is my take on it as well. When he acually is an important player for me, why should I lower this level and risk upsetting him?

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