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Can you add leagues mid save on xbox?

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Hi, me and 3 of my friends play an online career together. At the start of the game I stupidly only added England and English leagues into the game. On PC it’s possible to add leagues mid save but I can’t find it ANYWHERE on xbox. Is there anything I can do? 



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12 hours ago, minigod said:

It's not possible, it's also not possible on PC. This is FM Touch, full FM you can add and remove leagues on PC but you can't on FM Touch.

It's possible to do so on PC. Haven't tried on FMT21 but I did have a save where I added and removed leagues in FMT20.

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10 minutes ago, minigod said:

You sure about that? As far as I remember its never been a feature in Touch. I have just loaded up FMT20 and whilst the option is there in the menu, it is greyed out. 

As long as you remove the cross play restrictions when starting a new game you'll be able to add/remove leagues.

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