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Coaches , give me more !

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I don't know if it's a bug or not but I haven't seen an option to ask my chairman about the possibility of getting some more coaches in for over a year .

This is a year after I got promoted to English League 1 and have had multiple requests for physiotherapists , scouts etc. Accepted .

For instance , all I have in my under 23's are one manager and one coach . No assistant or room for Goalkeeper or Fitness coaches.

However in my under 18's I have 5 coaching spots including a manager and an assistant .

Anyone else had this or is this a bug in my own save ?

Thank you .

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2 hours ago, Jorge666 said:

How many do you have? They only let you have so many then the option is gone forever from what I've seen, I think once you get 14 (or maybe 11) you can't have any more 

I only have 2 in my under 23's but I have 5 in my under 18's and that includes the manager and assistant .

I have 7 in my first team and that doesn't include myself or my assistant . 

Maybe you're right and there's a limit I can have over the 3 squads .

Thanks for your time . I didn't think there would be a limit over the 3 teams but what you say makes sense . 

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