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Media Predictions Bug (2 teams in same league with same Media Prediction)

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Having 2 teams in the same division with the same media prediction.


2 teams in the same division having the same media prediction. It doesn't happen in every league.

Things I have noticed or may be a coincidence is that Newcastle were promoted back to the PL while Stoke were already in the PL at the time of this happening. Meanwhile, Wigan had just been relegated to the VNL whilst Stockport were already in this division. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or if this can occur with teams promoted/relegated.


  • Club > General > Media Prediction


Probably every version since release. I noticed it in Season 4 of my game but it probably begins to occur from Season 2 onwards. Stoke/Newcastle happened in SEASON 4. Wigan and Stockport in SEASON 5.

FILES UPLOADED TO OwnCloudFOR STOKE/NEWCASTLE: (My Name) Stoke SSN 4 ongoin.fm     OR     FOR WIGAN/STOCKPORT: (My Name) Stoke SSN 5.fm






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I'm having the same issue. 

It has happend on every save I've played. I also noticed that the media prediction of every team that never gets relegated stays the same year on year. Eg: Man City 20 years on in game could be finishing 16th/17th regularly but will continue to have a media prediction of 1st.




*EDIT* I've uploaded my game save on owncloud also. (John Carney- Forest Green fm)


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Uploaded save file on own cloud
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