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The Weird Man Who Conquered Europe - Jarhead's Journeyman Save

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The Weird Man Who Conquered Europe - Journeyman Save

I started a challenge in another thread. It can be quite easy for posts to get quite long, so I am going to use this thread to post my progress and then link it in the comments section of my challenge thread.

I wont go into to many details about the challenge as it is all the thread. Here is the Link if you want the details on how to complete the challenge.

The Weird Man Who Conquered Europe - Journeyman Challenge - Challenges, Sign-Ups & Experiments - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)

The aim of the challenge is to basically emulate the career of Ernst Happel


Progress will follow in comments below

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ADO Den Haag logo.svg

ADO Den Haag 2020-21

Predicted Finish: 17th

Finished: 5th

Cup: Round 2

I started my save in the same place Ernst Happel did. ADO Den Haag



Not A great start, Out of the cup in second round.


Good January Window and settled on a tactic. Second half went much better.

Eventually Finish 5th. Won the European qualifier playoff so will play in Euro Cup II






Overall was able to make good progress, team looked a lot better that it did when I started, finances are not brilliant but all takes time.

Plus they are building a new Stadium set to open in 2024

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ADO Den Haag logo.svg

ADO Den Haag 2021-22

Predicted Finish: 6th

Finished: 2nd

Cup: Winners

Euro Cup II: Runners Up

After turning things around and building the makings of a decent squad, I started to develop a low block 433 and made some transfers but was a pretty quiet window. By the time season 2 had begun I had the best staff in Holland in every department.

The Results


Really impressed with the start I made in season 2 even with the fixture congestion. 


Very good form over mid season period.


Fixture congestion made things hard, picked up a few injuries which did not help matters.

Lost some Key games in the title race, particularly the AZ game.

Had good draws in the Cup, beat Ajax in semis (I always seem to beat ajax, my system seems well suited to beating them)

Then a 2-1 victory after Extra Time vs Feyenoord in the final.

Happy with a second place finish.


Euro Cup II went well, scrapped through the quarter final


In the end we didn't have what it took to win the Final. Very disappointed with the performance.



Picked up a few at the beginning of the window and extended some loans from the first season.


These where moved on early.


Managed to move a lot of players on, some players signed where moved on again to make some money.


Very good season, Cup win, title challengers and runners up in a European competition. Not bad for Den Haag

This part of the challenge is over, I then had to wait for a job to become available.


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ADO Den Haag logo.svg

ADO Den Haag 2022-23 (Start)

Predicted Finish: 3rd

Position When Left: 1st

Champions League: Eliminated in Group Stage

Unfortunately there wasn't any jobs available in the summer, so I began season 3 with Den Haag again.

I played up to the World Cup Break, I played 12 league games and CL qualifiers and group games.



Started off losing to AZ (again) in the Super Cup, but early season league form was brilliant. 7 Wins in 8 games.

Done Well in some hard qualifiers and then drew a tough champions league group. Managed a draw against Gladbach


Another 4 League Wins, 11 Wins in 12 games left Den Haag top of the league,

Pulled off a couple of good results in CL but finished bottom of the group as expected.


Table after I left



2 players i had pre arranged transfers for


Not many players in, windows are not needing to be so dramatic now.


Early window outgoings. Sandy Walsh had a poor first and only season.


Few more that left.


Brilliant start with a really good platform for new manager to build off. I said in earlier comment, new stadium is on the way, new training and youth facility's have been built so could be a good future. Feels a shame to leave but if taken them as far as the challenge requires.

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Feyenoord logo.svg

Feyenoord 2022-23

Start Position: 18th

Finished: 5th

Cup: Runners Up

So I was flying high with Den Haag but really wanted a new Job. Feyenoord had an awful start to the season. So I took over. Was the job I wanted in Holland next, although I wish the circumstances where better. However they had a healthy transfer budget of 54m! 

Ernst Happel actually moved from Den Haag to Feyenoord, so pretty cool I took the same path.


What Happened?



Having the world cup break was great. It allowed me time to access my squad and play friendly's and then with the window it was like playing pre season followed by a short season.

Got the team organised and familiar with the same system. Performed brilliantly.

Steady climb up the table and reached the cup final.


I was undefeated in the league and came 5th, good turn around and good platform to build off for my first full season.

Unfortunately I came up short in cup final losing 1-0 to PSV


5th Place finish. Happy to see Den Haag carry it on with out me and win the title.

Even though there new manager did say my time the was dubious.



Players I managed to bring in during the January window. Reputation had taking a hit so signing players was quite difficult. 


A lot of outgoings, some where reserves who where academy players who hadn't made it or been moved on.


Good Start and plenty of money to invest in the squad. I didn't lose with Den Haag or Feyenoord this season so I was Invincible in the league. 

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Feyenoord logo.svg

Feyenoord 2023-24

Predicted Finish: 3rd

Finished: 2nd

Cup: Runners Ups

Euro Cup 2: Winners



Looked like a completely different team from a year a go. To be fair it was pretty much a new squad since took over.


Brilliant Form in all competitions.


So close to an invincible season, losing 1 game to Ajax.

Lost another Cup Final!

Won the Euro Cup II final this time round though.


Dominated the league, won the title with 5 games left.

First title in my save!

Sorry Den Haag



Players Signed Early in the Window


Added some good quality. Tommy Doyle and Branthwaite join me again on loan.


A lot more outgoings early in the window.


Then even more throughout the windows. Good clear out


Very, very good season. Really enjoyed turning things around like that. But again, this part of the challenge is over, I am onto stage 3.

To make things easier I resigned after the Euro Cup II final and started looking for new jobs. The Euros was on so a lot of international teams approached me after which I rejected.

Bayer Leverkusen offered me an interview but I declined due to the league reputation being to high at this stage in the challenge.

I was offered an Interview with Standard but they went with my replacement at Den Haag!

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Club Brugge KV logo.svg

Club Brugge 2024-25

Predicted Finish: 1st

Finished: 1st

Cup: Winners

Champions League: 1st KO Round

So after missing out on the Standard job, the Club Brugge job became available quite late as the manager left to take the Belgium job after the Euros. I applied and was successful,

Its weird how its turned out but I'm at a club Happel managed again. 

Brugge where champions and in a lot better state than Feyenoord where when I took over. Annoyingly they had made some questionable transfers just before i joined and already played one league game. I had 3 days until first game.



Strong start in the league, also good in CL


Very good apart from the Barcelona game. Finished top my CL group, drew Real Madrid in next round.

Into the Cup Final


Finished season top and undefeated!

6-0 win in Cup final

Unfortunately teams not ready for likes of Real Madrid





Some good signings. Happy to sign Doyle and Branthwaite permanently after having both at Den Haag & Feyenoord on loan


Managed to pull in 90 m in player sales


Great season, 103 goals scored 18 conceded with a very young team. 1 title won and the cup secured, so just one more title and Stage 3 complete. I should be able to build on this and easily win the title again next Season. Still no where near winning Champions League


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On 05/02/2021 at 14:38, poobington said:

What tactic are you using? Is this your Sacchi one?

Mostly 'The Hague 433' throughout. Stuck to that while was at Den Haag. Then if used a few others since being at Feyenoord and Brugge.  All 433s though

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Club Brugge KV logo.svg

Club Brugge 2025-26

Predicted Finish: 1st

Finished: 1st

Cup: Winners

Super Cup: Winners

Champions League: Runners Up

Simple task this year, defend the title. Will be my second and last season at Brugge



Great start domestically. 3 set pieces conceded against Juventus despite extra training in this area.

Barcelona game was 3-2 up, red card led to complete melt down.


Great result and sweet revenge vs Barcelona

Progressed into the KO Stage


Finished season undefeated again

Bogey team for the English clubs until the Final

1-0 up to 80th Minute and threw it away

Won Croky Cup again






Busy summer window again, some players where so disappointing in training and AV Rating I moved them on


Brilliant all season and then just played terrible in CL final, Completed this part of the challenge and won an extra cup and super cup

Going to leave now and how new job is available. 

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Sporting Clube de Portugal (Logo).svg

Sporting 2026-27

Predicted Finish: 3rd



Champions League

Next leg of the journey takes me to Portugal. I Need to achieve 3 league titles, 2 Cups, 1 Super Cup here as well as a Champions League



Got through CL Qualifiers and drew a pretty decent group

Having no problems domestically

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