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Hi would it be possible for someone to help with my code problem.

I am using this code but some some reason i can not get the writing to space next to each other.

<container id="main">
        <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize" horizontal_alignment="horizontal" />
                <widget class="client_object_label_value_table" id="yPic" auto_size="vertical">
                    <record id="object_property">
                        <integer id="get_property" value="objt" />
                        <integer id="set_property" value="objt" />
                    <record id="table_properties" layout="-1, -1" mode="fill_rows, stripe_rows" auto_size_rows="true"  >
                        <integer id="row_spacing" value="2" />
                        <list id="column_properties">
                            <record indx="0" colour="title" alignment="centre_y,left" />
                            <record indx="1" font="text" alignment="centre,right" multiline="true"/>
                        <list id="column_display_properties">
                            <record indx="0" left="4" sort_disabled="true" />
                            <record indx="1" right="4" sort_disabled="true" />
                    <list id="viewed_property_ids">
                        <integer value="Pclb" />
                        <integer value="PExD" />
                        <integer value="Pcsd" />
                        <integer value="Pcex" />
                        <integer value="Plcl" />

I am look to get like 4 containers with all the information in with across the top.



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Your table only has two columns and you have set the layout for the columns to use all the space divided equally between the two columns.

If you add more columns or duplicate the container then the content will shrink down as you add more info.

If that is the only info you want to display then you can shift the right column to the left by giving the first column a fixed width (or add more columns to shift it over).

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Thanks Michael

After hours of playing around i think i have managed to get it working.

I have just posted a different problem if you can help with that it would be great.

It is finding the code on the inbox page for a colour setting.

Thanks again

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