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Young players incorrectly start off retired from international football


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So I've noticed an unusually large amount of young players that are retired from international football this year, so I had a look in the editor and it seems there is some kind of bug at work, because none of these players have an international retirement set in the DB.

So far I've found:

Claudio Gomes - Man City

Tofol Montiel - Fiorentina

Kevin Ehlers - Dynamo Dresden

Silvan Wallner - Zurich

Simon Sohm - Parma

Xavier Amaechi - Hamburg

Shinta Appelkamp - Dusseldorf

Luan Candido - Leipzig

Aliou Traore - Man Utd/Caen

Martin Svidersky - Man Utd

Arnau Puigmal - Man Utd

Charlie McCann - Man Utd


But I know there are many, many more. All of them are good enough to play in youth internationals, yet they all start off every save as retired from international football.

Figured it might be something related to dual nationality at first, but some of them like Ehlers, Montiel and Puigmal only have one nationality.

I uploaded a saved game named "youngsters retired.fm" to the cloud service.

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hey @zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

I've looked at your save and you're right about that, all the players you listed are retired in it

But I tried a new career internally and didn't get the same results

Just wondering do you run anything at all, custom? be it leagues, skins, etc.

I can see it in your save but can't recreate it in a new game. I'll do more digging but let me know how you noticed this please

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