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B team player not available for the game of first team


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I am playing a club in spanish league. When I want to call up some B players for a game of A team. I usully do this way in FM19 / FM20 and they are always successed. 

Normally if B team has a game. They will ask me who could be available to play the B team game.

I set the B players to be not available for B team game. And then go back to the A team squad, I use the filter on the right hand side. 

Choose B team squad and call up the B team player I want instead of promoting him from B team.

Now the problem in the "Asking B team available". I cannot set the player to be not available. So the player will be play for B team and I cannot use.

Because of A team often have many injury and suspension at the same time. I could call up some B team player for few games and give them the shirt number (26-99 non-register A team) like the real rules of Spanish league.

After a few games, the B team player could go back to B team for B team game. If I promote them, they will not happy I send them back to B team.


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I know how to call up the B team player instead of move him to first team.

But it is quite stupid that  "availalbe for senior squad" inside the column "availalbe for B squad", it make everyone confused.

And I cannot asign the non-register number (23 - 99)




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