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Delegated all staff related stuff -> no new staff hired in years, out of scouts/chief scout, ... (and I'm a CL team)

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Since season 1 I've delegated all staff related stuff. Now & then I check if everything is still delegated (because if a staff member leaves it resets to you).

But no new staff is getting hired, I was a tier 3 team at the start, but since season 3 I'm in top division in belgium, and since last season I'm even playing CL football.

But still the responsibles don't hire any new staff, I'm out of scouts & chief scout at the moment, my medical and youth staff is the worst in the league and still no one new gets hired.

The board even explicitely says a chief scout should be hired (as seen in the screenshot), same thing was with a DoF, which I then hired manually to see if there maybe was an issue that no one wanted  to come, but it went very easy for me

I've tried the following things to trigger something to happen:

  • Changed the one responsible
  • Manually put out a vacancy (where a lot of replies where) 

But to no avail, still no staff getting hired...

(I don't know if this matters, shouldn't have any affect, but I'm holidaying most of the time to check out some long term things)

In FM20 it was the opposite, the responsible would hire staff until all was maxed out to max number of hired staff (which was also not realistic because you would have more staff than other comparable teams, certainly in LLM).

Download link of the save file: Download from my personal Azure blob storage




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I know im shoudnt use other topics, but its 100% related.

Im trying to make my Staff do ALL transfers for me, like i want to new players just appear on my team, i dont want to do anything, and even with the delegate thing, my staff NEVER buy a new player, even if my team got 10000 reputation and infinite money.

And im already search this 'handles team selection' and im in charge of that, so it cant be this.

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