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Am I the only one to find that there are really more and too many whistled penalties compared to the 20 or those before? I'm sorry but a tackle where it plays the ball in the box it makes VAR + peno then.

For the same tackle, exactly the same outside the area, it continues to play out. I reinstated the 20th, I played 14 matches, through different European fields and matches, only 2 penalties whistled (in both directions).

The one match in 2 or 3, there is a whistle penalty for nothing, or something that is not whistled in any championship.


And also, the referees who are in the pick-up during accelerations and deep passes, which means that they do not see the offside. Each time I have more than 700 hours of play on each without problem.


I don't even have 300 hours that I have more fun with this story of penalties.


For the pic, it's very very limit to whistled this.

Hors jeu.jpg

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