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Posted on behalf of @joe5p, to help add media to the below mod.


This thread is setup to capture UK & Irish media as part of a project to add them to the game in this mod: Media Overhaul for FM21

We have a lot of larger sources for England and Scotland, but the main gaps are with regional knowledge.

For example, if you are from Yorkshire, please share the names of prominent local journalists and sources who wouldn't have a national profile. They could be staff who work only with BBC Yorkshire and/or local papers, but are well known to fans of football in that area.

We can also add Irish, N. Irish, Welsh, or any other sources, but would need your help in capturing them.

Before posting, if you want to check whether or not I have a source or journalist/pundit included already, feel free to PM @joe5p as it will save you time. 


To recommend a media source, please post with the following information:

Name (mandatory):

URL (optional):

Hashtag (optional):

Scope (mandatory): Club/Local/Regional/National/Continental/Worldwide/Competition

Style (mandatory): Tabloid/Broadsheet/Formal/Casual/Popular/Analytical

Type (mandatory): Newspaper/Magazine/Fanzine/Radio/TV/Website/Podcast/Social Media


To recommend a journalist or pundit, please post with the following information:

Name: (mandatory)

Gender: (mandatory)

Ethnicity: (optional)

DOB: (optional)

Nationality: (optional)

Employer: (the media source they work for most – mandatory)

Style: (mandatory) Sensationalist/Factual/Bland/Flamboyant

Character: (optional, can be more than one): Experienced/cunning/dull/ill tempered/dishonest/nice

Favoured Clubs: (optional)



Extra Info:

There are a few things to consider when trying to add media sources and journalists.

Firstly, real life media input and that available in FM are massively different. Real life now sees pundits interviewing players and managers post-match, whereas FM has this restricted, to a degree, to traditional journalists.

For an example of how real-life pundits/co-commentators impact the media narrative and manager behaviour, just see Neil Lennon’s press conference this week. The Celtic manager is firing off shots based on the comments of a Sky Sports co-commentator (Andy Walker), rather than just responding to traditional print media.

In this update, pundits, journalists, fanzines, podcasts, and co-commentators can be captured and included. While a purest may think it is unrealistic for Roy Keane to ask a question at a press conference, it is probably more immersive and relatable than being asked by well respected but largely unknown journalists e.g., Gary Rose from the BBC. A wide range of print journalists will be included too, but the update will at least attempt to increase immersion by including the massive number of staff involved in the media that FM don't yet utilise. This should mean that those avid readers of The Athletic are just as likely to see their favourite writer ask questions as a more casual player who just wants the high-profile tv pundits to start talking about their team pre- or post-match. 

It is also true that some fanzines and fan-based podcasts now have access to official club press conferences. It is less clear how they are utilised in FM but they can be added in. The main problem is not being able to source the staff from podcasts that are fan based.

Secondly, traditional journalists used to work for a single publication or source. However, it is now more common for them to work across sources e.g. The Athletic and a newspaper. A handful write for one source only. In FM they can only have one employer. The only workaround is to create multiple instances of the same person (seems counter intuitive). Those who are complete freelancers can be included under a source called something like Press Association (Scotland) or Associated Press (Wales). Stan Collymore comes to mind in the above category, in that his output rate in terms of observations and comments is really high, but he isn’t usually aligned to one mainstream source.

For the above reason, people will be aligned to one source within this update, but this limits things slightly. As an example, Chris Sutton covers BBC Radio 5 Live and BT Sport in England, and Scottish football in depth via paper columns and punditry work with Sky Sports. He is most controversial in Scotland, but to have him in the game for both leagues would mean creating two different people named Chris Sutton as Radio 5 Live don't really cover Scottish football. There are loads of examples of this across print and online journalists and pundits. He would be added once to cover Scotland in this update.

The only other issue is where a really prominent source like Sky Sports, covers different leagues with different staff. Jamie Carragher isn't going to ask the manager of Livingston a question IRL. If we keep Sky Sports as one source, it restricts creating a realistic add on, so for something like that, there would be Sky Sports, and Sky Sports Scotland. This will allow the likes of John Hartson, Kris Boyd etc to get involved in Scottish media interactions instead of running the risk of Kris Boyd asking Jurgen Klopp a question. 

In terms of time, I want this update ready as quickly as you do, but please don’t ask when/if it ready yet. I will work away on it as diligently as I can with the time I have available against work and family commitments.


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For any English or Scottish football fans out there, it won't be long until I have finished a big update for majestic covering Scotland and England.  The file already has a number of English sources and I have added the Scottish sources and a few others for England. If you are a fan of English or Scottish football and want the local/regional press for your team or the team you are managing to be added then can you please reply to state the name of the publication and I can take things from there. So far, the file majestic already has plus the pending update will cover the national media and some local (local mainly Scottish).  Any fan based podcasts/fanzines are shown as fanzines in the list below.

The main update is to the actual journalists/pundits which will extend to more than 350 across Scotland and England.

I have also added around 10 well known bookmakers to add to the variety of those offering odds before games. 

Open to adding Welsh, Irish or N. Irish media too. 

List is long, so click to see in full.


Bookmakers (can't remember which were present and which I added)

Coral (updated)

William Hill (updated)

Ladbrokes (updated)

Paddy Power (updated)





Mr Green

32 Red

Mansion Bet




Quinn Bet

Many others like Bet 365 were already in the most recent update. 


GO Radio

Radio Clyde

PLZ Football Podcast

Heart and Hand (Rangers podcast)

The Cynic (Celtic podcast)

The Scottish Sun

The Daily Record

The Scotsman

The National

The Courier

The Daily Telegraph

The Press and Journal

The Sunday Post

Sky Sports Scotland (e.g. will only link with Kris Boyd, James McFadden etc and not the English Sky Sports branch)

Premier Sports

Sunday Mail

The Telegraph - Scottish Edition

Scottish Daily Mail

Scottish Daily Mirror

Metro - Scottish Edition

Inverness Courier

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser

The Herald

Hamilton Advertiser

East Kilbride News

Dumfries and Galloway Standard

Cumnock Chronicle

Kilmarnock Standard

Edinburgh Evening News

Falkirk Herald

Dunfermline Press

Greenock Telegraph

Fife Free Press


Paisley Daily Express

The Motherwell Times

Open Goal (Casual podcast)

Gersnet - Rangers fanzine

Record Rangers - Rangers fanzine

Celtic Underground - Celtic fanzine

Aye Ready - Rangers fanzine

Twenty Minute Tims - Celtic fanzine/podcast

Various fanzines/podcasts for Hearts, Hibs, Killie, Motherwell, Accies, Dundee Utd etc.


Glasgow Times (formerly Evening Times)

The Times (Scottish Edition)

BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Scotland (online)

Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette

Ayr Advertiser

Clydebank Post

Stirling News

West Lothian Courier

Totally Scottish Football Podcast

Edinburgh Football Show

England (where England has less sources at the moment, it has many more journalists and pundits to be included. Many on list are in most recent version but this update will add real journalists/pundits for those sources)

Please get in touch to request more local English sources.

BBC Radio 5 Live (already in file, plus loads of local BBC radio stations are there already)

Sky Sports

BBC Match of the Day

BBC Sport (online)

Liverpool Echo

Manchester Evening News


beIN Sports

Bleacher Report

BT Sport

Daily Mail

Mail Online

The Independent

The Mirror

The Sun


The Telegraph

The Athletic

Evening Standard (London)

Evening Express

The Guardian

The Blizzard

The Times

The Mail on Sunday



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