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pointer - i'm classing as a bug

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I don't see it mentioned but that is surprising!

Yesterday I paused my game while beating Premiership team in the cup.   Hours later I come back and an update was taking place.  My game restarted before the cup game so I played again and lost.  No issue played again and beat 4-1 .....random...    Anyway that isn't an ideal way for an update is it?

First thing I notice is that someone has thought it a good idea to improve the almost unworkable controller pointer system to a even closer (patience needed) to unworkable system - it is now shocking!   How do I change it to a better speed?   Let's be honest the whole navigation is poor to say the least.   Next I notice that x and Y have appeared on tabs - within free kicks.   Good place to start as this was another poorly designed area i.e. hover over tab and stick pointer hidden by the tab.   Why are there scroll bars missing from many areas.   Surely these are basic design features.

Every game I have to move the cursor from i.e my striker to confirm changes - just have i.e. the Y button for ok.   Every game I have to scroll up to encourage prior to game - why? just have a selectable tab but certainly don't change the cursor to jump slow speed.    I presume it is better for those using a mouse but as you say a mouse isn't supported then it makes no sense.





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  • SI Staff

Hi @CountyMan, apologies for my delayed response to you. 

We are still looking at improving the cursor and the navigation in game as a whole. We appreciate this feedback and be assured that the dev team are looking into this, we are sorry to hear that it is affecting your experience with the game. 

Thanks again for your post and providing feedback, and please accept my apology for the delayed response.

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