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Names of Slavic persons


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I noticed that now for Scandinavian, Romanian, Turkish and some other nationalities are allowed "special" letters, i.e. letters outside English alphabets. 

For instance if we look at Milan we have:

Simon Kjær

Ciprian Tătărușanu

Hakan Çalhanoğlu

I love this, I think it's much better like that. However I would like to have the same also for Slavic names, also because these letters are like Č Š etc are used on the t-shirt of players. I give you some examples:










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Il 23/1/2021 in 13:52 , niklas88 ha scritto:

This already works.
It's up to the people who do the database research for the teams with these players to change the letters.
You can do it yourself in the pre-game editor or the in-game editor, I sometimes do it in my saves

Yes, but I mean to give the guideline to researchers to do so and to implement name and surnames with these letters in the pool for regens names. The same with the transliteration for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian people.

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