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[Discussion] Facilities Estimated Cost


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I think it would be a great idea if the board could let you know the estimated cost of upgrading your facilities, youth recruitment, junior coaching etc before you confirm that you would like the upgrade. Currently, if you request an upgrade and it is accepted, it can leave your club in financial trouble as you have no idea what the additional costs will be. It would be great if the board could give you a rough estimate of upfront investment, plus what it is likely to cost to maintain so that you can make a more informed decision. Of course, things might not go exactly to plan and it might end up costing more than anticipated, but it would mean that you aren't potentially jeopardising the future of the club, especially in the lower leagues. 

Thank you! 

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I would like to add a suggestion of my own to this – an option to make larger "jumps" in quality through a larger investment.

For example, if you are a club in an obscure league that does well and qualifies for a continental competition, bringing in large amounts of cash, you might want to spend a large chunk of it on infastructure. 

If your club has poor facilities, it would take 8-10 seasons of incremental improvement to get top notch facilities.

How about having an option for choosing larger investments for a more substantial "jump"?

When requesting an upgrade, the board could come back to you with suggestions:

"For an investment of £500.000 we could upgrade our facilities to a basic level" 

"For a more substantial investment of £2.000.000 we could really make some improvements, raising the quality of our training grounds to an average level."

This would allow for a greater degree of future planning, and could tie in well with various club vision items. Some boards might be more willing to do this, etc. 

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