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Cup Draws - Last two teams to be drawn always swap places

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I am not sure if this is UI (as it looks like the UI switches it) or a bug in code. 

Consistently, the final two teams drawn in cup draws swap places. So if the two teams left are Leeds and Wolves, and you are manually drawing the competition, if Leeds come out first as the home team, it switches them to become the away team when you hit the button to draw the next team and the only team left come out of the hat. I will try to upload a save game when next awaiting a draw but it happens all the time when using manual and only impacts the very last tie each time. 

Also happened in FM20 and maybe FM19.


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2 minutes ago, John Wood said:

Hi @joe5p I think this may be one for the League specific issues thread which will cover the cup comps.


Hi John, Thanks, but it is not unique to a particular nation, it seems hard wired to all cup draws processed manually. Am I better off posting in general bugs?

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Will do John, next time I am about to run a draw I will save the game and send over. Will try to do so as soon as I can. Cheers. 

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