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Sort it out SI

How can you have the same issues every FM???

Anyways  promised this guy ill sell him for 50 mil

man city offered 40 after 2 suggestions that barely got off the the 40 mark I non negotiable offered a offer that would be 51 mil after add ons

they withdraw

Why the hell is this guy tell me about broken promises.

I'm not even surprised by these things anymore how can the game only be playable by feb every year





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On 22/01/2021 at 09:22, Tony Garvey said:

Hi @jere_d,

Sorry you're getting this issue, I agree we need to investigate this.

I would need your save please as per the bug logging template


Its an online save Which im not the host but how hard can it be to recreate?????

its literally happened again a few days later with another player!

Promise a player a value to sell him at

Wait for an offer from the AI, it will be less than half the agreed fee because AI waste everyones time.

Suggest a fee above the agreed fee Like you do when you barter :rolleyes:

The AI will pull out because the game is a joke

And your player will come complaining about how the promise was broken.


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