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[FM 21] Grenoble Foot 38: "Rise of the Dauphinais"

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Grenoble Foot 38


November 2029 : Regular Season " The Old Apartment"

Gerard has his hands full with a team dealing with a tough loss to a High-Flying Team of "Stormtroopers" from PSG in Paris. The Month's schedule was busy with Five Fixtures and an International Break. Three matches in Ligue1 and Two in the EL. Gerard was looking for 7 points in the League and at least 4 points in the EL, but he would be happiest if the team managed to win all the matches.



The first team to visit Stade des Alpes is AS Monaco making their way from the glitz and glam of Monte Carlo to the more staid Grenoble. Gerard wanted to give them a warm welcome....but the Bookies and Pundits put their money on the Visitors!


But their is one truism that Gerard lives by NEVER bet against Home Underdogs!


It was another game with bad officiating....and GF38 was soon down to ten men...but Gerard made the correct Tactical changes and the team started to defend for their lives....AS Monaco made a mistake and GF38 was off on the counter and Fedde de Jong scored! Then Gerard rearranged the formation to be more defensive basically a 5-2-2 WB.

The formation frustrated all the efforts of AS Monaco and the referees and GF38 claimed a famous victory!


The Analysts can't explain the victory....that is what makes Football Great!

The next match was a trip  BATE to for the EL


Gerard decided to play a rotated squad, but had full faith in the team getting a professional result. He wasn't betting against a Home Underdog!


It was a master class from two Academy Graduates....Bernard Laurent and Justin Richard that carried the night.


The Analysis shows that the match wasn't as close as the scoreline suggests....


On the way home from BATE the team stopped in Dijon to visit the "Mustard Makers"....who were in the Relegation places. Even so Gerard played all his rested First Teamers.


GF38 played on the Front Foot from the start and the team was led by Eduardo and new addition Hasan Aydin.


The Team won easily as shown by the Analysis.

The next match was a big one a visit from LOSC....


The Fans are beginning to jump on the Bandwagon !


GF38's Table position and Home advantage make them favorites.....


The LOSC Manager tries to distract the team.....


It doesn't work and the team wins a close contest which proved why the manager tried the "mind games"


Analysis shows how close the game was and if it had gone another 10 minutes GF38 probably would have lost!

Another Facility had been renovated and the Training Facilities for the First team are finally worthy of a Ligue 1 Team.



The Future is so bright fans have to where shades!

The final match of the month was a visit from Dinamo....a draw or win would ensure GF38 making the Knockout Rounds.


This is an encounter between equal teams.....


The match was ugly....GF38 played their now Famous 5-2-1-2 WB and expected a 4-2-3-1Wide from Dinamo. Instead Dinamo came out with 4-1-2-1-2 and it denied the Central Midfield and allowed them to play "Keep Away".



Analysis of an UGLY game.....


Media is beginning to Buzz about the most important player ever produced by the Club! It is Gerard's intention to make him a one club man like Totti.

He has been averaging 15 goals a season the entire time the team has been in Ligue 1 under Gerard! 

He was in the first Youth Intake....

League Table


Player of the Month

Justin Richard


The Academy Grad is being given time with the first team because of EL Homegrown rules and it is paying off He plays a lot like Bernard Laurent, but is more of a playmaker than goalscorer.

Analysts Report


Bang Average....which is why we are occupying our "Old Apartment" in the Table.

Management Report



Thanks For Reading!


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Good going as always, I like the look of Richard too he seems well-rounded for his age.

I bet you can't wait to see the back of Mbappe, although I guess PSG must be well stocked for replacements too.

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Grenoble Foot 38


December 2029 : Regular Season "Good"

See the source image

As The month of December began Grenoble began getting ready to celebrate Christmas...Gerard wanted to extend the goof feelings of the fans and he had Six Fixtures in 19 DAYS to do it. Five were in the Ligue 1 and 1 in the EL. As always Gerard was looking for at least 10 points in the League and was looking for a win in the EL to knock FC Norsjaelland down a peg.



The month began with another trip to Brittany.....Gerard really is beginning to hate this region of the country for some reason.....


The reason was to visit Rennes and try and beat the local team....Rennes was a favorite because of Home advantage.


The game was like many GF38 games a slow start and then coming back to tie and then winning it late....but that was not to be because of a late goal by Rennes!


As one can see GF38 was lucky to get the draw.....


The newly renovated stadium and GF38's success is really bringing in the fans!


It was a close match table wise and the pundits and bookies said GF38 was the better team....


The team got off to a fast start, but couldn't finish the job in a hard fought match....which saw the Angers goalie "Stand on his head"!


GF38 doesn't feel quite as bad about their 5-1 loss to OL.....LOL!


as analysis shows this match was there for the taking and on most days would have won....losing points at home is always a bad thing in Gerard's book.

Another big test awaited GF38 along with another terrible trip to Brittany this time to face FC Nantes and their ugly kits.


FC Nantes was considered the favorite, but Gerard thought that his team was playing well just not getting results.....


Bernard is on his way to becoming a legend wearing the Blue and white of his hometown club.

and the HOYD told Gerard about the possibility of future Bernard's!


a few possibilities of more home grown players which will be important for future in European football with the Home grown rules.

Now back to the Matches and another trip to Brittany....


The pundits call it the "Match of the Week"

Will GF38 handle the Big Game Pressure?


It was a blowout after a slow start....once the front two going and Pires took advantage of a GK error the game was over....FC Nantes couldn't handle the CounterAttack at speed that GF38 offers.


Highlight Reel Stuff!


and the nerds just want rain on the teams parade!

saying the team didn't play that well even though it scored 6 GOALS!


Four players made the team of the week!

The next match was actually dead rubber, but Gerard wanted to win against the Danes because of pride.


Gerard fielded his strongest team even though this was dead rubber.....


and the team played well and got the win to make the fans happy!


The Stats guys were happy with the performance and so was Gerard,

The next match was against RC Strasbourg and was expected to a sellout because of the exciting football offered by GF38



Strasbourg comes to "Fortress Grenoble" playing good football. The team has to ignore the pundits and put in a job to win this match.


Eduardo Pires was a one man show leading the team to victory!'


The nerds were pleased with their data!

and finally the team finds out who they will play in the Coupe de France.....


Bernard isn't happy, but what can one do....except play who is drawn......

The  Europa League Draw was the same day and GF38 were given a well known name for that as well...


Gerard Gives GF38 a chance against the Ukrainian Giants, but it will be a tough match.

The final match of the month see the team travel to the medieval university city of Montpellier famed for it medical school.....


The hosts are underdogs and Gerard is taking them seriously and plays his strongest team hoping the team isn't already on holiday!


A long time GF38 player is in the opposition backline.....


It was a tough hard fought match, Moritz Jenz man-marked Eduardo out of the match, but it was Bernard Laurent, who claimed the glory with a late winner.


The media and stats department  states the team is record breaking!


as one can see it was a hard fought close run thing.

That was the last match of the month and the team then heads home to their families for Christmas Break.....

During the Break Gerard's managing acumen is recognized.



and of course.....


Eduardo get recognition but is outshined by some players on OL who are on a torrid pace.....

League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


He is not the greatest player ever, but like Bernard Laurent, he just scores goals. Only knock is he is a bit streaky.

Management Report



The bank balance is low but the Stadium Expansion and training facilities upgrade cost a lot of money that will help the team long-term as long as the team is successful on the pitch.

Thanks for Reading!





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The beautiful moment in a season which everything work great.;)

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Grenoble Foot 38


January 2030 : Regular Season "Bookends for a Bad Month"

Gerard came to January after spending the Holidays in Grenoble looking forward to a short victorious month because the team was playing well.... The month would see between three and five fixtures. Only two would be in the League the other two to three would be in the Coupe de Ligue. As always Gerard was looking to get at least for points from the League matches and do as well as possible in the Coupe de France....




The month began with a tricky Cup fixture....the "Football Gods" did GF38 no favors in drawing us against an in form OL Team....at least the fixture was at Stade des Alpes.....



The Pundits and Media tried to hype the match by reminding the team of its form....


Home cooking is where it is at, and it was Eduardo Pires again on the counter that won the match!


Club record unbeaten run 12 games! 


The Analysts were quick to show that GF38 got away with one in this game.....Gerard was Euphoric and hoping for a better draw next round.....


The "Football Gods" are laughing at us giving GF38 another tricky match in the Coupe de France....playing another team we shouldn't see until the Quarterfinals.

The next game was  against always tough Stade de Reims 


The fans are thrilled with our recent play and are packing the Stadium clamoring for more football brilliance.....


It also helps that Stade de Reims is overachieving like GF38 and it makes for a tricky match.....


This was the game where we just couldn't get the goal no matter what we did......


The embarrassing loss made the pundits happy.....

after that loss the team boarded a train to Lille.....


This would be a tricky Coupe de France match.....

It was an ugly match....LOSC had a good gameplan versus the 5-2-1-2WB and pressed us to death.....and took a 1-0 lead. Olivier Ntumba our GK was the Hero of the Day.....making 16 saves....to keep us in the match. In the Second half Gerard switched to a 3-5-2 and was able to play on the counter. Eduardo Pires was able to score and send it to penalties.....unfortunately the team didn't win and was penalized in the lottery that is penalty shots.

The next match was Table propping SM Caen and a visit to historic Normandy.....

They faced a team that was really up for the affair especially Eduardo Pires!

Who scored 4 goals enroute to an easy win in front of the home fans.



The analysts were happy with the result in Normandy.

On the transaction wire this came up.....


Gyulian Zouma's older brother will be playing against him in the Europa League....he was on the shortlist because Gerard had dreams of pairing them in the defense, but Kurt's wages always made it a bit of a fantasy.


Eduardo Pires keeps up his great play....and now has 16 goals in Ligue 1.


and it all because of Gerard's belief in the player.

League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


Like last month nothing stands out but pace. He just knows how to find the back of the net.

Analysts Report


above average overall, but not shooting that well. If our goals matched xG we might have gone undefeated in January.

Management Report



The team let go of some players that never reached to first team for so decent money which balanced the books for the month!

Thanks for Reading!





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Maybe. March is going to be the month that decides it. I play AS Monaco, OM, and PSG with a Europa League match against Valencia!.....


PS. about to update again....Lol.



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Grenoble Foot 38


February 2030 : Regular Season "Tactical Switch and still up where we belong"

Gerard was worried about the amount of soccer that was about to be played in February. Seven Fixtures in 28 Days! Five in Ligue 1 and 2 in the Europa League.

As always Gerard is looking for 10 Points in the League  and to do as well as possible in European Football.



PS. I changed to goalscorers to show how dependent the team is on Eduardo Pires.

The first match of the month was a visit to Stade des Alpes by our rival St. Etienne.....


ASSE just got a new manager so there is that, but their first choice GK is out.....


The team continued using the 3-5-2 Variant and it was lethal against ASSE on the Counterattack with Over the Top passes to Eduardo Pires, who put on a show with 5 Goals!


hopefully the idolization doesn't go to his head.....


and he was all over the media highlights as well.


In other news the Transfer Window closed and PSG continued its prolific signings in search of European Glory.

After the rout at "Fortress Grenoble" the team headed to Brittany again this time to visit FC Lorient. The "Orange Crush" are expected to try and stop Eduardo!


He is creating a media sensation!



The Pundits and Media are impressed with GF38's recent performances and expect another win.....Gerard is very aware of the effect of  a New manager and a Home underdog.


The team had been rotated...and started with the traditional 5-2-1-2WB, but Gerard changed to the 3-5-2 and brought Eduardo off the bench as a game changer.

and his last minute Set-Piece goal was the stuff of Legend.



The Analysis shows that Gerard was right to be worried about playing FC Lorient as an underdog,

The next match would see OGC Nice visit "Fortress Grenoble"


It promised to be a close match and was a Six-Pointer on the table.

The Press Officer has driven the Media into a frenzy......



It is great that the team has two young players set to make history this season. Eduardo will have an easier time of it, because Bernard's position in the 3-5-2 takes him further away from the goal as a wide midfielder.


The match was over-hyped it was a well played game, but there were few clear-cut chances and Nice won on a freak deflection off a defender's Butt.

OGC Nice also was able to win because their GK was impenetrable.


Analysis shows that the OGC Goalie made the difference as Their goal was against the run of play.

The next match saw the team head to Lens for a match with struggling RC Lens......


The half rotated team was able to beat RC Lens with a Second half comeback spear headed by Bernard Laurent and Mori.


analysis shows it was a close run thing, but our superior quality made the difference.

The next match saw the team board an Airplane to visit distant Kiev for a Europa League Clash....


Since Dinamo Kyiv was expected to play a 4-2-3-1 Wide the team would continue using the 3-5-2.



The 3-5-2 shut them down when they tried to use a different formation 4-1-2-1-2 and killed them with Over the top passes to Eduardo.

which included a own goal by Kurt Zouma (Gyulian's older brother)


Eduardo's pace and dribbling ability is a true threat.....and made a pacy experienced defender(Kurt Zouma)

who tried to mark him look like a rookie.


The Stats Nerds celebrate are famous victory in snowy Kiev!

After the famous victory in the Ukraine the team came home to heroes welcome, but had to get ready for a visit by OL. Gerard hoped the team was ready for revenge for the loss earlier in the season.


The pundits and media said that OL would win.....even though you should never bet against Home Underdogs.


He has already tied the team record and is on a fantastic pace of 1.00 goal/appearance....

Will he score against the vaunted OL?


The team fell behind early, but after the team found their rhythm, they soaked up OL's offensive pressure and beat them on the counter....Eduardo led the Charge with Two goals.



The headline shows what the media and pundits think!


Gerard was lavish in his praise of Eduardo! 


Analysis shows it was Eduardo's clinical finishing that made the difference.

The second leg of the Europa League Knockout was next this time at Stade des Alpes



Dinamo Kyiv came to play and their deadball proficiency gave them a lead.....but Eduardo put on his scoring shoes again and embarrassed Kurt Zouma all over again.



Eduardo, Eduardo, Eduardo.....is there anyone else on our team?


Gerard praised the team in the aftermath of their two-leg victory over Dynamo Kyiv

and as a reward....


The team now has a step up in competition by playing Valencia.

League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


Analysts Report


above average overall and scoring as expected....right where we should be on the table.

Management Report



Jose Joaquin Mori's Transfer clause was the big hit in the finances.....

Thanks for Reading!




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36 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Pires is absolutely killing it! Best of luck for the business end of the season. 

Pires is playing like Harry Kane....if he scores we win most of the time....I've played farther and even have an heir if he leaves....Home Grown as well. Pires a good piece of business. 

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Grenoble Foot 38


March 2030 : Regular Season "Cruising"

Gerard looked ahead to the schedule for March and saw another busy month that would test the team. Six Fixtures in 21 days followed by an International Break. There were four fixtures in the Ligue 1 which Gerard wanted at least 8 points. In the Europa league against Valencia Gerard wanted to be competitive.




There was some tough matches this month, but it is obvious we are a one man team....!

The month started with a visit to the Stade des Alpes from old foes OM....


It was going to be a close contest, but GF38 was considered the favorite because of home advantage.


The Referee kept OM in this match....plain and simple!

Pires had a rare quiet day.....


As analysis shows GF38 was robbed by poor officiating.


and what is worse....he will miss the next game!


and the next day his natural replacement is now out for a month!

Luckily we are facing a relegation threatened team in Bordeaux.


and here we have the Pires coaches report by Assman...

The match against Bordeaux saw the team travel by train to the famous port on the Bay of Biscay.


The media and Pundits made GF38 comfortable favorites, but Gerard wasn't taking any chances....he had secret weapon!


and boy was that weapon needed and came through big time!


The Bordeaux coach had to apologize for the loss....


Just up from Grenoble 2 and their interminable Friendlies is yet another player off the Grenoble production line.....a player reminiscent of Bernard Laurent, but a probably better striker.


Ilyes Germain made the Headlines and the media talked about our unbeaten streak.


The Analysis shows that Germain's Hat-trick was the difference

After the excitement of the trip to Bordeaux and the victory there, the team returned to face a different challenge in Valencia at Stade des Alpes.

Valencia was an experienced team that was built to stop and absorb counterattacks with their version of the 4-5-1.


It was a hard fought and even game it was one of those games that if anyone scored they would win and it came from a Set-Piece.


Analysis shows that GF38 actually played better.....by a little bit and weren't favored by the "Football Gods"

The Team then had to await PSG's arrival!


A strong team lead by Kylian Mbappe! 



These are their new #9 and Mbappe the AMR from Hell!

Who makes a much money as the whole GF38 team!



The game is a Sellout.....OLD NEWS!



The only chance GF38 has in the Crowd carrying us and lifting our Game....


The crowd got behind the team and a late substitution of Jose Mori as F9 was the difference that allowed the team to claim a draw.


It was a close run thing Analysis shows we are getting closer to where we want to be.

The team then headed back onto the road this time to Valencia....


The team played better, but couldn't get the goal needed for penalties.


The Analysis shows that GF38 was the better team but it wasn't meant to be.

The Final match of the month was GF38 going to Monte Carlo....



It was a comphehensive triumph created by Weston Mckennie, US International, was given a red card and AS Monaco was then down to ten men and GF38 ruthlessly took advantage.


Another game another Hat-Trick for GF-38's "Goal-Machine"


GF38 haven't lost in Ligue1 in over a month.


Analyst's were thrilled with the performance against AS Monaco.

And with the International Break the team became busy with other matters....


This youth intake was underwhelming if one player makes the team Gerard will be surprised.


The team scouted the "Big Team" Castoffs and signed this player a depth for Grenoble2.


brought him in because of his pace....

This is the new Tactical formation that has been used since the New Year....


It clogs the midfield after inviting pressure and fires long balls and throughballs to the Advanced Forward....


Ilyes Germain is recognized in the same breath as Mbappe!


and another GF38 player wins Goal of the month!

League Table


Player of the Month

Ilyes Germain


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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1 hour ago, karanhsingh said:

That is an interesting set up, don't see many flat 3-5-2s around. I think you are doing really well to be in 3rd place with your squad.

It was actually inspired by watching a Leicester match a few weeks ago, where they were facing 4-2-3-1 Wide and that is what the Pundits said was their formation. 

The TI's and roles are almost all the same as my 5-2-1-2 WB.....main changes Balanced, and Very Narrow, and Wide Mids instead of WB's.


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Flying!! And all with a very adventurous shape!! And a goal machine it’s like the Arp of Grenoble @Carambau

soon the champions league money will flood into the alps and Gerard will need to arrange another ski trip to celebrate 

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3 hours ago, SixPointer said:

Flying!! And all with a very adventurous shape!! And a goal machine it’s like the Arp of Grenoble @Carambau

soon the champions league money will flood into the alps and Gerard will need to arrange another ski trip to celebrate 

A ski trip would work just as long as it doesn't involve voluntarily flying through the air.....LOL!

Hopefully, I can stay in a CL place. My Goal Machine is a bit of a "Glass Cannon" but I have players who can make up for MOST of what he provides.

The Team needs Champion's League Group Stage to balance the books.

I believe Gerard has taken GF38 as far as realistically possible except for a CL Berth.

Gerard has already shattered club records for best final standing ever and maintained and improved on it over the past 8 seasons in Ligue 1.

Before Gerard the team had several seasons in Ligue 1 but never didn't get relegated.

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Grenoble Foot 38


Tactical Interlude: "The Striker Conundrum"

Gerard had been looking for a goal machine and even as he thought he found one he always was on the look out for the next one.

So thus he has great depth at the Striker Position, but is looking for advice from you the readers about his Striker Problem.

The Advanced Forwards


Eduardo Pires the current "Goal Machine" only real drawback is he is a little fragile.


Ilyes Germain: The new understudy, being trained as a AF, but Targetman ala Olivier Giroud might be better.

The F-9's


Jose Joaquin Mori: The starting F-9 has the job because Gerard likes his ball skills, but he doesn't score or assist as much as Gerard would like.

The reason he was given the F-9 role which was originally created for Pires was technical ability and lack of pace.


Mickael Mignante: The second option is actually a F-9 and was going to be starter until Gerard found Mori. He has been good in spot duty, but looks like he could contribute more if the AMC position was used ala Nessequist Ball.

The Wild Cards


Bernard Laurent: Faithful servant of the club and in first youth intake, was AF until the Tactical Brainwave that allowed Eduardo become the Goal Machine. A little inconsistent, but bangs in around 15/season and  being used as an MR now in 3-5-2 and is not near the net. Began life as a poor man's Mo Salah in a 4-2-3-1 Wide. It is Gerard's intention to keep this player at the team as a one club man like Totti. Is close to the club record in goals.


Basile Ziegler: Originally envisioned to play AML as a Poor man's Sadio Mane. Has since been turned into a competent CM-A.


Any and all suggestions will be read and contemplated.

Thanks for Reading!


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Both them F9 are deadly. And the new young giroud is going to be a star. But pires reminds me of Oscar Aga. Nothing flash pure pace and finishing! And loves to hit the back of the net. A real old school striker 

Edited by SixPointer
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Woah, killing it this season!  Not quite up there at the very top yet, but with maybe next year with that Champions League €€€???  Might just be about ready for the assault on the death star!  Disappointing to go out in the EURO Cup like that, but it happens.  Having less games to worry about might help you solidify that 3rd or 4th spot and keep Nantes at bay too.

It's interesting to see Garard's flat 5 in midfield working at this level.  Having the wingers right in the opponents faces can sometimes help cover those wide open flanks that sometimes happen with 3atb systems, but it can also be exploited and the wingers caught too high. I guess Grenoble's a top side now, though, so Gerard's got to take the game to the opposition!

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I would play Mori as much as possible because he still has room to improve and is already very good. 

And the young Giroud because of that magnificent 'stache.

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15 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

I would play Mori as much as possible because he still has room to improve and is already very good. 

And the young Giroud because of that magnificent 'stache.

HaHa...:lol:   I think that there is going to be a tactical revamp over the offseason. Gerard is going to go full Nesselquist Ball! @SixPointer To make use of all these talents. 

The 3-5-2 has its uses, but its flaws were brought to light by a very good FC Nantes team in a future update.


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Grenoble Foot 38


April 2030 : Regular Season "Living on a Prayer"

Gerard was in good spirits after going unbeaten in March and he looked forward to continuing to do so in April. The fixture list had ONLY Four fixtures. Two home and two away. None of the teams should really threaten GF38, but the team must do a professional job. Gerard expects at least 8 points from the four matches.




The month started with the worst kind of April's Fool Joke.....


The "Goal Machine" goes down.....


Just before the team was to host the "Mustard Makers" at "Fortress Grenoble"

Justin Richard, who the media tout as the Next Mbappe, (Gerard doesn't see it) is playing ML in the 3-5-2 and is also chasing records....


Unfortunately most of his assists were through balls for Pires to run on to.

The team also brought in another player in the never-ending search for depth.


He is expected to provide depth for Grenoble2.

But back to the game.....Mickael Mignante was played upfront instead of Pires....and the natural F9 did this as AF.....


He led the team and surprised Gerard with the lethality in front of the net and how often he got open....without Pires's Pace.



Analysis shows that the team had a comfortable win.

After the victory Gerard said "On to Lille" and the boys were enthusiastic about their chances....in that house of horrors....



Unfortunately this was one match where the team could have used Eduardo...


but the unbeaten streak continues....on a Roll!


The game was very even and LOSC did a great job of stopping GF38 getting any real chances.

and the play has made the board happy....


Returning home disheartened the team now had to play Rennes at the Stade des Alpes.


The media and pundits expected a close game.


Cheick Doucoure got an early Red Card and Rennes took advantage as GF38 played defensively. Then about 10 minutes before halftime GF38 went on an ALL-OUT Attack which caught them by surprise Bernard Laurent sored to tie it up. Gerard  fired up the troops during the break and they kept up their assault upon the Rennes goal and then Ilyes Germain scored to take the team into the lead! Gerard slowly started playing more cautiously....and held onto get an improbable victory.


The Analysts were happy, but the purists were....that is why you play the games!


The victory assured European nights, but Gerard craved Champions League!


The hits keep coming....

The team then finished the month with a trip to the Loire Valley and Angers SCO.



There Gerard said it....He wants the team to get Champions League in Public!


Stade Rennais used their embarassing loss to us to make sure they won the Coupe de France.


Angers wasn't ready for the frontman by committee that GF38 tried....


The team is at least returning to the Europa League....but CL is better!


Grenoble goal scoring made the highlights!


Even though we scored four goals the team wasn't much than their opponents.


The Media and pundits were happier with our play than our own analysts.


Mickael Mignante is runner-up for POM of Ligue1

League Table


Player of the Month

Mikael Mignante


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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Your analyst report looks great and very stable, you are in great position.Don't make big changes next summer!

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2 minutes ago, Sheriff7 said:

Your analyst report looks great and very stable, you are in great position.Don't make big changes next summer!

I am still thinking about it, but it depends on the players. Pires will probably get his head turned (Spoiler: He was Leading goal scorer in Ligue 1 this season) and was responsible for about half of the teams goals.

I am beginning to think he is Aubameyang.....

But if He leaves I will be a good piece of business....brought in $1.4M!

The central midfield needs more Defensive Quality.....Doucoure is good, but it is probably our next place to find an upgrade.

FC Nantes totally destroyed the 3-5-2 which is another reason for a rethinking.....

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Well at least don't bother too much your lines,from my experience (like in my last season in Ventspils who was amazing) a good and tied team is the key to success.

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Grenoble Foot 38


May 2030 : Regular Season "May the Force be with us"

Gerard was happy and the team was well on its way to his two personal goals a Champion League Place and 76 points. (which most years will assure the team just that)

The schedule had four fixtures on it, Two Home and two away, including a crucial 6 pointer in the CL place race against FC Nantes.  As always Gerard was looking for 8 points from the matches,

even though a higher finish was out of the cards.




The first match of the month was an important one in the race for a CL spot. FC Nantes was our closest competitor and could actually catch us in the table....



Both team come into the match in good form, but GF38 is missing their main defensive midfielder and starting GK. The pundits and media make the team out to be favorites because of home advantage.


and to add to the pressure.....


This game showed the weakness of the 3-5-2.....FC Nantes played Long Diagonal balls over the defense and blocked GF38 from taking advantage of Pires's pace.....and it was just better finishing though.


The Analysts thought the game was closer than score line....maybe it would have been different with the two missing starters?

Lets take a look at the table after that debacle.....


Two more wins and GF38 secure 3rd and CL place.....also note Eduardo is leading the league in goals and that after missing  about 6 matches. Luckily Muzadi moved to Barca in January he had scored 24 BEFORE the January Window.

Another big match this time against relegation threatened RC Strasbourg.....


Winning the game would ensure CL place and a win for Strasbourg would save them from relegation! Watch out for home underdogs....


The only reason this was even in doubt was a Tactical error midgame by Gerard. With a 2-0 lead he changed the roles and TI's of the 5-2-1-2WB to that of a Nesselquist Variant and since the team never practiced it holes were found in the defense....Gerard came to his senses and changed to the 3-5-2 and Pires did the rest!


Man of the Match! even if he only showed up at the very end and stole the show!


Third Place! not bad for a team deemed mid-table mediocrities.


and more important a great day in the history of the club!


No extra money though for next season.


Let the media frenzy begin!


The analyst's were happier than Gerard but mostly because Gerard regretted his tactical mistake.

The penultimate game of the season with nothing to paly for....


Gerard hoped that the team would thank the fans with a good show against a decent team.


Nothing to see here....the team got off to a slow start...Gerard reminded them they were letting the fans down and off the team went and won it in second half!

and finally the last match of the season.....


Grenoble is a favorite solely because of table position and as always beware of home underdogs!



Contreras and Doucoure are in the World Cup!


This was just an ugly game.....the team was already on vacation....


Analysts show that is was closer than the eye test says....lol

but for better News!


the team got almost $18m for 3rd place.


Gerard wants to say that this was a blip....


Here's to Eduardo Pires Ligue1 Leading Scorer ! 

League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


Analysts Season Ending Report


The team wildly exceeded projection in both goals and points and only advanced two places in the table!

Management Report



Making the CL vindicates Gerard's spending on the stadium and training facilities that left a big hole in the bank account. The team doesn't really have the financial muscle to find a true upgrade at any position but if the right player comes along.....

World History 

Champions League


This year it is an all Spanish affair....


and for all of Tuchel and Mbappe's dominance of Ligue1 and their spending the Champion's League still eludes the "Galactic Empire of PSG"

Europa League


PSG did win the Europa League in 2029....

Europa Conference


GF38 won this trophy in 2026 when we announced ourselves to the world!

Thanks For Reading!






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Grenoble Foot 38


Awards Night/Season Review 2030



Contreras was the biggest buy and worth the money. Aydin didn't quite play up to expectations....



The team did show they were competitive in the Europa League losing a close tie to a powerful Valencia team.


The Coupe de France was one to forget....but we were not given a favorable draw...even so the team should have done better!



The increase in Prizemoney is the main factor in healthy profit margin for the directors.


A good season, but a few players could improve if we are to take the next step in Domestic Football.


Eduardo dominated the Awards....but there were no Competition Awards for anyone...even though we had a fabulous season!

Thanks For Reading!

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Grenoble Foot 38


June 2030 : Offseason "Rotisserie Soccer"

Gerard took a few days off after the last game to soak up some rays on the Riviera, but after not too long his mind wandered back to the season to come. He decided wholesale changes DID NOT have to be made.

He decided to keep the goals for the team reasonable:

-Finish in a European Place

-Aim for at least 76 points

-at least Quarterfinal's in Coupe de France

-qualify for Europa League thru Champion's League if possible

But to do that he was going to go with what brought him here penny pinching and making smart buy's if team couldn't finish at least in top half of Ligue 1 major changes would be needed for 2031-2032.


The team set a record officially....


Mori was most promising player 


Pires was named to both All-Star teams and was named Europe Best Striker!


(Some how I didn't take the screen shots)



Gerard continued his scouring of the released lists and picking players that might make it at GF38!


The Board is happy with the commercial success of the team. The 5 high selling shirts are going to be in the lineup for years to come if Gerard has any say.


Gerard wins another Head Coach of the Season Award....

He would rather win the League!


The GM that is Gerard's glorified Administrative Assistant is pleased that his boss won the Award.


Of more importance we are now in the top 50 teams in Europe!


The Ligue 1 season is finally over and the media named the team the biggest overachievers! 


Jose Mori is making a name for himself in a highly watched youth tournament!


The Team is actually selling out the stadium every match....the expansion wasn't ready until November. If the team continues to pack them in this season and the team does well Gerard may ask for another Expansion!


Pires had the best season in GF38 History!


The schedule was revealed and Gerard thinks a perfect fifteen points is possible and almost guarantees at least 9 points in the first five matches.




The only definite first teamer in this year's transfers due to team needs and actually for cover/depth.


another player bought for depth will probably never leave Grenoble2


depth for the Grenoble2 Team MAY turn into a decent CM-D



A depth GK will probably start in Grenoble2


A depth signing for the Grenoble Midfield, Doucoure is getting up in age (30) and this provides cover as well as for backline.


Depth signing will start in Grenoble, but some young players may be brought up if he doesn't work out as cover for LWB.


Depth CB for Grenoble2 needs to get more pace to join the First team.

Management Report




Thanks for Reading!


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Congrats on Champions League qualification! I like to see you keeping the team together and adding depth and quality rather than going out and spending a fortune. I might be on the lookout for one standout player to help take the team to the next level, but that’s not the Grenoble way.

 The young Icelandic center half looks like a beast! Maybe needs to improve a bit mentally, but at 19 that makes sense.

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Congrats for the 3rd place and CL!Good luck for the next season!

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20 hours ago, 13th Man said:

Congrats on Champions League qualification! I like to see you keeping the team together and adding depth and quality rather than going out and spending a fortune. I might be on the lookout for one standout player to help take the team to the next level, but that’s not the Grenoble way.

 The young Icelandic center half looks like a beast! Maybe needs to improve a bit mentally, but at 19 that makes sense.

I am taking your advice, but couldn't find a standout player the team can afford.

15 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Congrats for the 3rd place and CL!Good luck for the next season!


15 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Great season, well done in making it to the CL! The Icelandic defender has all the makings of a beast as well. 

Thanks. I hope he turns out well he was considered cover by Gerard but Assman is putting him in Starting lineup in Preseason.

14 hours ago, SixPointer said:

Great season! And the champions league heads to the alps!! It’s been coming for a while now and it’s here! Show Gerard the money!!

Thanks. Gerard is readying for some "consolidation", but is  going harder into "Nesselquist Ball"!

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Grenoble Foot 38


July 2030 : Preseason "It Could be our Year"

Gerard headed into Preseason reasonably happy with the team he had assembled. No one of Consequence had come or gone. Yes the new CB was good, but Gerard wasn't entirely convinced that he deserved to start over homegrown product Vidal, who had good partnerships with both Contreras and Zouma.

As for tactical changes not many really, Gerard got rid of the rarely used 5-2-3WB Formation and has added another 5-2-1-2WB Formation that he calls the "Nesselquist Variant" it is a true homage but with a Dauphinais twist.

The Preseason as usual had many friendlies because Gerard believed that Match Fitness and tactical competence only came from playing. Also his teams seemed to do well in the early part of the season due to their tactical familiarity, cohesion, and fitness.



5-2-1-2WB GF38 "Dauphinais Ball"

This tactic is the first version of "Nesselquist Ball" that Gerard adapted and has been in use for several seasons. It doesn't try to overload anyone area, but tries to be decent General Purpose Formation that works well in many situations.


3-5-2 GF38 "Dauphinais Ball2"

This formation was inspired by Brendan Rodgers Leicester Team of 2021 in a match Gerard watched. Yes, he gave it the TI's that create "Dauphinais Ball" but by sitting further back on the pitch. It is a more defensive formation. It is particularly effective against the 4-2-3-1 Wide and Gerard also uses it against "Superior" Teams.

The Back three intercept most long balls from GK's and often create quick counterattacks over the top that utilize Pires's Pace to get behind the the opposition defense. Another way the formation attacks the opposition is either with throughballs or early crosses from the wings that often take advantage of that pace as well.  

Almost an after thought is the F9 position that also creates, but mostly when the team is breaking down a "Parked Bus" with this formation. The BBM and  CM-A often run into box or edge of the box to to provide outlets for the F9's passes even if the AF is first choice.

The formation is incredibly lethal when Gerard ups the mentality when chasing a goal.


5-2-1-2WB GF38 "Nesselquist Variant"

This is Gerard's newest homage to the Norwegian Boss. It is a replication of Odd's ORIGINAL formation and roles the only  differences are a few "Dauphinais Ball" TI's: Shorter passing, be more expressive and low crosses. Gerard is thinking of adding Early Crosses, but thinks that defeats the purpose of the "Overload on the opponent left"




As you can see Gerard played a good cross section of teams with 3 heavies in the schedule to give Gerard a chance to gauge the chances in the Champions League. All three tactics were used with an emphasis on Nesselquist Variant and the 3-5-2!




Two Clauses will give the team $20M for the Transfer Funds!


The team and Eduardo Pires played the match of their lives against the Champions League Champion Real Madrid!


The stats nerd were ecstatic with the teams play against the Champs!



After that victory, France offered an interview and in the "Real World" Gerard would have accepted in a second, but since this is a one team save.....Gerard politely declined.

Since the team was doing well financially and because he turned down the France job, Gerard went to the Board looking for improvements to the Youth setup and Facilities'.





Eduardo was given a Pay raise to inflate his value and deter anyone but a truly top team from stealing our "Goal Machine"


The team has sold the most Season tickets in its history and Gerard isn't sure the marketing department is finished with its membership drive.

Player of the Month


Management Report



The team has a healthy Bank balance and we haven't seen a dime of CL money yet!

Thanks for Reading!



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56 minutes ago, SixPointer said:

Am shocked your never took the France job and ran it alongside the club! 

I didn't think it was right to do so because I stated at the beginning this was a one team save. Also I never do really well in international management.

IRL like I said a real Gerard would take the job no doubt about it. 

I also thought about ending the save and thread as well.....because that would be a logical stopping point.

There are other saves I would like to try.....

This will go on at least one more season.


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3 minutes ago, Hootieleece said:

I didn't think it was right to do so because I stated at the beginning this was a one team save. Also I never do really well in international management.

IRL like I said a real Gerard would take the job no doubt about it. 

I also thought about ending the save and thread as well.....because that would be a logical stopping point.

There are other saves I would like to try.....

This will go on at least one more season.


Think you need to power on! I know the feeling after my last season I thought the same. And am glad i did carry on cause I’ve got a buzz for it again 

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France could inspire you to continue this save,just think about it.;)

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Going to agree with the others here and say that you need at least one or two more seasons.  Feel like you got to see if you can really blow up the death star and make progress in the CL.

Hear you on not being able to find or afford a player that's a significant step up.  I often find myself trying to find someone better than my current squad and it's just so much more money for someone only marginally better - or just vastly beyond my budget.  So maybe you've hit the top of what that Grenoble can achieve.  But you won't know until you give it at least a season or two!

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8 hours ago, Carambau said:

There is still much more to come for Grenoble I am sure! Can´t wait to see Pires perform in the Champions League :) 

I am looking forward to it also. He will get his chance....

5 hours ago, 13th Man said:

Going to agree with the others here and say that you need at least one or two more seasons.  Feel like you got to see if you can really blow up the death star and make progress in the CL.

Hear you on not being able to find or afford a player that's a significant step up.  I often find myself trying to find someone better than my current squad and it's just so much more money for someone only marginally better - or just vastly beyond my budget.  So maybe you've hit the top of what that Grenoble can achieve.  But you won't know until you give it at least a season or two!

I am staying for at least the current season, but it depends. There were two goals at the start of the save and one was achieved.....Grenoble in Champions League the other not so much...

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Grenoble Foot 38


August 2030 "When the going gets tough the tough get going"

Gerard wasn't thrilled with his team's performance in some of the Preseason games, but he hoped the fact that the matches were for real would make the team focus on the job at hand.

The Four Fixtures this month were all winnable and a good start would do the team a world of good considering that the team would soon be playing in the Champion's League and our Preseason showings proved it would be a real step up in competition.




The opener against OGC Nice was tough, They are sort of our bogey team we haven't beaten them in almost three seasons. The Team changed to the "Nesselquist Variant" and scored a game tying goal. The match against Strasbourg saw them park the bus and play a 4-5-1 against us not giving us space behind....a WORLDLY Strike from Pires is the difference.

The less said about the loss against Montpellier the better....let's just say it there were 14 players on the field for Montpellier that day.

The final match of the Month (actually in September) was a trip to Bordeaux and it was a match the team should win easily....The team did because Gerard used the 3-5-2 against a weaker team that played a 4-2-3-1 Wide.

Eduardo Pires had a field day.

@SixPointer: How does one post videos to the forum? I can't open or link the pkm?



The month couldn't start any better....



Gerard wasn't happy with the options for WBL and this guy came on the scouts radar....he couldn't make it at Man City! Gerard think he will have a fine career at Grenoble.


The Board expectations aren't too bad....should be manageable with this team.


The team has had a successful Marketing campaign because of the significant number of new season tickets. If the team does well in Champion's League Gerard thinks the team should look into expanding the Stadium again.



Flohr was just too good to pass up and creates a real bottleneck at the Striker positions, but Gerard has a plan.....



This player was because Gerard is planning for Doucoure's departure after this season.....and this player will be perfect replacement.



The Champion's League Draw almost couldn't be tougher.....BAYERN! Tottenham destroyed us this summer and Standard is the Champion of a playable league. Grenoble might be/probably is the weakest of the group.

Even so Gerard hopes to put a credible 3rd place finish and get Europa league if possible.

Analyst's Report


The team needs to better....if we equaled xG we probably win all our matches! but Thank God for Pires!


We are the youngest team in the league and the highest paid player (Mbappe)in Ligue 1 no longer makes more than the entire team!

Management Report



Thanks For Reading!





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Grenoble Foot 38


September 2030 : Regular Season "Hanging Tough"

Gerard was not exactly happy with the way the team started the season but at least they had managed to stay in the top half of the table. September would be very busy with a total of 6 matches and an International break this is where the team would truly be tested and Gerard would know if they had the mettle.




The team played well against Bordeaux to start the month and it continued at home against AS Monaco. Gerard and the team then traveled to Munich and used the 3-5-2 formation against Bayern. The match started off well with goals by Justin Richard and Eduardo Pires and then came the Bayern counterattack that started just before halftime. Then about halfway through GF38 tied it up again, Gerard should have shut up shop and "parked the bus", but instead he got greedy and continued an all out assault on the Bayern Goal that left the team open for attack themselves and Bayern was ruthless. It was a learning experience and Gerard actually plans some tactical tweaks for the next meeting. Brest saw the "Squad" Players use the Nesselquist Variant to eak out a draw on the road. The team then headed to the "Death Star" and used the 3-5-2 again and applied the lessons from Munich, which led to a credible draw.

The Final match of the month again saw the "Squad" players in the "Nesselquist" Variant and they dominated a weak FC Lorient.



We should just be happy to be there, but we will play every game and see how it goes....


Eduardo Pires deserves to be on this list!


Bayern's all Regen team!



Gerard forgot to specifically man-mark the the wide players and they had a field day.


The game was closer than the analysis says, but tactical errors and terrible mistakes from a few players made it worse.


The current "Stormtroopers"!


Not playing spectacularly well but still pretty good. Hanging Tough!

Player of the Month

Ilyes Germain


The player has been leading the team of "Squad" players to victories by doing the small things that don't get on a score sheet or a rating.

Analysts Report


above average and shooting well thing are looking up!

Management Report



The bank balance looks good and Gerard has the support of the squad!

Thanks for Reading!




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Grenoble Foot 38


October 2030 : Regular Season "These are the times that try men's souls"

Gerard was relatively happy with the team and its place in Ligue 1, but a little drop off was inevitable with the massive rotation and tactic switching. The Month of October would see Five Fixtures. Three in Ligue 1 and Two in Champions League. As always Gerard was looking for 6 points from the League matches.




As one can see the team didn't start the month off right....and Eduardo Pires is in a slump....it isn't for trying from both Eduardo and Gerard. After teams started marking him more consistently tried other positions and ALL of the tactics to get him firing....because he is our Talisman. Another player that is having a hard time is our New Captain Hasan Aydin, the playmaker, can't just find form or a comfortable role in the side.....He is beginning to look like a $10M flop.

The one bright note was our victory over Standard that gets us into third place in our group and a chance for Europa League Football.



Tottenham came to Grenoble again.....


We played the same old way and they came at us the same old way.....The difference in talent is almost quantifiable in onlookers eyes!


and an ex-player ripped into the Captain for his lackluster play!

Player of the Month


The sort of sidelined player because of Mori and now Flohr....provided the best ratings of any player on the team during this dismal month and he was the hero of the Standard match!

Analysts Report


Average defensively and not scoring, that is a recipe for our current bad form.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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Hate those Champions League losses! Those games can take the wind right out of your sails.  It’s tough to go up against the big guns when you want to play attacking football, and those kind of loses can spill over into the league form too, which is even worse!  The challenge is always finding tweaks to the tactics that make it more defensively solid without changing the style or identity. Sometimes, though, teams are also just a class above and there’s not much you can do about that.

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