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[FM 21] Grenoble Foot 38: "Rise of the Dauphinais"

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1 hour ago, Sheriff7 said:

10-2 and then 1-5...:lol:

I can't explain the 10-2 game other than I played the "Backups" but truly it was like I had 10 players who didn't know how to play soccer at all the ratings were between 5.9 and 6.2 except for the GK, who gave up 10 goals, had a 6.8 and Pires who came off the bench to score our 2 goals...an 8.2. IF I didn't know better I would swear the AI/ME cheated.

The 1-5 game was the opposite with us scoring at will and opposition not being able to play soccer....except for one player.....

All I can say is I have a mercurial bunch and I may need a rethink of tactics in offseason....

PS. Even with my defensive issues teams are willing to spend $15M for each of my CB's! 

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Grenoble Foot 38


April 2027 : Regular Season "The Dream is over"

Gerard saw that there were 6 fixtures in April and an International Break.....Four in Ligue 1 and Two in the Europa League. Gerard hoped for 8 points or more in the Ligue 1 matches....but was pessimistic about beating Athletico Madrid in the Europa League.

If the team didn't get maximum points this month and or some how beat Athletico probably another season of European nights is on hold.




The first news of the month was bad as new star striker....Eduardo Pires was down with an injury....


and Gerard was about to reach a milestone as a manager.....



The first match of the month was old friends AJ Auxerre coming to visit Stade des Alpes.


GF38 was a favorite but it all depended on which team showed up.....


another slow start led to a furious comeback....and a last minute let down.....by a wonderstrike!


The match was close but GF38 threw points away today.....

Up next was a visit  by Athletico Madrid for the biggest match in the History of Stade des Alpes a Europa League Quarterfinal.


No one gave GF38 a Chance.....


The team fought hard but it just wasn't meant to be.....


As the Analysis shows our goals were actually lucky.....

After the tough loss to Athletico there was little time to drown our sorrows as perennial heavy weight OL came to town.....



another slow start and the team never got going.....


As one can see the the match wasn't even close.....

A trip to Madrid was next ...the team was over awed by visiting Metripolitano Stadium.

The match was over before it began....AM's Wonderkid Striker Josafa Torres scored two goals and their press stifled our offense....


He singlehandely beat GF38 with 5 goals over the Two Legs!




The Analysis is nothing to look at....

The Europa League run is over and there is no shame in the defeat.....the team was out of their depth.....Now it is "On to Saint Etienne"


Due to our less than stellar play the team is an underdog against a team much further down the table...


The secret to our success is if we score first.....it looks like my team is weak mentally....

/in this match we score first and dominated......


The nerds were happy to analyze a victory.....

Unfortunately the victory appears to be "Pyrrhic" because the team lost Giulian Biancone for the rest of the season....


After the loss of Biancone  Gerard started chanting the mantras...."Next Man Up!" and "Do your Job" to the players....

The Mustardmakers of Dijon FCO were next on the dance card.....


They were close competitors on the table and it was important if the team was going to have any chance of moving up to 6th place and claiming the Euro II spot a win was needed....

Gerard decided to play his 5-2-3 wide Formation....


The first half was exciting with all the scoring. Dijon FCO made adjustments at halftime that neutralized the effectiveness of the Formation....


The match was close and could have gone another direction....happy for the win....



The trip to the Riviera at the beginning of the month is a big game.....

League Table


The team is in 7th with little chance of moving up....the fact that the team is still in 7th after some of our performances is amazing.

Player of the Month

Edgaras Utkus

See the source image


The team is better when Edgaras is in it....

Analysts Report


our defensive numbers are as bad as our attacking numbers are good.....The team is like Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers or Early in Klopp's Tenure...can score but can't stop the other team from scoring....

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!





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Grenoble Foot 38


May 2027 : Regular Season "We are, who we are!"

Gerard had four fixtures to play and no real chance of catching OM for the 6th and Final European Place....so his mind turned to next season. He knew he had to do something about the Shambolic defending. Was it a problem of tactics or lack of talent? Gerard would try all three currently trained formations during the month to judge the current personnel and tactics.



The month began with a trip to OGC Nice and would set the tone for the month would the team fight for the slim chance of European Football or play out the string....

OGC Nice was the favorite due to having a home advantage and a non shambolic defense.....


This was an even game and each side tried their best to win.....but a draw was probably fair....


according to xG we were lucky to draw....

Up next was a visit from Montpellier to Grenoble.....in this match Gerard would deploy the 5-2-3 Wide.....


Because of table position GF38 is a  "comfortable" favorite.....


but playing a relegation threatened team is always dangerous!

A Set-Piece header late tied the game in a sqib of an affair....GF38 had the better of the ball and chances but couldn't put them away and toed the line between victory and defeat too closely.


For some reason Montpellier's Set-Piece Header was considered better than GF38's.....

After the Montpellier game the team headed to Marseilles and played OM....Gerard switched tactics to a 4-1-2-3 Wide that mimicked OM's Tactics....


It worked because it frustrated OM for almost 70 minutes.....and then a short time later Eduardo Pires Scored to tie the game! There was a lot of stoppage time....so that OM had a real chance for a win....but Bulka and the defense held steady.....

The Final match saw the team return to Stade des Alpes...Gerard switched back to the familiar 4-2-3-1 Wide.....and played already relegated Angers SCO.....GF38 scored first and dominated a team that was already on vacation....


This is how the Europa League finished....and we got a mention!

and Moussa Djitte returned as best African player in Ligue 1. 



League Table


Player of the Month

Bernard Laurent


The Attacking Midfielder/ Striker showed why he is one of the best GF38 Home grown players ever....

Board Meeting



The Board wants me to spend my Transfer Money! I have been a miser to get us to this point!



The Prize money will soften the blow of missing out on Europe.....

Analyst's Season Report


If the team expects to make Europe overhauling the defense is a priority....because outscoring xG by 12 and not doing better than seventh tells where the problems are....but is it Systemic/Tactical Problem or Lack of talent?

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38





The team continued the practice of signing free agents. Mostly because those were the under 23 players that the team could afford. The team did make two exceptions Zak Steffen the GK, and Cheick Doucoure which were older than 23  and slotted right into the first team.


The out goings were mostly players that weren't good enough for Ligue 1, but Steffen made a big stink about leaving and Marcin Bulka was in snit as well about not being able to leave because Steffen was here...so the team sold our star goalkeeper and prize off season acquisition for a tidy profit. But the defense did suffer after he left the team....


There is obviously a difference in quality between the top 6 and the rest of the teams....our over achievement of the past few seasons returned closer to the mean and closer to the bookies predictions....of 10th place.


The Europa League was an "Excellent" Adventure....it was a step up in class but the team was equal to it . The team's long run directly effected the Ligue 1 race because often the best player were playing in Europe Midweek and not playing in the League and the young depth of the squad wasn't equal to the task in Ligue 1.


If Europa League was good...the Coupe de France was the bad....going out to a Semi-Pro team!



The team made much less TV money, but then again we didn't win a Trophy. The finances are actually at a decent level...and the shirt sales show who are the stars of the team....the ATTACK!


As one can see there is reason to wonder about our defensive stats since our "Starting 11" defenders had 7.00 ratings or close so they did their jobs. Maybe the need to use their backups skewed the stats.


A defender is the Fans Player and Young Player of the Season and my defensive statistics were awful.

Moussa Djitte led the scoring and Edgaras Utkus and Giulian Biancone led assists with 10 and 9 from AMC and DR positions.



Thanks for Reading!



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Grenoble Foot 38


June 2027 : OffSeason "Tactical Revolution anyone?"

This offseason was going to be among the most challenging of Gerard's Career....there is something wrong with the defense but the question is it talent or tactical. Gerard believes that it is tactical because other teams are always bidding for his defenders. So Gerard decided to watch a lot of tape from many teams during his vacation which annoyed his girlfriend to no end....

The Offseason began with more reports from the comptroller...


Sposorships are up and most revenues are roughly the same the big hit was taken in TV Revenues....but the missing $15M was the winners share or EC II!

Gerard's first move was to replace his AssMan...someone has to be the scapegoat for the defense.....and Gerard Brought in this Guy....


He well versed in Vertical Tiki-Taka, but prefers a different formation from the 4--2-3-1 Wide.


Grenoble is now a Top Ten Club in France!

The Ligue 1 Season Review


Mid-Table mediocrity for Grenoble which in a way suits us just fine....


The team is about 200 people short of capacity of Stade des Alpes....


This TV revenue is a significant part of the budget....unless the team sells players....


The schedule starts and ends with perennial #2 OL but otherwise the first month looks like a good chance to get off to a good start....

Tactical Changes

Bernard followed the developments in other countries leagues to find answers to his shambolic defense....He really liked what Nesselquist was doing at ODD in Norway and Di Parmalait was doing at Parma.

They were playing with 3 at the back such a change would allow another defender but would have the team playing its best Attacking players out of position since they had been train on a 4-2-3-1 Wide and this would be a radical departure. Yes, Gerard had dabbled with a 5-2-3 Wide during the season and would retain that formation and add two new formations.


5-2-1-2 WB

This is the the new main formation that the New AssMan endorsed.




This was actually inspired by Brendan Rodgers Leicester in yesterdays match on TV (3/6/21).


5-2-3 WB Wide

The surviving Formation from last season is another 3 CB formation.

There is synergy through all the formation in that the team will play the same style of Football and many of the roles are the same because Gerard plans on interchanging them much more often than in the past when he seemed to play the 4-2-3-1 Wide no matter what.


This was the debut of the 5-2-1-2 WB. The Starters and first teamers are much better than the Grenoble 2 players....and hopefully those players don't moan for playing time.


The team brought in 6 signing including our biggest ever signing GK Papa Sidibe for $20M!



The board wanted Gerard to Spend...so he did....He did keep most of the players already here just to find out if it was a talent problem or a tactical one. If it is a talent problem then Gerard won't be long for the job....


Gerard sold a Homegrown player that was a winger and barely played in first team....and  fans got mad!

Management Report



Thanks For Reading!





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Grenoble Foot 38


July 2027 : Preseason "Will this be our Year?"

Gerard as always decided to play a lot friendlies to get match fitness up he also provided a lot of Match tactics Training since the team was learning an new system.




The team played 10 Friendlies and used all three formations to learn the new system...

and the results were encouraging....

The media decided who the best goal scorers in Ligue 1 would be....


unfortunately none of them play for GF38.

Near the end of Preseason the team lost to Newcastle in a close contest.....


but was able to win against Chelsea at Stade des Alpes...


After those results Gerard is happy that the team is ready for the Ligue 1 Campaign....

Unfortunately Matias Soule put up started a ruckus about his pay....and wasn't happy with any offers and the board blocked a move back to Argentina because of "Financial Issues" so Gerard took a gamble and loan him to rivals Reims.




Fabian Binder


The young American was earmarked for Grenoble 2 until the Soule incident....he will be the backup AMC.

He was a Free Transfer.....

Lucas Rousseau


The Central Defender will provide depth to the first team....

Anton Hanousek


Anton is a goaltender for the future and will learn his trade in the Grenoble 2 team or not.

Anthony Peterson 


A Ball playing defender that is a Free Transfer....could probably fill in right now but will learn his trade in GF38 2

 for now.

Papa Sidibe


The star of all the transfers is slotted as the new starting  GK....Bulka will still back him up and might take his place depending on performance but Gerard has high hopes for the new signing.

Martin Obregon


is another MC brought in partially to give Soule a friend but he is a talented MC and will challenge for playing time.

Saer Sarr


Since the team is switching to Wing Backs and FC Metz was relegated it was natural for Saer to join Moussa Djitte at GF38...the team got him for $1.8M and he will be the backup Left Wingback.

Rui Pinhao


A last minute free transfer that provides depth to Grenoble 2 or could be sold in the future.....

The team is putting in decent performances learning the new formations....


Player of the Preseason

Bernard Laurent


Season Preview


The team is expected to be mid table but if the team plays better defense this season a return to Europe is outside of their ambitions. That said the team is going to concentrate on the Coupe de France as its ticket to Europe.

Thanks for Reading!




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Grenoble Foot 38


August 2027 : Regular Season "August and everything after...."

Gerard looked at the schedule other than OL all of the matches were winnable. Gerard expects at least 8 points from the Four matches.



The Board reminded Gerard of expectations....


The Top half finish and Coupe de France 11th round finish are almost the minimum possible expectations....with a little luck the team will be back in European Places and because of the ignominy of last season defeat in the Cup...Gerard is paying especial attention to it. Also helps not to be in Europe for having the best players available for most League games. Yes, There will be less rotation than has been usual this season.

After the successful Preseason Gerard and GF38 were expecting a good start to the season. OL on the road was a tough start, but the team would do its best.



OL is the definite favorite....


The team played well OL didn't seem to know how to respond to our new formation in the first half....Bernard Laurent escaped his marker and scored beating the GK....

The early score helped settle the teams nerves ...OL tried hard to comeback in the Second Half and Last season's Ligue 1 Leading scorer Kaspar Doiberg scored to tie the game late on.

All in all it was a good performance by the team.

The marketing Department forwarded the following e-mail about Season ticket sales....


Stade des Alpes  will have at least 55% capacity and if the team continues to play well we may Sellout the Stadium because last season we averaged 200 seats less than capacity!

The Home opener was against Newly promoted Troyes.....


Grenoble was favored but would have to do a professional job....


A Wonderstrike by the Captain Serrano started the scoring....Troyes had fight...and they scored minutes later . The teams jostled for advantage but eventually GF38 took control in the second half and got the winning goal...it was Bernard Laurent for the second game ....


The analysis shows that the team played well in front of the net.

After the victory at Stade des Alpes the team had to hit the road and visit Montpellier for the next match...


Montpellier was the Home team and favorite, but GF38 was given a chance....

but before we get into the Match....GF38 was rocked by a transfer bid for our now backup goalie....


Since it was Man United and it would be very hard to talk Bulka out of the move.... Gerard decided to negotiate...and ended up selling him for about $10M.


The match was a tight contest between equals that finished with a Thomas Van Bommel Header in the 80th minute!


analysis shows how close this match was....but Gerard will always take a road win!

The last match of the month was against AS Saint Etienne at "Fortress Grenoble"....


The media noticed our good play.....


The Bulka Saga came to a conclusion....He was a good servant and got us to Ligue 1 and won us a trophy, but he made a few too many mistakes and Man U was a team we wouldn't be able to talk him out of....


The ASSE game came the next day....


GF38 dominated the game even though we only scored two goals.....


Media Highlights for the game!

Gerard was happy the team had finished the month undefeated and had gotten ten points which was more than the target of 8!


The Analyst's were happy with the result...and so was Gerard!

With the sale of Marcin Bulka the team was frantically trying to find a new Backup GoalKeeper on the final day of Transfers.....


This is our result similar skillset to Papy Sidibe the #1 and probably won't cry about playing time and is cheaper to boot!


The Transfer Window was busy and the usual suspects spent money but it was unusual that PSG didn't spend.....but then no one has challenged their dominance of Ligue 1 in about 10 years. They are usually much more active in January as they continue to try and win Champion's League!

League Table


Player of the Month

Chrislain Matsima


The Defender is really beginning to come in to his own as part of a back three....hopefully long it will continue!

Analyst's Report


The team is playing above average but could still do better defensively....

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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1 hour ago, SixPointer said:

Great start!! New keeper looks like he could be world class 

He is a Senegalese International....and he makes saves Bulka didn't! It is starting off well....



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6 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

He is a Senegalese International....and he makes saves Bulka didn't! It is starting off well....



That’s key!! My keeper has bailed me out a few times. Bodo game comes to mind 3/4 world class saves. He’s best in the league. Looks your onto something with him. Solid defence could be what takes you to the champions league 

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Grenoble Foot 38


September 2027 : Regular Season "September Swoon?"

After the great start Gerard had visions of Champions League dancing in his head...he looked forward to the September schedule that Four fixtures and an International Break.

The Fixtures were a step up in difficulty as FC Nantes was the Preseason #2 and for some reason the team never played well against the Rennais.....maybe the team is intimidated by Bretons.... To keep up the European Place Gerard was looking for 8 points from the four matches but would actually be happy with 6.



This is the guy the the scouts say will fix our Scoring woes.....


Gerard enquired with agent....Freiburg wants $13-18M and that is just too rich for us we already made our big signing of the season....

The first match of the month saw the team head for Brittany and Rennes....


This would be a tough battle as always and missing Biancone...will hurt the defense....


This was a game between to equal teams....fought tooth and nail...The only goal of the match came when a new AML caught backup RB Ruben van Bommel (playing out of position) making a positioning error to score goal in the closing minutes....


the media made note of the milestone...


and the winning goal was on Sportscenter France!


Even though the score line was close....Analysis shows that the better team won....

GF38 came home from another disappointing trip to Brittany...to face LOSC at Stade des Alpes.


LOSC was considered the favorite but never sleep on a home dog....


A fantastic match where GF38 DOMINATED physically and technically......Lenny Pirringuel got the team off to fast start scoring off a Set-Piece and new signing Fabian Binder scored to seal it with a fabulous Free Kick from 22 yards.


The team then had to return to Brittany and face Preseason #2 FC Nantes....This match would help tell if GF38 would be in the running this season....


Both team came into the match in Good form with FC Nantes so far matching the the Galactic Empire in being Undefeated.

Also the FC Nantes coach tried some mind games....



This was a tough match in which each team had only a few chances ....both teams defenses were up for it. The only goal came from a Free Kick taken by Nantes from just out side the 18 yard box.

As the analysis shows....this was a tight affair and on another day there might have been a different result....


After another round of disappointment in Brittany....the team returned to Fortress Grenoble to right the ship...

Stade Brestois 29 was on the dance card and the team was ready to frustrate their ambitions....


GF38 was a favorite but would have to do a professional job.....


The match started out well with Basile Ziegler playing as a Central Midfielder scored a Header that was confirmed by VAR....unfortunately not long after New GK Jelle Bongers gave up an own goal....but the main talking point was the vicious two footed tackle on Fabian Binder by Brestois's Ivan Morante. Binder was taken off the field on a stretcher and the rising star looks to miss months...


The analysis shows this is one that go away.....

League Table


Player of the Month

Fabian Binder


This Free Transfer was really showing promise and solidifying his place in the team....but his progress was ended by a horror tackle that  Broke his foot. The team is sending him to specialist...because he is a Set-Piece Specialist.

Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38


October 2027 : Regular Season "All Fall Down?"

See the source image

As September turned to October and the bright colors returned to the trees...Gerard was looking forward to October...there were Four Fixtures and an International Break.

As Gerard looked at the schedule he marked the match against PSG as a Loss so he was looking for 9 points from the 4Four matches but would be happy with 6.



The First match of the month of October saw the team travel to Reims and play one of our bogey teams....


This will be a match between two roughly equal teams but Reims is the home team and GF38 tends to play badly against them....


The match got off to a wonderful start with Moussa Djitte scoring early....(2 mins in) the game then settled into a pattern of fouling from both sides and Reims got a penalty mid first half and Andrei Chindriq scored....after that tied the score neither team gave an inch and spent more time fouling each other than scoring...Reims had more chances to score but that was mostly due to Set-Pieces that were easily dealt with....


The analysts say that GF38 got lucky....points on the road Gerard is Happy!

After the match in Reims a record 15 Grenoble players went away on International Break including Moussa Djitte who got his first Cap and goal for his country.....he was join by Papy Sidbe the GK, and Sarr the LWB on the Senegalese team.

When the Internationals came back from break they would be facing the Galactic Empire of PSG and their Stormtroopers led by Mbappe " the Merciless"!


The Team was expected to lose but the team must at least try even if it is a "Forlorn Hope"


Gerard would use the strongest team available and because GF38 was at home they would play their game come what may.....


GF38 played magnificently but had no answer for Mbappe the Mercilless....who scored the only goal of the game....The team was under relentless pressure but theteam looked like they would rather die than give up a goal....MBappe finally scored in the 75th minute off of a misplaced pass in midfield....


Gerard had some interesting thing to say after the defeat.....


There was going to be only one winner but the team proved themselves at least Defensively!

After the match with PSG the team had to take the road and head to the old World War I battlefield of Amiens.....


GF38 was considered a comfortable favorite over the newly promoted team....but would need to do a "professional" job.


Amiens played tough but a change of player from Moussa Djitte to Eduardo Pires as F9 made the difference. Bernard Laurent was marked out of the game as AF but Pires's speed made the difference...to get open for shots....

Amiens goal from a Defense mistake that led to a Amiens counter that was textbook....


Amiens late score made the match look closer than it was ....even analysis that GF38 should have won....

After the victory in Amiens GF38 came home to "Fortress Grenoble" expecting a victory against SM Caen who was struggling...


Grenoble was considered a comfortable favorite but our overall form was suspect....Gerard thinks the team was getting the benefit of the doubt due to table position....


And he was right....The SM Caen CM dominated midfield especially after an early yellow against Lenny Pirringuel made Gerard substitute. Gerarad even changed formations to the 5-2-3 Wide and upped the tempo to Very attacking to no avail....

The team and Gerard will regret the points thrown away in May!


As one can see GF38 should have won.....and will probably miss these 3 points in May!

League Table


Player of the Month

Basile Zeigler


Basile is an AML-IF/Striker that is being retrained as a CM that gets into the box....and he has played well in his new position.

Management Report



This is where one can really see the effect of the lack of European football money along with the teams spending directed by the directors....

Thanks for Reading!



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Grenoble Foot 38


November 2027 : Regular Season "November Rain"

See the source image

Gerard was looking for answers and trying to get the team playing consistently but the New Formations were not totally fluid yet, but Gerard was beginning to think it was a talent issue. November was a short month with only Three Fixtures and an International Break. This would be a chance for Gerard to reassess the squad.

The teams being played were all teams Grenoble was capable of beating even though FC Lorient was flying high in the table in 3rd....the other two were well down the table and Gerard was looking for at least 6 points and hopefully more.



The first match of the month was a week after the SM Caen disappointment and was a trip to Burgundy to play the "MustardMakers" of Dijon.

and our faithful servant already is being dropped due to his lack of form and appearances for the Club....


even though he scored his first International goal just last month....


and OL dented the Galactic Empire's Invincibility at the "Death Star" (Parc des Princes)


The boys from Dijon FCO gave a battling display and the game after two quick goals settled into a Foul fest that all Grenoble games seem to turn into.....with as always GF38 being victimized by overzealous referees that ignore the other team doing the exacts same "fouls".....


As one can see from the Analysis GF38 should have scored a second goal and won the game.....but the Football and FM Gods no longer favor us?

After the Dijon FCO match Gerard convened the Board and had two measures considered more Physios and better training facilities. Both were accepted but the Training Facilities are the more important.


After the International Break saw the team return to action against AJ Auxerre at Stade des Alpes....


Both teams are in poor form but Auxerre is worse....being threatened with Relegation....


The match started well with Bernard Laurent finding the goal again after some time....and Eduardo Pires scored a Brace playing as the F9. Basile Ziegler the converted Striker turned CM scored a goal that polished off the visitors......


Even the Analyst's agree that it was dominating Victory over AJ Auxerre.

The final match of the month would see the team head to that Province of Terrors: Brittany for game against 3rd placed FC Lorient.


GF38 was given very little chance....but the match still had to be played....


The match was as ugly as feared....FC Lorient pressed and caused mistakes which they took advantage of and that further compounded the pressure which also allowed the Ref to give GF38 players Yellow Cards for Fouls....that FC Lorient committed but the Ref "Didn't See"


The team was awful in the first half and if the referreeing didn't interfere the team might have made a comeback in the second because according to xG the team outplayed FC Lorient.

The first match of December is a midweek clash against OGC Nice....


League Table


Player of the Month

Uwe Dahmen


The young midfielder is showing promise in his appearances substituting for Edgaras Utkus....and will probably be in a stiff Competition for Fabian Binder when he returns....

Analyst's Report


Even though the team is only playing average and Gerard and fans think they are playing badly the team is still in 8th place....so if form gets better the team still has a chance for Europe.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!



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8 hours ago, SixPointer said:

How are you finding the back 3?

I am finding it relatively good since I have 3 decent to good CB's and a better GK. I think overall were playing better just not getting the luck needed. Also still often starting slow....and I think that getting goals early sets a tone for the game....often the players who score or assist (Mine or AI's) early on NEVER play badly and anyone who gets a bad rating early rarely gets better. Which is why I am thinking early scoring is the key to match engine now. Especially scoring First!


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1 hour ago, Hootieleece said:

I am finding it relatively good since I have 3 decent to good CB's and a better GK. I think overall were playing better just not getting the luck needed. Also still often starting slow....and I think that getting goals early sets a tone for the game....often the players who score or assist (Mine or AI's) early on NEVER play badly and anyone who gets a bad rating early rarely gets better. Which is why I am thinking early scoring is the key to match engine now. Especially scoring First!


Couldn’t agree more. First 10/15 minutes is vital in big games I watch the full match for that reason first 15. Looking to see the tactical battle. Then switch to comprehensive after. 

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You're still bravely fighting the bigger clubs, and in a fairly decent league position with 2028 just around the corner. I've never really thought to that level about the opening 15 minutes as I prefer to just try and not concede early. I play on positive, but maybe I need to be more gung-ho at the start of games.

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Grenoble Foot 38


December 2027 : Regular Season "A Long December...."

Gerard looked at the Schedule for December looking as to where he would be able to spark a streak.....that would see the team firing on all cylinders....

The month would have Four Fixtures and XMAS Break.....Gerard as always was looking for 2 points a match average....so he wanted 8 points from the month.



The Match against OGC Nice was on the opening day of the month.....Gerard felt confident that the team would begin a run of Good form with this match....


The team as always started slowly....giving up two goals before Moussa Djitte pulled one back just before halftime....Gerard Blasted the team and played much better after half but just couldn't buy a goal....then OGC Nice  went down to ten men and GF38 piled on the Pressure finally scoring the tying goal in the 82nd minute. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of the scoring as a OGC Nice Set-Piece scored off a deflection from RWB Ruben van Bommel. Gerard is wondering if he should sacrifice a virgin to the soccer gods....for some luck!


Gerard had an Epic Tirade after the Match.....


Especially when all the analytics said that GF38 should have won.....

The next match was a visit from AS Monaco....


AS Monaco was a road favorite so as always worry about Home dogs....

Gerard decided to unveil his 3-5-2 formation for the First time....to help nullify the 4-2-3-1 Wide that Monaco plays....


The team battled hard and deserved their victory....even if the team was a little rough with their opponents....


But the team also made all the highlights that night!

More good news.....


The team should expect about 3 decent players from this youth intake.....a FB, a CB, and a Winger that will be retrained if we keep the 3 at the Back!

The next match saw the team head to Marseilles to play OM.....

Gerard decided to use the 3-5-2 again for same reasons as against Monaco....


Grenoble was a clear underdog but that is why the game is played....


During the Back and forth  affair Moussa Djitte became GF38's All-Time leading scorer!



OM was the better team but GF38 did put up a fight....

The day after the OM loss...that the Coupe De France was drawn....


GF38 would play local rivals AS Saint-Priest!

and the team also signed a few players with the future in mind....



Both are AMC's and possible heirs to Utkus's throne.....and if not the team will sell....for a profit....



No special Section needed Djitte is player of the Month!

and Martin Obregon got an award Also


League Table


Analysts Report


Shooting well, but not well enough according to our defensive stats.....

Management Report



The Board did say they wanted Gerard to spend....

Thanks for Reading!






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13 hours ago, SixPointer said:

Win the whole of January and your going to get it the mix! Your just waiting to pounce on the top 6

Love the enthusiasm and optimism!

I have played further.....lets just say my team is not quite ready for "Primetime"!


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Grenoble Foot 38


January 2028 : Regular Season "False Dawn"

Gerard saw the schedule for January and  foresaw Five or Six fixtures. One to Three in Coupe de France and Three in Ligue One....Gerard was looking to progress as far as possible in Coupe de France and get at least 6 points in Ligue 1.



The new year began with a trip to visit local rival AS-Saint Priest.....


The game had two early scores by GF38 and after that AS Saint-Priest spent their time fouling in an attempt to slow down the scoring.....it worked....The team didn't score for the rest of the match!


AS Saint-Priest didn't even register a shot or xG....Their fouling kept GF38 from scoring more.....

as a result of winning the 9th Round the team had a trip to another minnow.....


and the team had a match with table propping Troyes.....on the weekend.....


GF38 was considered a a fovorite but as always the team had to respect home "dogs"!


The team put in a dominant performance....but the team did give up a goal....


Analysis shows the match  was closer than the score line makes it appear.

a few days after the trip to Troyes the team headed for Concarneau....



Gerard played the "Backups" and they came through against a minnow.....


And the Analysis shows the Domination...as expected.

and as a reward the team gets old Friend OM!


After the minnows Gerard was half expecting a Ligue 1 team....but had hoped for a Home draw.....

On the weekend the Starters took on Montpellier in Ligue 1 action....


This was a match that GF 38 expected to win.....

and they did in convincing fashion....


even if the nerds don't agree....

The Trip to Marseilles was next for the Coupe de France match....

The match was winnable.....but not on this day....


The match went to penalties.....and GF38 is not exactly world beaters in that department.


Zouma a CB said he would be better in Future....but it was Forwards and Midfielders in Front of him that let him and the team down.....

After the disappointment in Marseilles the team was again on the road this time visiting rival AS St-Etienne.....


This was an important game if GF38 was going to make a serious bid for European Football this season.


It was an awful display and a total bottle job....


There was going to be only one winner on this day....

and Just before the deadline Gerard accepted an offer for an extra midfielder....


He had been a depth option and an free transfer so it wasn't a bad deal for a player on an expiring contract.

and Biancone after dalliances with Chinese teams...cam to his senses....



Some of the bigger deals in French Football on Transfer day.

League Table


Player of the Month

Edgaras Utkus


The #10 looked good in the Cup games and is the engine that makes the team go.....

Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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Grenoble Foot 38


February 2028 : Regular Season "Break on through to the other side"

The February Schedule has Five Fixtures. All in Ligue 1. Gerard believes this would be a great time to make a move into the top 6.

As Always he is looking for at least 10 points from the month.



The month started with Stade Rennais visiting Grenoble and Stade des Alpes....

For the match GF38 was a home "underdog" but Gerard thought the two teams were comparable in ability.....


This is another game where Neither side gave an inch and the teams were well matched. Gerard did play a half-Rotated squad especially the defense....and that cost the game as Thomas van Bommel scored an own goal....luckily a minute late Louis Munteanu scored to draw level.....after that Rennes decided to park the bus and their were no more chances to score...


This is another game where the analytics and the "feel" of the match don't seem to mesh....

The team then headed on trip to "Coal Country" Lille to play struggling LOSC....


GF38 were not the favorites but were thought to have a good chance in this match....


The two teams were evenly matched and tried to intimidate the other with physicality.....for once the other team had more possession than GF38 and the team spent their time trying to catch LOSC on the Break....and that only really started working late in the match when Basile Ziegler scored and then Bernard Laurent a moment later. Forced LOSC out of their methodical approach.


The loss of Moussa Djitte is a big loss going Forward because he was playing well....


Gerard is really beginning to get sick of the Analyst's why can't they be happy we won?

The team returned to "Fortress Grenoble" to host FC Nantes, who was sitting in 3rd on the table, making this an Important match if the team would have an outside chance of European Football.


FC Nantes was the favorite of the bookies and media....but as always beware of home underdogs....because Gerard really didn't think Nantes was much better than GF38.


The Team was half-rotated due to suspensions and injuries....but the team played hard and came up with a respectable draw.


even the Analysis said it was a close hard fought match.....

after the game the team found out that Matias Soule, who wanted leave and was on loan at Reims....was officially transferred .



The former Juventus product had played well it was just that his salary demands were outrageous....so this was the best solution for everyone.

The team had to head back to the godforsaken Breton peninsula and Brest.


Brestois was considered the favorite, but Gerard really thought the team had a chance....


It was another slow start in which the team gave up an early goal. The team tried hard to get the tying goal and did so midway through the second half where Eduardo Pires used his great speed on the counter attack.....the team had many chances after that, but just couldn't get the match winner.


As happens in many matches the team plays much better late.....

The last match of the month saw Stade ds Reims and Matias Soule come to town.....


It was a match GF38 should win and it would be especially sweet to get one over on the petulant winger.....


For once the team got off to a fast start and never looked back in Fact Eduardo Pires had a second goal at the ten minute mark taken away by VAR. The team played good defense and harrassed the Reims players all day especially Matias Soule making them miserable. The only down side was that the team didn't score more....


This match was only considered close because of the second goal being disallowed...


The media noticed an uptick in form....

League Table


Player of the Month

Papy Sidibe


The young Goalkeeper performances have gotten a little better and he seems more settled and confident and is the catalyst to the team's better form.

Analyst's Report


The defense isn't the problem it is a lack of chances that is killing us....because we are good with chances when we get them.

Management Report



The Financials are a little scary if team doesn't make Europe....but Gerard followed the boards orders a spent the transfer budget. Some players may be sold to cover the losses.

Thanks for Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38


March 2028 : Regular Season "March Madness"

Gerard was looking at the schedule for March....there are only Three fixtures and all are in Ligue 1. The first against PSG at the Death Star is probably a loss....but the other two are probably victories...which would allow Gerard to make his 6 point mark for the month.



The month began with a trip to the Death Star of the Galactic Empire of PSG....even though GF38 had been playing well Gerard decided to change formations because he thought a 3-5-2 would defend Thomas Tuchel's Aggressive 4-3-3 better.....


Gerard made a comment that was headline news....


Thomas Tuchel responded....


Now if the game is half as exciting as the Press Conferences!



Gerard headed to the Press Conference resigned to his fate.....


This was headline material all across France....


but Tuchel was magnanimous in victory.....


The Analyst's weren't as nice about the blunder....

The Blunder in Paris led to Gerard reverting to the 5-2-1-2WB formation that had been successful....Amiens a table propper was the "perfect" team to rebound against....



The team got off to a quick start that led to Amiens folding under their new manager....but it was a credit to them that they only gave up two goals!


At least the Nerds were happy!

It was Youth Retained list day.....one of Gerard's Favorite days on the calendar ....because that is where he has found useful players from other teams trash.

The best so far Lenny Pirringuel....who slotted straight into the first team!


The final match of the month would see the team head to Normandy to play Relegation-Threatened SM Caen.....


GF38 was favored but Gerard was worried .....


Gerard was right to be worried this was one of those games where the opposition and Referees made sure that the team couldn't buy a goal....and SM Caen got a lucky break late as GF38 pressed for a goal!

This probably ends any chance of European Football....so Gerard will start figuring out who to sell....


as the analysis shows always be wary of Home underdogs!

In one good piece of news....are the disaster Normandy was that it was Youth Intake day!


Not a bad Intake 3 decent prospects....


The young Full back will be trained to maybe replace Guilian Biancone!

The first match of April is against the "Mustard makers".....and GF38 is favored...


League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


The young Poruguese signing has quietly made the F9 role his own and is leading the team in scoring....

Analyst's Report


The report shows that the team is playing to ability and expectations and probably where it should be in the table.....

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38


April 2028 : Regular Season "Finding form at the right time"

Gerard looked at the schedule for April and thought, if the team can get 10 points and a little luck there is a chance of Europe which would stop the "Fire Sale" of Veteran players in the offseason.

There were five fixtures, Two home and three away.



The first match of the month was at "Fortress Grenoble".....and the Dijon FCO team was expected to lose....


The team got off to a fast start but was unable to get a second goal until halfway through the second half and that after Gerard realizing he had been using his forwards wrong....He had Bernard and Eduardo exchange roles. The speedy Eduardo became the AF and Bernard became the F9 on the right that allowed him to use his winger skills and deadly Left foot. The reason was it seemed the Dijon CB had no trouble man-marking Bernard and denying him breakaway chances....and Eduardo just dances around and past that same CB for two goals that proved the tweak was the right one.


Eduardo was the Player of the day!


The Analyst's were ecstatic about the effects of the tactical tweak....

The next match saw the team play another Burgundian side....this time AJ Auxerre.....


AJ Auxerre had the home advantage, but if GF38 played at full capability....the win would be theirs.....


The team got off to a slow start and Yellow cards made Gerard make early substitutes and the team had a younger more offensive feel....Cheik Doucoure, a journeyman midfielder, completely bossed the midfield after the changes and took on playmaking duties that were usually the responsibility of the AMC from his MCL/BBM role. This led to a fabulous GF38 comeback where the team scored 3 unanswered goals!


The Analysts were less thrilled with the game, but the scoreboard is where it counts!

After the thrilling comeback victory in Burgundy the team returned to Stade des Alpes to host FC Lorient in a match that would have implications for the final European Place....


GF38 was a favorite due to home advantage and Lorient's recent struggles....Would GF38 take advantage?


Just before the important match defensive stalwart Chrislain Matsima went down to injury.....


The team used the new pairing again to great effect with both Eduardo and Bernard playing in their new roles to great effect.....

The door is open a crack.....for a return to Europe!


again the "Nerds" were less than happy with our play.....

The team then set out for the Riviera and Nice to play OGC Nice.....


OGC Nice had the home advantage, but was considered beatable by a GF38 team that was rounding into form....


This was a hard fought match between two equal teams.....and neither team was especially clinical in front of goal....and OGC Nice got a lucky winner....


The Analyst's thought the team played well and were dismayed and couldn't explain the loss.....

Soccer/Football is cruel sometimes....will this loss come back to haunt GF38?

After the cruel loss in Nice the team remained on the Riviera and traveled to Monaco for the last match of the month. This was a big match and a must win if the team outside chance at Europe was to remain viable.


AS Monaco was the favorite, but it was another game where GF38 had a chance.....


GF38 got off to one of their famous slow starts.....(there was a 3am Fire Alarm at their hotel) and Gerard gave them the "Hair dryer" treatment at halftime. It worked, the team finally scored late to tie and even later to win!


The match made the highlight show with our last second victory on a penalty!


The Analysts and Gerard agree GF38 played well and deserved their victory!'

League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires



The move of Pires to the AF role seems like a stroke of Genius....and he is now leading the team with 14 goals!

Analysts Report


The team continued to play quietly good defense and scored a few more goals than expected.

Management Report



The only thing wrong with this picture is Financial....the team needs European Football to balance the books....

Thanks for Reading!

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I just spotted this thread after being Grenoble in the French Ligue 2 play-off in my save, of course you are doing a lot better. Seems like another epic French adventure!

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10 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

I just spotted this thread after being Grenoble in the French Ligue 2 play-off in my save, of course you are doing a lot better. Seems like another epic French adventure!

I know your always up for a good French save....

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Grenoble Foot 38


May 2028 : Regular Season "Last minute reprieve"

Gerard knew there were 3 matches left in the season and two of them were at home against Perennial Contenders. The team would need to go undefeated to keep its European place....and that is exactly what Gerard was looking to do preferably by winning all three!



The first match was Olympique Marseilles coming to visit Stade des Alpes....


Grenoble was a favorite but would need a little luck because both teams were in good form and most think OM is stronger.....


Luckily GF38 got off to a fast start with Bernard Laurent scoring in the 3rd minute. Maxime Lopez answered a short time later for OM and the match settled into battle for midfield supremacy....with OM actually edging it. Chrislain Matsima scored a header from a corner about halfway through the second half. GF-38's hopes for three points were dashed by Edgar Jose Uriales scoring a last minute goal!


In a post match presser, Gerard spoke with confidence that the team would make Europe.....


PSG won the crown again, but more importantly GF38 remained in the 6th spot probably making Europe.....


The statisticians were dismayed that the team didn't win the match.....

For the next match the team would travel to Lens to play.....


RC Lens was a favorite but Gerard was happy with the way his team was playing.....


Welcome to the Eduardo Pires Show....The Advanced Forward led the line with 4 Goals!


Even the Stats Nerds couldn't say anything bad after that performance.....

This meant that the season came down to one final match against perennial power Olympique Lyonnais....at least the match was at "Fortress Grenoble" which should give GF38 a chance....


as always beware of Home underdogs....which GF38 was....


The match played out like much of the season....The team starting off slowly and playing much better after halftime....

Gerard is going to ask for later start times next season!


and The Analysis the team should of lost but the scoreboard doesn't lie.....Gerard is quoted as thanking the "Twelfth Man" for the victory that assured them European Nights next season.


The team finished in 6th and made the Europa Conference, and the prize money paid off the teams debts.


The payroll will remain the same so some old heads might leave....if they want raises in wages....


The board started the agreed work on the Youth facilities which will help the club become self-sustaining....hopefully.


The reason for the renovation of the Youth Facilities.

The coaches made a report about the state of the team looking towards next season....



Ajax won the Europa League


Man U won the Champion's League


Eduardo Pires won an award from Ligue 1!


Ruben van Bommel a promising utility player (plays central midfield and Wingback) resigned for decent wages and playing time.


Eduardo was Player of the Month of May!


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


Eduardo's 5 goals and general uptick in play after the role change were instrumental in the team's run to a European place.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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Grenoble Foot 38


Awards Night/Season Review 2028

Before we get to the main Festivities let us take stroll down memory lane....



Season Review




The vast majority of these arrivals made their way to Grenoble 2. The exception Club record signing Papy Sidibe, who made the #1 shirt his own displacing All-Timer Marcin Bulka who headed to Man United as a backup.


Most of the players on this list were allowed to go on free transfers. the sole exception Marcin Bulka who went on to Man U for $10M.


According to this list we will not make Europa Conference missing out by a point!


The French Cup was less than thrilling and losing a tricky match to OM left a bad taste in Gerard's mouth.



The revenue stream is down to not being in Europe!


No bad performances from any of the Starting XI!



Thanks for Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38


Season Statistics 2028


The Team played well compared to xG and overachieved. The new formation was much more defensively solid, but the team was still less than stellar in front of the net even though they scored 12 more goals than expected.


PSG is just otherworldly in front of the net. 35 goals better than 2nd place and almost 60 more than GF38.



most surprising was that the team led in tackles won.....


Gerard was happy the team was near his goal of <38 Goals against.


Eduardo came in 6th with 18 goals...half of which he scored in the last two months of the season after the role switch.


Eduardo led the team with man of the match awards with a respectable 6.


Moritz Jenz leads because he usually makes a safe pass to a playmaker.


Lenny Pirringuel is an unusual attacking Central mid who can't shoot but can tackle everything in sight....maybe new role for him next season.


Ligue ! has some good young goalies! The top 4 are 23 and Under. Papy Sidibe conceded less than 1 per/match.

Thanks for Reading!





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I like your save.It looks very interesting and the most important for me,realistic.Keep up the good work.:brock:

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22 hours ago, turnip said:

A great end to the season. KUTGW!

It all worked out in the end.

6 hours ago, SixPointer said:

Another great season in the stade de alpes 

It turned out not bad, because of that tactical role tweak....before it the team was laboring. 


7 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

I like your save.It looks very interesting and the most important for me,realistic.Keep up the good work.:brock:

Realistic only because I don't have the funds to buy everyone's favorite wonderkids and actually use my scouts. Sometimes they get it right.

Also I read other updates and the tactics forum and try to replicate the tactics in my own saves. I have never downloaded a tactic.

I am beginning to get the feel for what is supposed to be happening on the pitch with the new formation.....which is where the Tactical Brain wave came from.


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Grenoble Foot 38


June 2028 : Offseason "Recharging the Batteries"

See the source image

Gerard did try and get away from Football/Soccer....for a few days at the beach....but unfortunately for him his phone kept ringing and the emails kept coming.

He had no real changes in mind for the team. A few old heads would be leaving including ALL-TIME Leading scorer Moussa Djitte , he wanted too high a salary for a rotation/Super sub slot in the team and his contract was allowed to expire....

He would look for younger like for like replacements in most cases and for "Cheap" Free Agents to develop and sell, if they didn't work out.



The month started off with a nice awards dinner.....

A player got Gerard's attention and he decided to go big with his limited Transfer budget....


The Spanish team wanted more time but why do you say.....


Gerard decided even though the scouting wasn't finished...he would take a gamble. The player has a $14M release clause.....


The Numbers were in and they were bad compared to last season....but the team is getting more Sponsorship though.....


New budget same as old budget.


The board was happy with Gerard's spending of the Transfer Money Last Season ....that they paid the debts....


It hurts to still be outside the top 50, but not having European Football definitely affected the ranking.


and as you can see....Kylian Mbappe is "Darth Vader" ruling Ligue 1 with his "Otherworldly " Talents.


The board called and asked Gerard's opinion....because his work has been stellar for the club.....


and the TV Money will allow the team to stay established in Ligue 1.


The Schedule is out not a bad early season schedule.....NO Heavy Weights in the first month....FC Lorient is probably toughest match....


The Extension of Matsima solidifies the backline for years to come....

The First game of the Preseason ....the Annual First Team vs. Grenoble2 Showdown.....


as always it was a close match....but the first team proved themselves worthy.....


Gerard doesn't understand players....He wanted $2Million from us....and Turned down $1.4M/Year deal for same playing time...


This Free Transfer provides cover for Biancone on the right and allows Ruben van Bommel to spend more time in his natural central midfield position....and if it doesn't work out Sell for profit.


The Matias Soule Saga has come to a close.....He is now with Stade de Reims.....


The team made a few young signings and brought in some players to liven up the attack.....

Mori is the Crown Jewel.


After all the Press Conferences the team headed out on a Tour of Germany for Friendlies.....and went to Hoffenhiem.....



Gerard and the Stats Nerds were happy with the result....

Squad Ratings




Management Report



The Investment by the board is allowing Gerard to continue to spend "Big" even though it is only on one player a season.

Thanks for Reading!




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Great going so far and I really like the fact that you're keeping the save realistic instead of storming through the league with some exploit tactic. However.. it seems that you are a bit stuck at that "best of the rest" level right now. That's usually when it's decision time for me in my saves: do I accelerate club development and try to become a perennial Champions League team? Or do I keep things slow and hope for postive player development and some lucky signings?

You were 4 wins off Nantes last season and they are going to the CL. Now I don't know Nantes' players, but, typically, a gap like that can be eliminated with two or three strategic signings and some small tactical tweaks to accomodate them. You are so close. This season may well be THE season.


Edited by Enzo_Francescoli
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9 hours ago, Enzo_Francescoli said:

Great going so far and I really like the fact that you're keeping the save realistic instead of storming through the league with some exploit tactic. However.. it seems that you are a bit stuck at that "best of the rest" level right now. That's usually when it's decision time for me in my saves: do I accelerate club development and try to become a perennial Champions League team? Or do I keep things slow and hope for postive player development and some lucky signings?

You were 4 wins off Nantes last season and they are going to the CL. Now I don't know Nantes' players, but, typically, a gap like that can be eliminated with two or three strategic signings and some small tactical tweaks to accomodate them. You are so close. This season may well be THE season.


I am actually at the point of frustration...I almost want to ditch the save....and start over.....but some day I will need to rise above the level of my incompetence.....


As for strategic signing I think I have just done one....but I won't know if it will pan out until I play the season in competitive matches.

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Grenoble Foot 38


July 2028 : Preseason "Rotisserie Soccer"

Gerard needed to do something if team was going to live up to his ambitions and become a big team in European Football. Mbappe the Merciless led the Galactic Empire of PSG's Stormtroopers and he makes more money than GF38's ENTIRE team.

Gerard has come to the conclusion that the team has come as far as his skill could take it without a little luck and A WHOLE LOT of money.....but since the chances of a Tycoon are unlikely....this might be Gerard's Last Season.

He loves Grenoble and French Soccer, but thinks another manager might be better for the team.....



Gerard as always played two matches a week to increase match fitness. Playing decent or Good teams on the Saturday and weaker teams for fitness on Wednesdays.

As one can see Gerard's team was more than ready to play....



Mikael Mignante


This player was to be the replacement for Moussa Djitte but the chance to get another player made him Grenoble 2 bound.

Fedde de Jong


This Jouneyman is the true heir to Djitte, but will play a utility role in the team.....and the Assman wants to make him the #10.

Dietmar Gross


This is a player for the future and will spend time in Grenoble 2.

Besnik Kansa


He was too good to pass up and will spend time playing in the Belgian League this season for our affiliates Mouscron.

Benjamin Prados


This player was brought in to provide cover if the team sold Moritz Jenz or Chrislain Matsima will spend time in Grenoble 2.

Christian Baldassar


A central mid to develop and sell....especially if we sell Doucoure.

Nicholas Boyer


Another AMC brought in to provide decent players on Grenoble 2.

Mauro Stemberger


A free Transfer to provide a Advanced Forward for Grenoble 2.

The month started with the board telling Gerard what he had to work with.....


This was after the signing of all the Pre-Preseason players.....


Another Academy Grad is rewarded and shipped to Mouscron for "finishing" School


The highlight of the Preseason was a match against REAL MADRID at Stade des Alpes.....



Obviously the game was closer than the score line, but Gerard is thrilled nonetheless....


Eduardo Pires and GF38 are disrespected.....


another Cover player but signed to a long-term contract, Gerard is happy because he will rotate enough with Europa Conference Football to keep him happy.


Team Facts.....

Player of the Month

Jose Juoaquin Mori


The new big signing has been a hit as the new F9 (displacing Bernard Laurent) fitting right into the team smoothly.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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Love the look of Mori, he could be the difference maker. Good luck this season, I can understand your frustration. Will probably run into a similar PSG shaped brick wall soon in my save too. 

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46 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Love the look of Mori, he could be the difference maker. Good luck this season, I can understand your frustration. Will probably run into a similar PSG shaped brick wall soon in my save too. 

That is why I bought him against "better judgement" but in my save PSG has been "walking" Ligue 1. MBappe is insane....if IRL he plays half as well he will be the next Messi.

Real Madrid had Camavinga on the Bench...

Pires and Mori should be a formidable 1-2 Punch up top......


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3 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

That is why I bought him against "better judgement" but in my save PSG has been "walking" Ligue 1. MBappe is insane....if IRL he plays half as well he will be the next Messi.

Real Madrid had Camavinga on the Bench...

Pires and Mori should be a formidable 1-2 Punch up top......


Yes Mbappe is just far too good. Have you beaten PSG in a game yet? 

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Grenoble Foot 38


August 2028 : Regular Season "August and Everything After"

Gerard was happy with the preseason and the team was shaping up well for what might be Gerard's last campaign....even though the team is Mid-table Mediocrity probably. Gerard is aiming for a Top 3 or for spot in the table. Since that is the Goal, as always Gerard is looking for at least 8 points from the Four matches in August.



Gerard was expecting a fast start but not quite this fast....

The Board reminded Gerard of Expectations....


The month started with Gerard sending Academy Grad Bernard Laurent on a Leadership Course...as he wanted to mollify him after reducing his playing time due the acquisition of Mori.


The first match of the season was a trip to the Riviera to meet hosts OGC Nice.


OGC Nice was a home favorite, but Gerard was confident that the team had a chance to "steal" a victory on the road.


Decent Season Tickets sales ....the team needs to win a title or Champions League to increase this number.


The team started quick and OGC Nice didn't recover until after half-time and by then it was too late...


and the analysts were as happy as Gerard about the game.

The next match would be against newly promoted Troyes and the Scouts sent along an interesting email.....


Troyes had copied our Formation, but would be more defensive than us....


GF38 was the favorite, but would have to put the newly promoted team in its place....with a good performance.....


Gerard gives credit to Troyes they played hard and defended with everything they had.....but a couple of late player changes made the difference with Fan Favorite Bernard Laurent scoring a late goal to win the Game!


Analysis shows that the match was close.....but GF38 won a game they should have.

After that thrilling victory the team headed on the road to Burgundy to play the "Mustard Makers" of Dijon FCO.....

as the road team GF38 was an underdog....


But what no one expected was the Eduardo Pires show! He was just on another level in this match.....


It was such an impressive showing that it made the Highlight shows....


Eduardo's performance was the difference in an otherwise close match....

The last match of the month   saw the team return to the Stade des Alpes and welcome the FC Lorient....


This was to be a relatively even match according to the Pundits....


FC Lorient tried to outplay us at our game of possession and instead the team instinctively played on the counter and GF38's pace destroyed them....

with most of the goals coming from the Central Midfield.....


Lenny Pirringuel was the Highlight hero this time!


This was a close match but GF38's clinical finishing made the difference.....

As the team headed into the International Break there was an unfortunate accident at the training facility....



Mori will shift over and Bernard Laurent will become the F9 on the right....until Pires gets back....


OL came a poaching.....it has been a while.....

The Transfer window ended during the break and GF38 let a few players leave that weren't in the First team plans.....


But as always the window was all about PSG!

League Table


Player of the Month

Eduardo Pires


Ligue 1 player of the Month as well!



Pretty good ROI for a $1.4M investment....and now with a formation and role that makes the most of his speed.

Analysts Report


The team is playing well, but the shooting stands out 15 goals when only 10 were expected.

Management Report



Thanks For Reading!



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5 hours ago, SixPointer said:

That’s how you start a league campaign!! 

Thanks. The New focus on speed at top....has slightly changed how we play. I still like possession....but now we have the ability to beat possession sides with a Counterattack that is Instinctive....Unfortunately September has a couple of losses due to the fact 3 Key players are injured.


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