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[FM 21] Grenoble Foot 38: "Rise of the Dauphinais"

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56 minutes ago, Sheriff7 said:

"European air in Grenoble"...:cool:

I have finished the season....and lets just say it was almost another near miss.....


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Grenoble Foot 38


May 2025 : Regular Season "A close run thing...."

Gerard was happy with how the team was staying contention but was still worried about keeping the European place in the table with Brest coming on Strong. Looking at the schedule, there were four games remaining. Gerard hoped for 9 points because he mentally wrote off the PSG game and wanted to ensure a European place. 7 points was a more likely target.


The month began with Strasbourg visiting Grenoble....


This was a match GF38 was expected to win...even if Strasbourg was in decent form....


The game was a topsy turvy affair that started off well for GF38 and then became a nail biter....that had a thrilling conclusion with Pirringuel's second goal a game winner in stoppage time!


even the Nerds agree GF38 should have won the game.....

The next game was a tough trip to RC Lens....Gerard was looking for a win but it wasn't expected....


The match showed everyone what the "beautiful" game is all about as both side forget about defense....Bernard Laurent led the line for GF38 and scored a hat trick it was only a late goal by Irvin Cardona the snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat for RC Lens...


The stats boys said on most days The team would have won.....

After the disappointment in Lens....the team headed home to host the "Galactic Empire" of PSG. Their Stormtroopers aren't as imposing as in the past....but they all still make more than the entire GF38 team.


Of course the bookies and media didn't give GF38 a chance....


Gerard decided to continue with the "Bayern" variant that had been leading to goals (both for and against) in recent weeks....


The team played another thriller and looked like they were going to steal a much needed victory when Vinicious Jr scored in stoppage time to deny the team....

That draw made the Final Match against Rennes Vital for hopes of European nights in Grenoble!

Trips to Brittany are always tough.....with the extra pressure.....it might become...worse....


The final match was between two evenly matched teams that didn't want to give up a goal and wanted to start playing Golf or heading to the beach immediately after the match....


Luckily for GF38 it was enough to qualify for Euro II Tournament!



Thank you PSG!


This should make the board happy and fix the Financials

League Table


Player of the Month

Julien Serrano


The Captain led by example assisting on some late game saving goals....

Analysts Report


As you can see the team even for the barren spell in February and March knew how to score goals!

Management Report




The Board is happy with the season and gave Gerard a slightly bigger budget to work with next season.

Thanks for Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38





Andoni Pascual , Guylian Zouma, and Lenny Pirringuel were the Players of note with Pascual the Free Transfer making the biggest impact.

Gerard expects more from Zouma next season, when he is permanently in Starting XI!


As you can see the team overachieved...and got European Nights...but AJ Auxerre did the same last season and were relegated this season....a cautionary tale!


The Coupe de France run was nice, but the team played smaller teams until the Semis where we faced PSG!



The finances grew but the board isn't happy....


This is the starting XI....as you can see good work by everyone except the "Stars" of the team Djitte and Bernard!


Maxim Leitsch being the Fans player of the season is understandable. He almost never made a mistake....and Gerard wanted to sign him....but it just wasn't meant to be....

Moritz Jenz would probably have been Gerard's Choice...

Young Andoni Pascual played as well as Gerard could have wished!

Thanks for Reading!

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Grenoble Foot 38


June 2025: The Silly Season "getting younger, bigger and faster"

Gerard went into the so called "Silly season" when management often makes stupid decisions about making the team better. He had some ideas and would enter for the right player as long as he reflected the Club Vision: Under 23 and from French Lower Leagues. 

As for some of the longer serving members of the squad....were to be let go....especially if they wanted more money than a "Backup" role deserved. For example, team leader and Shirt salesman Jesse Benet....he had lost his starting position and was asking for a 3 year extension at $1M/year to be a squad player. He kicks a freekick, but the team can barely afford to pay starters that much money so he was transfer listed to get something for him.

The month began with the Press officer reminding Gerard that he had just finished the best season in GF38 History!


Our Mini Sadio Mane was named an award winner....


Djitte had an off year, but was still considered the best player because of the least time on the field!


The commercial numbers look good....but still a long way from reaching Barcelona levels of commercial success (without the debt)!

Gerard's achievement of the past season was recognized....


The fact that there will be European nights in Grenoble....is the reason he won the award....and the team is expected to struggle with relegation again in the new season.

A few days later Gerard had brought in his first big signing....A Center back to replace fan favorite Mark Leitsch.


another signing was a young forward from Clermont....to replace Dave Henen and add a little more pace to the team....


This player will be trained as a AML-IFA as a possible replacement for Moussa Djitte....

The Press officer also sent over emails detailing the teams status in the Football world....


161rst best team in Europe.....


16th biggest team in France.....French Football is being disrespected!

Since Ligue 1 is Fifth best league in the world....

Also just before the Preseason was to start and recognizing his award for Best Manager in Ligue 1 a rival offered a Job....


Since Gerard was already at his favorite club...He refused to even interview....

and as the month ended there was another of the endless Press Conferences....


Of these players only Munteanu is a definite First team player the rest are for depth and will probably start in Grenoble 2.....



These are all players found by the scouts and agents during the silly season....only Munteanu is slotted into First team (as a Backup) at this time.

Jordan Marega


This player was found by finding players comparable to Mark Leitsch and he also comes from the lower leagues of France which is a plus...Gerard foresees him becoming a backup Leftback in a few years if he continues to develop.

Louis Munteanu


This player is being brought into to give Bernard Laurent competition for the number 9 role....

Valentino Salducco


This was an opportunity signing but will probably end up becoming the CM-D in our formation after a season in Grenoble2.

Quinten van Steenwinckel


This player was found in January for an End of Contract....he will become a BBM and challenge Lenny Pirringuel for his spot after some time in the reserves.


The early signings and prior fiscal year transfers are on this list....

Mohamed Faye


released from PSG will find a place in Grenoble reserves....if he works he could become a CM-D

Diogo Nunes


a former OM youth product that might become a decent CM-D



Another PSG youth product....going to spend a few years in Grenoble 2 and see what we get....

Chislain Matsima


The big signing...will probably end up partnered with Zouma in the first CB pair. Found by searching for players like Mark Leitsch and from Lower League France.

Thierry Revier-Morand


A quick forward to provide depth and pace for the first team will be retrained as a AML-IFA...

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!

comments and suggestions encouraged!




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Grenoble Foot 38


July 2025: Preseason "Will this be our Year?"

Gerard as always went into the preseason with the plan. Play lots of friendlies to get the team match fit and judge where the team was compared to others. This season was no different.


The pattern is play a smaller team on Wednesday and play a bigger team on Saturday's. Play the  "starters" 55-60 minutes against the big teams and 30-35 against the smaller teams. 

The preseason always starts out with a match against the reserves, to prove to the new signings that got placed in the reserves that they aren't ready for "Primetime".

There is also the annual match against local rivals FC Annecy that is to remind them...We are Ligue 1 and they aren't.

Other News...

The Board reminded Gerard of its expectations.....


The Right Back Biancone who had been getting interest from Premier League Teams such as Leeds was given a new contract an is now the Highest paid player....


After a recruitment meeting the scouts identified a young winger to help the Attack....




As one can see he brings some need flair and attacking ability....and the team has an option to buy.....which might be a mistake in hindsight....since Gerard realizes he might have been able to get him on a free after the season....


The Season tickets are growing....55% capacity of Stade des Alpes!

Player of the Preseason

Giulian Biancone


The Right back has rededicated himself to playing, and at an even higher level than before since getting his long-term contract.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!





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Grenoble Foot 38


August 2025:  Regular Season "Starting Two Steps Behind"

Gerard was happy with the team and the team seemed to be ready for the campaign. The team would be playing on multiple fronts for the first time and depth would be more important. After perusing the League Schedule Gerard expected 9 or 10 points. The ECII Tournament Qualifier was the most important matches in August because of the Board expectations of making the Knockout Rounds.



Gerard was not happy with the play of the team in the first two games. The first match had the Starters play against Lorient. After two wonder strikes...and a very pedestrian attempt to break down their "Bus". Gerard decided to play the "Backups" against Angers....more pedestrian offense and a wonder strike and the team hadn't scored.

The Home match against Vitesse was next....The Starters played....and played much better....but Gerard decided He needed a different type of Striker as an option and brought in this player....


Joel looks to be a Targetman with his size and that is just the kind of Change-up the team needed as an option and was a FREE transfer!

After the Vitesse match, OL came to Stade des Alpes  and the match was a must win after the first two...which would be a tough ask.

The Starters played again and like they did against Vitesse....the match was equal with both side exchanging Wonder strikes from long range. Gerard was overall happy with the point even though more could have been had. The Trip to Holland led to the Starters playing an third game in a week....The only change was Esparza was on the bench....

The match was even but it changed when Gerard introduced Esparza....eventhough he was playing the same role as Bernard and the other new Striker Munteanu (DLF-A) he brought something different.

The final match of the Month was against Dijon FCO , a relegation battle threatened team, which made it a must win!

Gerard tweaked his tactics and went with the Backups.....The biggest tweak was that the poles were reversed the the winger was on left and IF on the right which made for a different team....

Munteanu got the Start but Esparza was on the Bench....with Soult as IF-A....It worked like a charm Dijon didn't know what hit them....

Just before the Dijon match the group's were drawn for the Europa Conference Tournament!


Lokomotiv is probably the favorite with Grenoble as number two, but Luzern should be a tricky match.....


League Table


Analysts Report


The team is playing as expected.....

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!



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Grenoble Foot 38


September 2025 : Regular Season "This is how we do it...."

Bernard looked at the schedule for September and found Five fixtures and an International Break. The Fixtures were split Three home and Two away. Three in League and Two in the Europa Conference.

Gerard was looking for a clean sweep....to make up for the awful start....but 6 points was a more likely target for the league. In the Euro Conference make it out of the group....



The month started off with Stade des Alpes playing host to a match against LOSC. Always a tough match Gerard played the Starters....


The match got off to a great start with a wonder strike by Charles Pickel....LOSC tied it just before half with a beautiful volley after skinning Biancone!

Edgaras Utkus started off the second half with a nice shot after some work around the box....and Winger Pascual scored off a Set Piece to finish the rout.


The media were in shock....

and so were the analyst's!


according to xG the team should have lost.....

The Fans flocked to the first European Night in Grenoble History!


Lokomotiv Moscow was the opponent and they were expected to go far.....


GF38 was the favorite because of Home advantage....


Cenk Tosun opened the scoring and things looked grim, but slowly the team took control of the game....Noam Bonnet scored a wonder strike just before half. After halftime the young backups played their hearts out! with goals from Joel Esparza and Therry Revier-Morand. Lokomotiv would have a long trip home.....

The analyst's even agree that GF38 deserved to win!


The next match saw the team head to Brittany to play one of our Bogey team's Stade Brestois! The team hasn't won against them in five games!

Gerard decided to play the "Starters" to get some points in the league...


The bookies gave the team an outside chance because of form....

The match was even for most of the match and a second half goal by Moussa Djitte won the game!


Gerard was happy to break the bugaloo against Brest and xG shows how close it was....

The next match was a trip to St. Etienne and because of tiredness Gerard expected to play the backups and the "Mirror" variant of the 4-2-3-1 Wide.


ASSE was a favorite due to home advantage, but GF38 was given a chance due to form.....


The Backups weren't ready and the Joel Esparza Experiment was well countered....Bernard Laurent came off the bench and tried to turn the game around but it wasn't enough....


Analytic's show that the team didn't play well until Bernard came on....

The final match of the month saw RC Strasbourg visit Fortress Grenoble!


The team was a favorite and the "Starters" were ready and raring to go....


another slow start.....Gerard has to change the pregame routine.....but the boys battled back with a goal just before half from Bernard....and a winner late from Loanee Soule!


Analytics show that the team performed much better after halftime!

The next match is in October and is a trip to Switzerland!


The team has a good chance of getting points and Gerard will try the "Backups" and mirror variant again.....because the League is more important....he doesn't want to be relegated because the team tried to hard in Europe!

Just before the end of the month Gerard was called to a board meeting....


The board wanted to use some of the money to expand the Transfer Budget. Gerard realizing that the money really wasn't enough to make a difference suggested getting better First Team Training Facilities . Luckily the Board agreed.


League Table


Player of the Month

Marcin Bulka


The Giant Polish GK hasn't been keeping clean sheets, but his shot stopping has been the difference in the team's play this month. Especially the match against LOSC . POM and made 10 SAVES!

Analytics Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!

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Congrats on your first appearance in Europe and for beating Lokomotiv Moscow. Balancing that and the league will be harder, but well worth the extra pressure.

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27 minutes ago, Jogo Bonito said:

Congrats on your first appearance in Europe and for beating Lokomotiv Moscow. Balancing that and the league will be harder, but well worth the extra pressure.

Yes, The team depth is being tested. Luckily the team has cohesiveness and high morale. (Plenty of trips to the local tavern on Gerard's dime), but the biggest problem is the team just can't really afford a "wonderkid" unless we get lucky in Youth Recruitment. (the team strains to pay $5M for all transfers in a season and total wage bill is $21M)

Most of our players a decent to above average....they do well because of tactical familiarity....(all the tactics and roles are basically the same)

And this season so far, We have been playing the relegation fodder of Ligue 1. (The Schedule Makers were gentle on us....)

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Grenoble Foot 38


October 2025 : Regular Season "Two steps forward, One Step back"

See the source image

Gerard was looking forward to the month of October especially the foliage around Grenoble....but duty calls...The team was scheduled to play five Fixtures in October and have a n International Break. Three League Matches and Two Europa Conference Tournament matches. Gerard was hoping for at least 6 points in the league and at least 4 in the Tournament, but thought a clean sweep was possible.



The first match was a trip to Switzerland and play FC Luzern....This was going to be a tricky match as this team was our equal....


The team played the "backups" and mirror variant....but Luzern's dogged defense and Set-Piece Acumen allowed them to "Burnley" the Team.....


As the Analytics show an own goal...and it being one of those nights led to the loss....

Three days later the team headed for Nimes for a match....


The "Starters' were in for this match and the team and Gerard expected a win....


It was another match where GF38 had to breakdown a "Parked Bus", but the winner came late off the foot of Edgaras Utkus....

The Analytics show that the team deserved its win....


The next match after the International Break would see table proppers RC Lens visit Stade des Alpes....


The team would be in good shape and the Starters would play because they were rested....Gerard called out Moussa Djitte before the game....


Djitte responded with a superb effort of scoring Two goals and nearly a third for his hat trick!


Analytics shows that it was a comfortable victory.....

Shortly after the match with RC Lens, GF38 headed to Scotland for a match with Hibernian of the Scottish Premier League (Not Loaded). Gerard would play the "Backups and Mirror Variant...


Grenoble were comfortable favorites.....


The Backup's went on a Rampage...Hibernian didn't know what hit them!


Analysis shows that the team broke the game open when Hibernian got tired and lost concentration, but GF 38 were in a comfortable position throughout.

After the Big Victory against Hibernian, GF 38 was set for a trip to Brittany and the Rennais....


The match was between the 5th and 6th place teams...It might be crucial in determining European places. Gerard played his strongest team in the Base Formation and roles....

The match was a contest between equals with neither giving an inch....both sides had chances....but the match was lost on a counter attack from a GF38 Corner...in Stoppage time...a Rennais Striker ran down the clearance and dribble all the way to the goal and beat Bulka for the Victory....


Analysis shows Rennais was better, but actually the match was even and they were ridiculously lucky!

The next match is also an important one in the League....when FC Nantes and their ugly uniforms come calling to Fortress Grenoble...


The match opens November but GF38 is a favorite because of Home advantage.....

League Table


Player of the Month

Edgaras Utkus

See the source image


The former AS Monaco Youth player has stepped up his game for Club and country after signing a long-tern contract in the off-season.

Analytics Report


the Defense has improved! The New players are performing and providing a solid base....

Management Reports



Thanks for Reading!




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Grenoble Foot 38


November 2025: Regular Season "The Cold November Rain"

See the source image

As the city was going to celebrate Armistice day ,Gerard was looking for improvement from the team...as November opened the schedule had six fixtures. Four in the League and Two in the Europa Conference. Gerard was looking for a minimum of 8 points in the League and 4 points in the Conference just to keep his place in the respective tables.



The first match was a visit to the Stade des Alpes by FC Nantes....even though it was a match against a team close in the table....Gerard decided to rest the usual starters....


The team was good enough barely....but would have lost if it wasn't for a last minute Corner converted by Super-Sub Moritz Jenz.


and of course the Analytics show what a close run thing it was....


A visit by Hibernian to Grenoble was next and since the "Backups" did so well in Scotland. Gerard decided to give them another match....


This was a risk Gerard was willing to take with Utkus and Djitte on the bench ready to sub....


It was another dominant display.....but it really was the Samuel Bossiwa show....Bernard played AMR-IW-A in the Mirror Variant and setup both Bossiwa goals....


Even the Nerds were impressed with the Performance.....

After the midweek demolition the team was in great spirits for the trip to the ancient cathedral city of Reims.....


The team was playing well and Gerard hoped the time off for the Starting XI was beneficial.....


It was a tough game between equals.....Both Reims goals were scored on Set-Pieces....the last the last kick of the game!



The Analytics show that the team played better and should have won....but that is why you play the matches....

After Reims the team returned crestfallen to Fortress Grenoble to host OGC Nice....


GF38 was the Home favorite....and Gerard decided to play the starters again to show faith....after the result in Reims....


The team watched Nice score an early corner and then "Burnley" up the game.....

Gerard even changed to the "Bayern" Variant that had fallen out of favor to break the low block....finally Pascual with individual brilliance danced around Umut Meras and scoring the game tying goal!

Better late than never.....

After the disappointment of the OGC Nice match, the team embarked on the long trek to Moscow for another match with Lokomotiv Moscow....


The hosts were favored.....


GF38 took the lead just before Halftime with a Djitte penalty.....Lokomotiv answered with a Corner midway through the 2nd half. After that the game fizzled out with Lokomotiv resorting to the Low block to escape with a draw....


again the team didn't get the win they just about deserved.....

The final fixture of the month was a trip to Bordeaux....after the two tough fixtures in a row Gerard rotated the team....and would use the Mirror Variant.


GF38 were underdogs but Gerard thought the team had a real chance for a win!


The game plan was sound, but Bordeaux was more interested in playing Rugby than football....and a week working on Set-Piece defense when we could helped....


The analysts say that the team was lucky.....any points on the road are good points.....

League Table


Player of the Month

Yousseff Maziz


The backup AMC didn't put a foot wrong all month even if he didn't dent the score sheet.

Analyst's Report


scoring less goals than expected.....not good.

Management Report



Thanks For Reading!




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Grenoble Foot 38


December 2025: Regular Season "A Long December....hopefully this year will be better than the last"

See the source image

Stade des Alpes was set to host a Snowboarding  Festival when the team headed to Paris.....

Gerard was hopeful to get 6 out of 12 points available in the League due to trips to Paris and Marseilles....



The month started out with a visit from an out of sorts...AS Monaco team.....


They had been playing better with a new manager after Claude Puel's firing....but this match would see Gerard play his "Starters" and he had taken a few into the office and told them they needed to play better.


The match was fairly even between the two teams with GF38 dominating possession and AS Monaco uncharacteristically "Parking the Bus"....the team struggled to break the stubborn defense down....but second half substitute Matias Soule scored just before the end of the game sparking Wild Celebrations from the sold out stadium!


GF38 was in control of the game....even according to the nerds....

After the Victory against AS Monaco came the long and dreaded trip to Paris.....to play PSG....


It was Gerard's hope that the "Stormtroopers'  of the Galactic Empire" would shoot and miss...


The match started well with GF38 defending well and getting forward for a Corner....Matsima scored....that woke PSG from their funk...and they then scored 4 goals in 12 minutes before Halftime....Gerard and GF38 were in shock.....

They came out and played well, but the damage was done.....


The Media made a big deal of our loss....on National TV.....can you say not ready for "Prime time"!

The Analyst's we vicious in their report.....


In other news, Gerard was given a report on the incoming youth.....


A decent to good prospect at all four levels of a team....should be a good intake.

The next match was against Luzern in the Europa Conference League....GF38 had already qualified for the Knockout rounds but Gerard wanted to repay Luzern for the Last second loss in Switzerland. He played mostly "Backups" and the Mirror Variant....


A routine 2-0 victory.....was a good way to bounce back after Paris.....and it also let Gerard remind some of the starters they needed to work harder and play better!


The Analysts were happy....

and as a result ....


GF38 topped the group and got a bye into the 2nd Knockout round that doesn't happen until March.....

After the midweek Continental success the Stade des Alpes would see Montpellier visit. This was a match that GF38 had every expectation of winning, but would have to do a professional job.


The bookies and media agreed with Gerard's assessment, but the game would still have to be played....


Montpellier decided to "Park the Bus" but also tried to Counterattack....since Gerard decided NOT to press.....this led to a lot of shots on goal stopped by their keeper...who finished with a 7.5 rating even after losing 3-0! Edgaras Utkus came off the bench late to score a brace and seal the victory.

The next day was the drawing for the 9th round of the Coupe de France....we were rewarded with playing our Local Rivals.....


Gerard will probably play the Starters....because this is the first match after Xmas Break.

Plus, he doesn't mind running up the score against "Rivals"!

The final match of the month was another tough trip...this time to Marseilles....


The Starter's would again make their appearance and Gerard expected much better performance than the one in Paris....


The match was bad in the beginning, but the team sorted itself out after some "encouragement" from Gerard at Halftime....and fought tooth and nail....but OM did what others had decided to do against GF38 and "Park the Bus" in second half and let GF38 frustrate themselves against a stingy defense....


As one can see the team started off awfully. They played better after halftime, but the result was fair....

The team went on XMAS BREAK....

See the source image

so the team bonded at Grenoble's Premier Bar.....

During the Break Gerard received another award.....


League Table


Player of the Month

Chrislain Matsima


GF38's big summer signing is showing why he was brought in and will probably usurp Moritz Jenz place in the starting lineup.



The team is losing money....but the extra revenue from the Europa Conference League has made a difference....

Thanks For Reading!


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2 hours ago, DaneBramage said:

Good results in Europe, just need a bit more consistency in the league. 

The problem is that my team is preseason 17th....The really big teams just have an extra gear.....

My highest paid player makes $1.4M/year

And other teams new tactic is to "park the bus" for 80 minutes and then go all out attack the last ten.....except for the really big teams that just attack....

My team is frustrated by low blocks....


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Grenoble Foot 38


January 2026 : Regular Season "January Rain"

Gerard was buoyed by the time off and saw that the schedule had Four maybe Five Fixtures. Two were in the League, One probably Two in the Coupe de France, and Friendly arranged by Gerard.

He was expecting at least three wins.....and hoping for at least 4 four points in the League.



The first fixture the Coupe de France match at Local Rivals AS Saint-Priest.


Grenoble is comfortable Favorite....AS Saint-Priest are real minnows I think they aren't even in the Football Structure.


The First team played and AS Saint-Priest didn't have a chance.....


Analytics didn't have much to say it was a training match.....

As a result the Next match in the Coupe de France was to be held a Stade des Alpes



The next match was a Friendly at Stade des Alpes....

The Backups played and won it was more conditioning for the players.....

The First League Match of the Month was to be held Stade des Alpes.....

It was a visit by Thierry Henry and Angers FCO....


The bookies and Media thought it was gonna be close.....

The match was hard fought and Angers was happier to foul and play Rugby than Football they stayed in their Box for 80 minutes after which they came out flying..... and scored a late goal to ruin Gerard's day....

The analytic's will show....that GF38 deserved more....but Roy Hodgson says Goals are what count....and we didn't score enough!


A week later Stade des Alpes held the Coupe De France Match against Paris FC....

Gerard was confident and played the "Backups" to give the Starters a little more rest before  the Match against OL....

Unfortunately....Paris FC was really up for it and GF38 not so much......It took till stoppage time but Paric FC scored a winning goal.....


After the deflating defeat the team had to pick itself up and get ready for the OL game....the team was rocked by this offer....


The Board accepted, but Gerard protested.....because Bernard was a Homegrown Player and the Foundation of our rise.....and not the least I need him to fill out the team of Home grown at club for European Tournaments!

Gerard would have had a harder time refusing if this had come during the offseason in say June.....

After the Laurent episode.....Gerard's thought turned to the OL match....


The team was headed to Lyon for tough match...The Starters would play.....


The team played poorly.....from the start....just before Half Djitte scored to give the team a glimmer.....second Half OL just scored more even though Bernard did score a beautiful effort.


The Analytics prove that GF38 was just outclassed....

After that shellacking the team had to get ready for a match against the "Mustardmakers" of Dijon FCO


This game would be in early February....

League Table


Player of the Month

Edgaras Utkus


Analysts Report


Management Report




The Game against Dijon was another debacle....the team was dominated early gave up a goal...played better after halftime...had an 80th minute penalty shout overruled by VAR and then scored a last minute game tying goal by Bernard Laurent....


and Transfer Deadline day was rather dead....just PSG buying up everyone per usual....


After the Wuhan Offer, Gerard re-negotiated Bernard Laurent's contract....


He is now tied for Highest paid player at the Club....Gerard and Management intend to make him a "one club man" a la Totti.

Shortly thereafter the team headed for Lille and this match was important.....


Luckily Bernard and Djitte were enough to overcome LOSC!


As Analytics shows GF38 was lucky!

The next match saw the team return to Stade des Alpes and host Stade Brestois 29....


Bernard is proving why he needed a pay raise....



This was another tough match....Brestois "parked the Bus" and for 77 minutes GF38 was frustrated...until Edgaras Utkus  scored a lucky rebound to the ecstatic cheers of the crowd and teammates alike....

Thanks for Reading!






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3 hours ago, SixPointer said:

Confident of European football next season?

I am not confident, but there is a decent chance of a repeat.....

I am just about to do another update and we played well....but played mostly relegation fodder....the closing months will be squeaky bum time!

I must say I got lucky with Bernard Laurent in my First Youth Intake....I was doubly lucky in that players have been poached from my system by the likes of Bayern before I even see them.

I am also thinking of a tactical overhaul.....and ditching the 4-2-3-1 Wide....

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Grenoble Foot 38


February 2026 : Regular Season "Let the good times roll"

February is a busy month but Gerard knows it will be critical to any chance of staying in European Football unless by a Miracle the team wins Europa Conference League!

There are 6 matches in 28 Days! All are in the League, with 4 at home and 2 on the road....Gerard is looking for at least 14 points to give GF38 a good position heading into the top 6 fight.

The realistic answer is probably 12 points....



After the match against Brestois the team had a week to get ready for ASSE....the team worked on Set-Pieces....


The analyst's also show how close the great escape was.....

Since the match against was at "Fortress Grenoble" this time around GF38 was a comfortable favorite....



The match was a bore for those looking for excitement....but it was a match between two evenly matched teams and Bernard Laurent was the hero.....with a Header that was checked by VAR!


The Analysts were less than impressed with another escape...

A week later the team headed for Alsace to the City of Strasbourg....

RC Strasbourg was fighting relegation so the high-flying GF38 were considered favorites.....and they lived up to the tag.


The team went down early like many games this season, but after a "talking to" at halftime they played much better.....


As Analysis shows the team scoring three goals in the second half finished the match off!

After the Strasbourg Match the team headed home to host Table propping Nimes.....


since it was a home match and the team had been busy...Gerard planned on a fully rotated team for the game....

During the preparations for the Nimes Match....Gerard and GF38 found out who their next opponent was in the Europa Conference League...


GF38 would be making another long trip to Russia...to play Krasnodar!

Krasnodar was the lower seeded team so as long as we score an away goal we should be good....

The match with Nimes came with great expectations.....


The game started well with two goals by GF38....then Munteanu came up lame and Bernard Laurent was subbed in....Nimes fought back scoring before and after half to tie the game...but Starman put them out with two late goals of his own!


The analysis shows that the match was closer than the scoreline suggests but that is mostly because the backups were used including two teenaged wingbacks brought up from Grenoble 2!

Bernard's Brilliance was recognized with an award....


League Table


Player of the Month

Bernard Laurent


The Starman and GF38 Youth prouct from Grenoble has been turning heads and kicked it up a notch after getting a raise in January.

Analyst's Report


Management Report



The Finances are in decent shape, but continued European Football would help....that is the goal! Can GF38 make it again? too early to say.

Thanks For Reading!


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Grenoble Foot 38


March 2026 : Regular Season "March Madness"

Gerard buoyed by the near perfect month of February was looking forward to doing it again in March. The schedule had Five fixtures in about Three weeks. Three in the League and Two in the Europa Conference!

The League matches were manageable but getting tougher.....all would be important for the fight for a European place....as always Gerard wanted at least 6 points from the 3 matches.



The first match of the month was a trip to RC Lens....who was battling Relegation....

Grenoble was a comfortable favorite.....and the team was believing its Press Clippings......


The match was one of those matches that started poorly.....then the team stepped it up in the second half, but could get the goal that would put RC Lens away....and then off a GF38 corner....The Rc Lens team pinged 3 40 yard passes together and scored in the 80th minute.....It was checked by VAR and was a goal.....SMH! FMed!


As the xG shows GF38 would have won or tied on any other day....

While in training after the RC Lens match a Key Player, Moussa Djitte was severely Injured.....


Moussa doesn't score as many as he once did or make as many assists...but his presence usually draws a marker or two defenders thus allowing other players to operate.

The team made the long trip to Krasnodar for the Europa Conference Knockout Rounds.....

With no expectations the team played well....


and the Analysts were happy with the victory as well....


It was a comfortable Victory and BOTH Krasnodar goals were ridiculously lucky.....one of which was an own goal....

After the victory in Russia that was sort of unexpected.....The team had to return to France and play a mid-table team and equal Stade Rennais at Stade de Alpes.


Gerard was thought that had a good chance of getting the result they wanted because it was a home match....


This was one of those games where nothing went right.....the team didn't play with energy and the Back Four who are usually dependable made mistakes.....Rennais scored on a 3 pinged passes to their AML that skinned Biancone....after that the game settled down, but GF38 couldn't convert a chance.....and when Gerard subbed some players....looking ahead....and trying to play catch up....it only got worse....Rennais scored twice to put the game out of reach....

The analyst's agree....that the game was closer than the scoreline suggests.....


The game was close and GF38 might have escaped with a tie....if it hadn't pressed for a score....

which led to two easy goals!

that made the difference....

After the terrible loss the board made a strange request.....that Gerard come to a meeting to discuss a new contract.....


Of course Gerard gladly accepted their offer with a few changes....


With the disappointing loss still on his mind Gerard had to get ready for the second leg of the Europa Conference Knockouts against Krasnodar.


This was the projected lineup....Gerard decided to play his "Backups" in this match after yelling at the "Starters" to get them out of their funk.....


The "backups" played wonderfully denying Krasnodar even a chance at goal.....




and as a reward for the Quarterfinals....


will play another near equal that should give GF38 a shot at a miracle trophy run.....

The Last match of the month was against FC Nantes and their Ugly Uniforms.....it was also a match just before an International Break....a good result would do wonders for morale and momentum!


The trip to Nantes would be tough but GF38 would give it a shot....


Gerard is beginning to think he needs to yell at his players at halftime more.....They play "much better" after a "Hair dryer"!


as the analysis shows.....

Youth Intake





Gerard is excited by these three youngsters who will be ready to break into the team in about three years!

League Table


On the outside looking in after the bad month but there is still a chance....and also an outside chance of a Europa Conference Trophy!

Player of the Month

Edgaras Utkus


The #10 is proving himself a true star.....

Analysts Report


scoring less goals than expected....a reason why we had a bad month!

Management Report




The teams financials are in a good place, but Gerard is keen for another season of European football to strengthen them.

Thanks for Reading!

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51 minutes ago, Jogo Bonito said:

It's in the balance but still quite possible to qualify for Europe again via the Ligue 1 standings.

Yes, I know but there are matches in May versus PSG and OM that make the chances less likely. We are throwing away points against lesser teams....it is infuriating....even if we are technically overachieving based on the Season Preview. 

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Grenoble Foot 38


April 2026 : Regular Season "The Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell"

Gerard was less than enthused by the results in the month of March....but was thankful for the International Break.

The schedule in April was very busy with six fixtures in 22 days and the possibility of a seventh as well depending on the Europa Conference Match....

Gerard was looking for a minimum of 8 points from the four league matches and especially looking to the AS Monaco match at the end of the month to cement a European Place.



The month started out with one of our bogey teams Reims visiting Stade des Alpes....


GF38 was a favorite but the team needed to do a professional job....


Bernard led the line from the AMR-IWA spot in the formation doing a Mo Salah imitation.....

GF38 was under pressure much of the match...but generally found their way through the press....a mistake just after halftime allowed Reims to score.....Bernard scored late to seal the win with a magnificent header!


The game's scoreline was more comfortable than the game even though the team controlled possession and won!

After the match with Reims the team headed midweek to back country Denmark....

Gerard thinking of the League decided to rotate the team and decided he would be happy if the team got an away goal....


The Backups were not up to snuff and were dominated but they did score an important away goal....


Analysis shows that the team was dominated.....

The weekend saw the team head for Nice and a match with OGC Nice.....


The Starters were scheduled to play.....

And the team was under pressure much like the Reims match.....but the team was up for it and Edgaras Utkus the Playmaker had a virtuoso performance setting up both goals that allowed the team to escape with a win!


After the escape on the weekend the Starters would be called on again to play the Europa Conference Return leg at Stade des Alpes.....

Another Youth player is poached by Bayern.....


The Team was ready to put on a performance before the home fans...because that is what would be needed to overturn the defeat in Denmark!


and that is exactly what they did....winning 2-0.....


The  match was much more comfortable than the scoreline or xG show.....


and as a result we head for the Semi-Final.....


This is another match against a near equal....that at least gives GF38 a chance.....

After the Midweek heroics struggling Bordeaux, who was propping up the table, visited Fortress Grenoble....Gerard decided to send out the "Backups" as the Hospitality Committee...


GF38 were comfortable favorites so Gerard felt justified in his rotation.....


This was another match where the opposition has decided to press GF38....luckily for GF38.....Bernard Laurent came off the bench in the second half to salvage a draw!


as the analysts tells the match was close but on most days GF38 would have won.....

The reason for the rotation was an important trip by GF38 to Monaco a few days later.....this match would most likely decide if GF38 would be able to get European Football through the league....


The Starters were rested and raring to go.....


This match was close and hard fought but GF38 had no answer to playing 14-11.....


A penalty decided the game....


The officiating stopped us cold....and we were not even allowed to challenge for the ball.....

The game should have been much worse a defeat....

but Gerard "parked the Bus" in the second half!

The French Cup Final was won by FC Nantes.....


That end most hopes for a Europa Conference League birth for 6th place.....

And AS Monaco had the cheek to steal another player from us.....



The next match was against AA Genk in Europa Conference Semi-Final.....



at the Pregame press conference tried to warn the boys.....


This was just one of those games....GF38 was FM'ed! Just like Brighton IRL!


The Analyst's are at a loss for words on how we lost that match.....but it's Football.....The object of the game is to score more goals than the other team!

Following that disappointment GF38 had to prepare for the Stormtroopers of PSG!


This is the projected lineup for a match on May 3rd 2026!

League Table


Player of the Month

Giulian Biancone


Analysts Report


The Average stats and even xG got us to where we are....probably no celebrating at the end of the season!

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!





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10 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Good luck in revans!

Thanks for the support.

I have played till the end of the season.....the Trip to Paris....didn't go well.....let's just say.

The team did take a trip to Glasgow in Late May though....


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Grenoble Foot 38


May 2026 : Regular Season "Don't Stop Believing"

After the losing that happened in April the team's shot at European Soccer remained the Europa Conference League....and even that remained a longshot after the opening loss to AA Gent at Stade des Alpes....Gerard remained optimistic....



The next match after the disappointment against AA Gent was a visit by PSG....


May the third came and the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper's arrived at Stade des Alpes....


It wasn't much of a match.....Kylian Mbappe scored an early goal....and that was that....GF38 tried hard but just couldn't really play with the ball in PSG's half....and then Mbappe made a beautiful 40 yard pass to STC Perrin near the end of the game that led to a cheeky lob over Bulka.


Analysis shows the match wasn't close.....

Just four days later GF38 headed to Gent....for the second leg of the Europa Conference Semi-Final....

GF 38 needed to do the impossible....and did just that!


The team played much better this time against....AA Gent....They controlled play and had numerous chances it was actually Gent's Goalie that kept them in the game....


Analyst's show that the match wasn't close...but the second goal was nice....it eliminated the lottery of penalties!


The team is heading to Glasgow! One win from Glory!

and as a reward we must play.....


BMG! GF38 has a glimmer of hope...for European Football!

After the glorious victory in Gent....the team remained on the road and headed for Montpellier.....Gerard decided to play the Backups....because the match was three days after the last....and there was no real chance of getting a European place from the league with PSG NOT winning the Coupe de France.


The hosts were favored....but the team had a chance!


It was another awful showing in the first half....Montpellier scored Three and the game was over...GF38 played for pride in the second half and made the score line respectable....The refereeing was a little fishy but nothing really cotroversial....but let's say Montpellier had a lot of Set-Pieces.


The match was probably a loss...even without the bad refereeing.....

This was a busy time and the reason for the rotation against Montpellier was because the next match was two days later at Stade des Alpes.


Gerard was looking for a better game from his starters to justify his resting them for this game....


and they came through....


The Analyst's show that this match wasn't close....if GF38 played like that in every match they would be winning a trophy.....

The last match of the Ligue 1 season was four days later and it was a trip to Lorient home of the "Orange Crush"....


The hosts were favored because they were at home but GF38 had a chance for a final victory....


This match encapsulated the season....Team doesn't start well, gets yelled at at halftime, plays better, but in this case it was too late!


Even if the team had started better....FC Lorient would have won according to xG.

That brings the Ligue 1 season to a close......


The team achieved 7th place again....making it two out of three seasons!

League Table



Analyst's Report




The board had a brief message for Gerard.....left unsaid "WIN EUROPA Conference League Final!"

The team had TWO DAYS to get ready for the  Final


Gerard shot his mouth off a little bit.....


The final came and it was everything Gerard ever dreamed for GF38.....


The team played well and the opponents not so much their two week layoff showed.....


Analysis shows that GF38 was the best team on the day!




European Nights for Next Season.....and a step up in competition to the Europa League!

The bank account is going to look good with all the Prize Money.....



This TV revenue floored Gerard....it is ALMOST as much as the entire payroll!


and some pocket change in the couch cushions.....aswell.


Some Praise from the Press.....


The Board is Happy.....


And this sums up the journey....


and these are the team members who will always be remembered in Grenoble!


Board Meeting



The initial budgets are promising....Gerard thinks the board wants to become the "French Ajax".....

Management Report



After the Board meeting Gerard did ok the transfer of loanee Soule from Juventus....


Thanks for Reading!








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Just now, turnip said:

Congrats on the European success!

Thanks. It was a incredible journey considering we were faltering in the league....I think it made me fall in love with this save and FM all over again.


Maybe Dinamo can pull off Champion's League Trophy!

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Grenoble Foot 38


Awards Night 2026

Season Review


The new players.....Matias Soule was loaned from Juventus and provided a creative spark....he will be back with GF38 Next season. Chrislain Matsima was the Big Signing and was everything that was expected of him. Therry Reiver -Morand showed his quality in spots, and Louis Munteanu's promise was cut short with a terrible injury.


The player transferred Andoni Pascual left for a record fee...Gerard didn't want to lose him but a disagreement about a new contract led to him leaving in January. The rest of the players were offloaded for whatever the team could get.....


Seventh place is good, but would have left the team on the outside looking in for a European place if it hadn't been for our unlikely Europa Conference run.


The Coupe de France run was something to forget.....


The Europa Conference League Trophy is the HIGHLIGHT of the season. This run was incredible but we did avoid any truly Big teams that might have been "slumming".



The financials are in there best shape ever....if We don't make top 5 or 6.....the finances will take a hit next season.....


Strong performances through the middle and from the Back Four!




Pretty funny when the supporters add the player you just shipped out to the All-Time best team.....


This shows that our defensive minded players made the difference in the cup run!


A right back is 3rd best player in tournament, but his team beat each of the other top players to win the trophy!


Giulian Biancone has shown he is a top right back and GF38 has some suitors for him .....Gerard intends to keep him unless offered at least $35M for him.

Team Stats


The team averaged the 4rth best possession stat in Ligue 1 that is important to how we play.


The goals conceded were to many....(above 38 which Gerard finds acceptable) which is something to work on for next season....


5th most shutouts, with half as many as PSG! When we were good defensively we were good but we obviously had some really bad days....


and our #10 made the list of top assisters in Ligue1....

Thanks for Reading!

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