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Contract negotiations

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Contract negotiations are really poor this year. Can we please get some of the different incentives put back in? Competition bonuses, goal (and assist like full version has got, and really doesn't seem a big thing to include) bonuses (10,15,20,30 etc) etc. The stuff that was removed this year compared to previous years is a touch excessive, especially since contract negotiations are a pretty big part of football in general, restricting us to fewer options seems completely backwards. 

Additionally, myself and my mates all keep getting sneaky £X per game played added in the corner without it actually being an option anymore to negotiate with, which heavily inflates transfer costs and leaves you shafted without it being immediately obvious. 

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I really hope this can be patched in somehow, this is the only thing that is preventing me from playing FM Touch. I haven't played it since the first two weeks of release. The water downed contract negotiations is straight up poor and a terrible idea, such an important part of the game and they stripped it.  It also crazy how CPU transfer can include bonuses which we cannot offer.

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