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FM21 York City. VNLN to the Prem!

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I'm shouting at my monitor.

We've lost heavily vs 15th and 19th.


We had chances vs Southampton but were just too poor.

Sheffield United came in as the leagues lowest goalscorers, we were shocking.

Every player has a price, no one is safe from the chopping board in the summer.

I need a new goalkeeper, defense, especially LB and a midfield, RM is needed badly.  The only players I'm happy with are the strikers.

And we've lucked out after West Ham lost again, we're atleast 7th, potentially 6th.


I know we're in a tough league, I know we can't win them all.

But if we can't even compete against the lower teams, changes need to be made.

We'll see what happens after I finish work tonight.


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We drew our final game.  Mistake from our GK for their first to equalise after we took an early lead.  They went ahead but we managed to pull one back and were looking the better side until Goode got sent off for a silly second yellow.



That money :lol:


Yeah, can see how poor my LB position is.


My longthrows were the highest assist.  Only 1 since the patch, I know he's been dropped recently but I can't think of us scoring from a throw in, that's a big problem if we can't get goals from that.  We'll see.

For 7.5mil, Correa has been a let down.  He's scored 6 in 28 and hasn't assisted a single goal.






We have some money in the bank, we have some players that will bring in good money when sold.  Let's try build a proper team.  I need to bring in some experience, some leaders.

We need to show Europe who The Minstermen are.

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Looks like we're going to foreign youngsters again.  They're happy to come play in England and we cannot afford English players and it makes it harder given our reputation.

We're a small fish in a very big pond.  I've signed an 18 year old LB/CB and a 20 year old CB for their min fees of 6.5mil and 8.5mil, they've both asked for wages for 20k and 25k.  I can't even put into comparison bringing in an English player of their quality.  It'd be atleast 5x the price and possibly 5x the wage.  It's going to be average English players mixed with some good foreign it seems.  Thankfully we have the likes of Cottrell, Gelhardt and Stewart here.




I don't think the squad will be changing as much as I like.  There will be defensive changes and wingers but that may be about it.  I've found a very useful striker out in South America who's only 18 but I can't fit him in my team and with only 6 signings allowed for foreign youth, i'm probably going to have to pass up on him.

The good news is Sadler has signed the dot to join on loan for his 3rd season.


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And then we smashed it.



Edit: I fogot about my LB and CB :lol:

Gomez is 18, looks like a CB but going to train him best I can at wingback.  He looks decent enough and hopefully can hit his potential, another trained at club would be lovely.


Just turned 21(a day before my games date :lol:).  Still has potential to grow into but to me looks like a very solid CB.  Heck he's even quite a decent CM.



We finally got our left mid in, needs some pace training but 18, smart attacking winger, love it.


Young English goalkeeper that is a potential England goalkeeper, just get that Handling up.  Worth every penny, can be my GK for the rest of the game.


The kind of midfielder I need to make the difference this season, something we lacked last season.



So because I can't find MRs, I brought that striker in afterall.


And Correa who struggled uptop last season is being trained at MR.


I struggled finding a RB and for less than a mil and his performances for Libertad, he's worth a punt.  Been on my shortlist for a year.




Ananou didn't cut it here and had interest quite early on.

Edmondson wasn't needed.

I'd of kept Viktor over Bulka if Bulka had clubs interested, he didn't.

Santiago isn't good enough.

And that will be it, the budget is gone.  Might look at loans if it doesn't start well.


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Pre-season has gone well, players are fit and ready to go after a few role changes.

Correa is looking good at MR.

We've moved into our own smaller stadium so sadly fans will lose out on their season ticket.


But we ain't bottom.


Buttt we are on the prediction table :D


Let's see how this goes!


We'll find out soon enough.


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7 hours ago, SpillBlood said:



Come on FM :lol:.  We've moved into a smaller stadium after being away for a season.


I'd raise that as a bug. 

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We started strongly and another opening game of the season win :thup:.  Alvarez getting a debut goal after 27 minutes and Sadler putting us 2 - 0 up after 32.  Raphinha pulled one back from a penalty in the season half but we held out.

Better side yet drew away at Southampton.  Palomeque scoring after 8 minutes but they scored in the 21st and 25th through some awful defending.  We didn't stop fighting though and Palomeque scored another to tie us up.

:seagull: was watching the Brentford game.  They had one chance, as my CB cleared the ball, they've headed back in where my CB has missed it and they've hit in, it was so bad, we were awful.  When we looked ontop Skipp got himself a red card for an awful tackle, just a bad day all around. 

Now, this is a bit different.  We took the lead through Sadler but Franco gave away another penalty which saw Iheancho equalise.  Palomeque put us back ahead but in the second half it was Ihenacho scoring again.  It looked like a drew so I went my attacking formation.

Correa scored in the 74th, 75th, 77th and 80th minute from AMR :eek:.  The front 4 were just class.  Palomeque finished the game off with a 20 yarder.  I ALMOST DIDN'T SIGN PALOMEQUE!


He's class!

That Brentford game has left a bitter taste but early days and seems a good start with how some others have started.


Sadler and Palomeque have a nice partnership going.


Europa League 2.




I'd like to think we can come out of the group ontop.


Carabao Cup

Hope we can get off to a good start.


Transfer End

We didn't make any more purchases, the budget really was gone, but this is what we're competiting against.



Prem money ffs :lol:



I do like a challenge :cool:


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