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FM21 York City. VNLN to the Prem!

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Well you saw we destroyed Portsmouth :lol: but...


And we just haven't been the same.

Add this ontop


We took the lead vs Oxford and it looked like we could win the game but they got a penalty and slotted in.  Will Russ came off the bench and finally equalised in the 88th minute since he had enough chances but a freekick into the box saw Oxford put it in to equalise in the 90th minute.


We didn't turn up vs Bolton, we let Reise Allassani escape twice and that's all he needed to put two in.

Atleast we pulled it back against Cheltenham.  They pulled one back in the 93rd minute but it was already over.

Lincoln we had so many chances.  Edmondson and Stewart were playing well together but couldn't hit the target.  We hit the woodwork twice and thankfully Russ gave us a deserved winner from the bench.

Edmondson can't score in the league but scored the best goal I've seen on FM21 in the cup vs Wolves.  Cuts inside, shoots and it bends into the top corner from 25 yards.  I went "Woah!" outloud :lol:


It's all tight uptop.


Gray is running away with the goals.  Bloody injury.






We absolutely battered them, even after the red card, we battered them.  I have no idea how we lost :lol:


Carabao Cup


We defended well because they had alot of chances.  We hit them on the counter and honestly that second Edmondson goal, damn.  There's a gyazo gif link below for it.  I'd honestly though we'd won it but Medley who I thought we playing okay gave away a penalty(not 100% sure what for) and Neves buried it.  We lost on a shoot out but we took a prem side to penaltys.  That's amazing.



After I got this though and I've extended my time!


October is a tough month.  We can just play to the best of our abilitys.  Might be worth seeing now if those free players I know can make a difference here are willing to come.



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What another great month.

Layton Stewart gave us an early lead vs Walsall and Clarke doubled it.  They pulled one back in the 64th minute but we played well and held on.  Edmondson got us an early goal vs Colchester, Stewart got our 2nd and Giurgi out 3rd, easy.  Never expected to beat league leaders Chartlon.  Edmondson was on another level and got a hat-trick.  We just couldn't score vs Crewe, even Smith came off the bench but we drew a blank.  Wednesdays was a very close game, they had chances to win but Jamie Bowden with a 25 yarder to get his first York goal in fashion.  Blackpool were great early on but 20 mins in we found our feet.  Rushesha scored our first with a shot from just inside the box that Remi Matthews messed up and palmed in.  Edmondson got us 2 up before Jake Taylor pulled one back with a great 30 yarder low shot.

We're top and even if Charlton win, GD should keep us top.


Another award :D





Another one I have no idea how we lost, battered them.  We just don't like this trophy.


FA Cup


Good draw and we should win.

November has some tough games but we're in good form.


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Another great month.  1 goal conceded in the league!  Only CB who hasn't featured in the league this month is Robertson.  It's been a rotation of Zouma, MacDonald and Medley.

I thought Wigan would have give us more of a game and they did take the lead but Rayan Clarke scored 4 minutes after.  It took until the 89th minute for Smith to get us a winner but it was much deserved.  Solid performance against the Gills.  Zouma got us of to a great start after heading in after 12 minutes and I felt like we needed another, thankfully we didn't but Giurgi gave us another anyway in the 91st minute. 

I was a bit concerned going into the Salford game without my main GK.  Glendon who's been our best CM also picking up an injury before the Salford game.


But Sondergaard has been solid in both the Salford and Swindon games.  Salford had 1 shot all game and it was on target.  Stewart gave us our goal for 3 points.  Swindon who came up with us were just awful.  Their GK Vickers was on a 7.4, that shows enough.  Giurgi got us off with a great start again after 2 minutes.  Stewart put us 2 ahead in the 48 minute and then Edmondson got our 3rd via a penalty.


Table is looking lovely.


I wasn't even considered for Manager of the Month because other teams had played 5.  Hulls manager won 4 out of 5, the rest 3 out of 5.  That seems a bit odd no?




Oops.  Not much I can do though.


Which meant 5 players were out on international duty as we'd postponed the match we were due on the Saturday so we were down players against a good side.


We were better first half, they mauled us in the 2nd half.



Ah well.

FA Cup


We were bloody brilliant.  Good draw next round also.


Should be able to win that one no problem.


Damn December has alot of games.  Hopefully can keep the form going.


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It's been a great month.  Bristol Rovers were 2nd and walked all over them.  Edmondson with an early goal and Stewart with a brace.  We were 5 - 1 up against Forest Green at the end of the first half!  Stewart with a lovely hat-trick, Clarke and Edmonson with the other goals.  They pulled two back very late in the 2nd half but wasn't enough.  We smashed MK Dons with Stewart getting another brace.  MacDonald and Forst finishing the goals off.  They didn't look up to our level at all.  Neither did Sunderland as Edmondson got himself a brace and Stewart another goal before Marley Watkins pulled one back in the 86th minute, far too late.  We battered Fleetwood but injuries and tired legs just couldn't find a goal, I'm happy enough with a draw.  Same happened at Preston, they were the better side but a draw should have been the result.  Layton Stewart missed an absolute sitter to draw us level and Preston took all 3 points.  We had tired wingers, injuries and a late red card.  The Bolton game isn't going to be pretty for us just two days after the Preston game.

Table is still looking lovely though.



Stewart has been on fire.


Cool random award here.  He's been a good RB that I'm not sure I can hold on to as there's interest for his services and he's only here on loan.



FA Cup


They put up more of a fight then some of the league one teams have.

But damn, I guess I'll take some money and say thanks?



I asked for more coach slots and more coach wages, they gave both.  Backroom slowly improving and I've just recruited Neil Critchley who is amazing for this level and Glen Driscoll as we really needed a fitness coach.


Youth preview


Not a good year.

January is a tough start that gets easier.  We need help on the left wing.  Clarkes doing well but cannot play every game.  Lakin has been injured for most of his time here so I really need a LM.  We'll need another LB also as Tiensia is being called back because of lack of playing time.  Wilson-Esbrand has just been too good.


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Very good month.  I mean we started with our main GK not being able to play and then getting this.


It was a huge blow but we had to continue.  Sondergaard played instead and he's been okay but we had to get a #1 in. 

Bolton took an early lead through a penalty which was clearly a bloody dive.  Michael James our HG player got his first York goal to equalise and we went up through our own penalty.  They equalised from a corner in the 2nd half and then Llyod Cook got sent off for a shocking tackle in the 81st minute so I had to defend. 

We just didn't start well vs Portsmouth and they had much better spells then we did and I'm glad new singing Clarke Odour equalised for us.  We had chances at the end of the game but didn't put them away.  Didn't help that Stewart went off injured.

We managed to get back to winning vs Oxford with Angus MacDonald putting us ahead early on via a corner and Smith killing the game off later on.

We battered Grimsby and Edmondson should of had a hat-trick in the first half.  Lloyd Cook got sent off in the 47th minute for a 2nd yellow but we managed to go ahead.  A long shot that bounced off the post saw Grimsy equalise late on.

We battered Cheltenham aswell.  Was so annoying to watch, they took an early lead with Sondergaard being in no mans land.  With Russ being sold and Stewart being injured I had to change shape later on as I made subs and it worked.  McCann got his first York goal with a right beauty from 20 yards and a lovely ball from Wilson-Esbrand that bent low for Smith to hit home in the 89th minute.

Players back and fit, new recruits and on a high after our FA Cup game, we destroyed Colchester.  Our new GK was immense, not as good as Zech Medley and his brace.

We drop some point advantage in the table but we still have a game in hand.


FA Cup


Poor game but I ain't gonna complain :cool:


Bloody brilliant.  New boy Johansson sured that defense up and we were just brilliant.  They're 18th in the prem and we beat them :cool:.


No idea who we play next though.



I wanted to sell a couple of unhappy players whos contract were expiring and I needed sell Vitek as he had no work permit.  No one was interested until deadline day either.



Russ never improved, he wasn't going to play.

Robertson was 4th choice and we stop conceding as many when he was dropped.  2k a week to not play isn't happening.





We lost our loan leftback due to him not playing enough games and our loan LM is always injured so I needed cover.  Odour can do both, he's been fantastic.

Viktor Johansson is our new #1.  I'd usually want a taller goalkeeper but for the goalkeepers I was able to sign, he was hands down best choice.  I don't think any of them are as good as Vitek but there's nothing I can do about that.

Charlie Goode looks good enough to play CB for me in the Championship, felt like a steal.

Richards comes in to give us even more firepower, like we don't have enough.

Here they are:




I feel that can all come to the Championship with me.


Heck, I even asked for more budget 'cause a couple of good players were listed but I refuse to make over 2.5k wages and they wanted 4k+.  They gave it me if I wanted it use it.




I expected us to be most active but we were beaten but next I saw 8.75mil!? What.

Yeah, he looks quite good.


Some big games coming in Feb.  Bring it on!


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2 hours ago, withnail316 said:

You're absolutely flying up the leagues. Brilliant work. 

Cheers man.  Havin' a lot of free time thanks to Covid and work and I'll be finishing the League One season tonight :lol:.  I absolutely love this save.

Don't think I'll have anywhere close to the same success in the Championship.  Just need some stability there for a few seasons I reckon.

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Good enough month but that Charlton loss might sting.  Easy win vs Walsall, both Glendon and McCann who had started quite a decent partnership in the middle of the park scoring.  We battered Lincoln but fell behind and thankfully Rodel Richards got his first York goal in the 81st minute.  We should have won.  Stewart got a brace against Crewe for all 3 points and the Hull match was a tight game that could have gone either way.  We got an early goal after 8 minutes but they equalised after 12!  Low cross in and Ben Mellor has hooked it away from Layton Stewart.. into his own net for an og!  That gave us all 3 points!  Quiet first half vs Charlton who were perhaps the better team.  We scored in the 68th, they scored in the 70th.  We scored in the 72nd and then Medley gave away a penalty for them to equalise in the 76th.  McCann got sent off and from that freekick they launced a ball in the box and Johansson was in no mans land for them to hit in and take all 3 points.


10 games to go, 9 clear.


:D:D:D It works.




I applied for my next badge level and it was given nps with time.


FA Cup



I'd like for us to get atleast 10 points from March.  I want to win this league and in 36 games we've only lost 3.


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Good enough month. 
Stewart got us to a good start but Zouma gave away a penalty this time and Harry Charsley scored from the spot.  There was a big noise around the Sheff Weds match due to them beating us earlier in the season in the JPT.  We were close to getting revenge but the leagues top goalscorer Stipe Perica smashed it home in the 89th minute to share the spoils.  Wigan game was so good for us.  It took 18 seconds for them to take the league but Rodel Richards scored in the 6th to restore parity.  39th minute they go ahead and it doesn't look like we can get another goal.  I go attacking and it's Rodel Richards just onside slotting in from close range to get us equal in the 89th minute.  THE 95TH MINUTE Richards flicks on to Edmondson to hit into an empty net to take all 3 points!  Richards again got an assist vs Forest Green when he hit the post and Clarke finished it up.  They equalised and in the 62nd minute Llyod Cook was sent off... again.  We had the best chances and you'd of put money on Layton Stewart scoring one of the two chances he had after his pace let their defenders in the wind but he hit the post and chipped the other effort over so we only left with one point.

We had players go on international duty but we had enough to play a friendly for fitness so that's what we did!

103 points is the current League One record, we have to get 11 points in 6 games, sounds simple enough.



FA Cup


We were so close to getting a result.  Grealish proper dived for their pen, so glad it was saved.  Chambers goal was so easy, freekick, passed to him, he hits in.  Still amazing to take another premier league club to such a close game after beating two.




This is worrying me.  We earnt some good money from our FA Cup wins vs Everton and Norwich but we're losing 300k a month.  The prize money for winning the league is 27k so that isn't going to help at all.  Hmm.

6 games to go, lets get record points since i've been close every season and not yet hit it.




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Well after an incredible frustrating draw where Michael Smith missed 3 clear cut chances, it was still enough for us to be promoted.

Finances must be fine then 'cause this is our budget...



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13 minutes ago, SpillBlood said:

Well after an incredible frustrating draw where Michael Smith missed 3 clear cut chances, it was still enough for us to be promoted.

Finances must be fine then 'cause this is our budget...



You should get a nice TV windfall in the Championship and Prize money up there is much better than L1 and L2

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Costing me £55 each due to their clubs allowing them leave.  Yep, £55.



Not 100% sure where I'm training Fahey.  Might be out on the wing but Chance will be B2B.


Love being able to sign players like that due to our current intakes... :D

Out of this years intake, no one will make it here.


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The Wire



We need one point from one of our last two games to seal record points and Layton Stewart is now only 1 goal behind the top scorer after we just smashed Grimsby 5 - 1 for the title.

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A near loss to Salford where Michael Smith should had atleast a hat-trick.  Not sure what happened but thankfully we drew.  We turned it round and smashed 3 teams before a bore draw to end the month. 

What a season it's been though.  Record points.




Hope we can keep hold of him for our Championship campaign.

We've been amazing really.



Can we make it 107 points?  They're a good team tbf.


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(Not the Norwich win?)
(Potential bug, that's Viteks rating for his new club)



Love over-achieving



Help the finances.


League One Rewards:



This is a bug? 'Cause I won it.



Onto the window and it looks like another Rotherham player will be joining us for the Championship campaign :lol:

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Overachievers :cool:


Might be time to expand

Finances will be just fine, which is good because we have a big squad this year.  Every position has two players.  Using some of it qualify for my next badge.






Youth players needing experience.  James needs a year out playing.  Fahey and Chance the youth players i've recently signed are due to go out on loan also.


Frost wasn't needed with Ogbene coming in.  Ramsay wasn't really needed all season and El Mizouni wanted a new contract and kicked off when I said no so I listed him.  He didn't perform well enough.


Angus wasn't good enough for the Championship and Smith wanted a 2 year deal important player with 6k p/w.... wasn't happening.



Ogbene will be starting RM

Edmondson on a perm for cheap, lovely stuff.

Thompson will probably be starting LB, looks the business.

Sadler is a newgen who looks Micheal Smithesque.

Winter came for 0 wages to play backup striker.

Poole will be starting RB or rotation for when Cook is suspended

Cottrell still has potential to make a good midfielder.

Atkinson is to play rotation with Medley

Hamilton is a solid midfielder and there ain't many of them about.

Santiago is good young midfielder who can play B2B for me.

Layton Stewart has been a pain to get back but he's joining on a 6 month loan, hopefully I can get permantley at some point.


I mean I'm glad I have alot of players 'cause that is ALOTTTTT of games in August.  It'll tell if I need to strengthen anywhere(thinking maybe GK)



Bring on the Championship.

All I'm asking is to stay up.


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Gotta love FM, it's 4:30am and I've just shouted my head off. 

Our first game in the Championship.  93rd minute.  The substitues combine!  Cottrell who's on a sub swings in the corner.  It's knocked on by Layton Stewart who's on a sub and Rayan Clarke on also a sub fires home.

93rd minute winner in our first game.

I love this save too much :lol:


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What a start to the league.  We'll get to that cup game in a minute :lol:

You can see the QPR game above.  3 subs combine to get us 3 points, brilliant.

We were perhaps the better side away at Palace but Andone scored a beauty of a freekick.  Better late than never James Sadler headed in a long throw after 91 minutes, we proper deserved it. 

Bournemotuh was a cracking close game  10 minutes in and Ogbene gave us the lead and I'm like yes, we can do this!  Chris Mepham scored a header from a corner to equalise after 19 minutes.  Both teams had good spells of possession and it could have gone either way.  It's a cracking point.

And then I get this, huge blow really.  I do have cover though.


After the Crewe game we had to do better and we did just that.  What a mad game away at Stoke.  Charlie Goode got us off to a great start after 5 minutes and in the 7th Stewart doubled our lead and I'm dancing in my chair.  Tyrese Campbell headed in a cross to get Stoke back in it but Stewart puts us 3 - 1 up, lovely stuff.  45+4 though Ogbene fouls them, they take a simple pass and Almog makes a fool out of my defender and hits in, I was like COME ON LADS.  We go in at 3 - 2 but it ends up being 3 - 3 after Wilmnot heads in a corner and I'm like, HOW ARE YOU THROWING THIS LEAD AWAY, COME ON.  Glendon plays in Stewart with a great first touch to take it round the lunging defender to hit home for 4 - 3.  THEN GLENDON FOULS, IN THE BOX.  Penalty to Stoke.. Almog runs up and the Viking saves! :cool:.  We hold out for 4 - 3, what a win.

Norwich were battering us, 15 minutes we couldn't get out of our own half and then we did we break Lewis Travis decides to drop kick Clarke Odour for a straight red and we control the game.  James Sadler with a brace to see Norwich off.

This has to be the must frustrating game I've had on FM2021.  So, we scored in the first minute.  Hamilton shoots, hits the defender in the face and Stewart pokes him.  Long balls over and Swansea scored in the 12th and 13th minute.  Stewart equalises but then Ogbene plays a poor poor pass to Poole who is blamed for the goal.  It's Ogbenes fault, none of my previous right wingers would of made a pass back like that.  Thankfully he equalises and we go in 3 - 3.  We're the better side here and then we found ourself behind again, ball over, somehow onside and Sam Greenwood scores his hat-trick.  He ends up with 5 goals.  Edmondson as a sub manages to equalise and then Stewart misses a sitter and they counter where Greenwood puts it between the Vikings legs.  96th minute, corner comes in, its his on and Greenwood scores again.

Talk about clinical, they scored every shot they had on target...  The Viking Viktor Johansson went from hero to zero here.


Thankfully we continued the scoring but not the conceding against Luton.  Ogbene found Odour who hit his follow up chance into the net.  We got a soft penalty but I'm okay with that as Sadler uts it in.  He gets his brace in the 45th and hat-trick in the 52nd.  They score from a corner which is headed at the Viking which he flaps into his own net!  Good ball from Stewart founds sub Clarke on the left who hits off the woodwork and in to give us 5.


I expected to be in the relegation zone here, not battling it out with top teams that have players worth as much as our club.  Bournemouth for example have players worth 30 and 40mil each.


Sadler and Stewart are making a very fine partnership.


Maybe a future transfer here?


Carabao Cup



We were awful.  Hamilton has played well in the league but came on, missed a sitter and then made the mistake to let them score.  So frustrating.


We did a couple of more transfers.  Loaned 2 in and sold 1.




Jeffrey is a MC who can fill in at MR.  Replaces my outgoing MC.


Fevirer can play up and down both flanks, proper sort of player I need here with some of the injuries we have.





Wasn't good enough, looks good, doesn't perform and x4 his value is a very good sale price.

This is what we're up against.






Our finances are good and we have room to bring players in, just don't feel we can bring in anyone to strengthen.




Much quiter month, might make a friendly or two.  Only 4 are out on international duty, we gotta keep players fit.


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Newcastle will win this league.  I've never seen us in this save struggle to break a team down like Newcastle.  Their first goal came from David Brooks in the 31st minute and I tried my best to break them down and get an equaliser but in the 86th minute, Wilson-Esbrand on a sub makes a really bad pass to give Newcastle a 2 goal lead and then 2 minutes later they go 3 - 0 up.  They were just too good.

I expected the same vs Watford but they were either offside or heading every attempt over, not their best effort by a long shot and Layton Stewart got himself a brace to win us the game.

We were so good vs 'Boro.  They had 4 shots, 2 on target all game.  We got a lucky pen early on and Sadler put it away, Stewart with another brace put us 3 up and Boro had no answer to us.  Lovely.

I never expected this start, it's great.



Our strike partnership is doing very well.  Edmondson is struggling to get game time 'cause of it and he's the only striker who's actually a York player.


New Contract




See I think we can get 12 points in October, there aren't any difficult games here and November looks just as nice.  Hopefully we can keep this form going and get a few wins over the next two months.


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So close to perfect.  Carrying last months form into October and we were great at home to Donny.  Sadler got the goal just before half time, Clarke doubled and Sadler with his brace tripled.  We were even better against Barnsley, Stewart got himself a hat-trick, Medley got 1 and Sadler the other.  Barnsleys goalkeeper made so many mistakes.

Bristol City defended deep with alot of players.  Edmondson started as Sadler needed a rest and he couldn't get it going at all.  Sadler came in the 60th minute and headed in a winner.  They were so hard to break down.  When they attacked, we fouled.  7 yellows :lol::cool:.

And we took the lead vs Birmingham and they had their goalkeeper to thank we didn't score more.  Regan Poole was to easily beaten and let Birmingham equalise.  He was playing for the suspended Cook who's been quality.  When Pooles been injured Cook has cemented that RB spot.  We couldn't get it going again and Birmingham looked most likely to score, as they broke in the 92nd minute Medley fouled them and got himself a straight red.  Goode then gave a stupid penalty away with the Viking saved!  The corner following was put away by Tyler Walker so we didn't take a point home, frustrating. 

Ben Cottrell has been immense at DLP this month, easily my best performer there and staring making a great partnership with Santiago in the middle but he's out injured, going off against Bristol City and that didn't help vs Birmingham.  Aaron Jeffrey my loan MC isn't having much impact on games.

I've sent Sadler on holiday to rest, he's knackered from international duty so he'll miss the Charlton game.  They're 24th we should be able to play our other two strikers here and rest Sadler and Stewart.

We played a friendly again since I only have 4 players that go some sort of international duty so I want fringe players to stay fit.


Going strong still.



Sadler and Stewart are so decent together.



And I've managed to sort out Stewarts loan 'til the end of the season :cool:



I think we can get 12 points in November.


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9 points is good but we lost against the team we should be beating!

We were so poor vs Charlton, it took 60 minutes to do anything.  Goode gave away another penalty after 16 minutes, another silly push.  That's 2 in 2 games!  I started with Edmondson and Winter uptop and I'll never do that again, they had no impact.  I could have started Stewart and he came off the bench to bag us a late goal but it was already over.  We were poor to bottom of the league, probably the worst performance I've seen us play as York manager.

We main team were back and we dominated Brentford, it was amazing to see.  We were 2 up before they played some silky football to pull one back but we scored another 3.  Their goal was there only shot on target!

And then we play away from home again and are shocking.  xG says we were the better side, we lost Cottrell through injury half way into the game and I thought we'd equalised but thanks to their keepers positioning it found Clarke just offside.  Not good enough.  Shame we had to face Peterborough with their new manager taking charge of their first game, always seem to lose them games :lol:

We played very very well against Reading.  Their goalkeeper was saving everything until he saved he made the mistake for Stewart to score in the 35rd.  Only took 5 minutes more minutes for our 2nd and we played well to keep a clean sheet.

Finally an away win.  Bristol Rovers were difficult to break down but we were the better side and Cook played a very good ball but Stewart still had work to do, he burst down and slotted in for all 3 points.  Cook picked up an injury which is a huge blow, he's been great at RB.


Can we say we're in title contention?  Next month is more difficult.


Can't believe Celtic don't want to use Stewart, he's amazing.




And talking of strikers.  Sadler is a full international with a debut brace :cool:



Hopefully we can keep up some good form in December.  I'd be happy with 9 points here.


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Really happy with 12 points but it should have been 15.

It was 0 - 0 at half time vs Cardiff and we just came out in the 2nd half and annihilated them.  Ogbene got the first goal, Stewart the next two, Medley the next and Stewart with his hat-trick.  Lovely.

Huddersfield keeper must be a York fan.  He got us off to a flying start after he saved onto the post which hit him in the back to go in after 2 minutes.  We got a soft penalty which the 'keeper saved into his own net :lol:.  They pulled one back from a crackin' header but Stewart killed the game off.

We were 2 - 0 up against Wycombe and we battered them.  They absolutely robbed us.  Sadler got a brace within 10 minutes.  Stubbs pulled back in the 13th and they equalised just before half time.  We had chance after chance after chance with Wycombes goalkeeper pulling off great saves.  Last chance of the game, they have a freekick they punt into the box and Stubbs is free at the back to hit in.  This was me :mad::seagull:.

Thankfully we didn't let it get to us and we put in a solid display to take all 3 points at Forest.  Early pen put away by Cottrell, Che Adams equalised just 3 minutes later and Salder got this winner in the 33rd.

We took an early lead vs Bournemouth but they scored a minute after with some quality football.  We were the best thing first half and in the 54th minute they took the lead so I went to my attacking formation and it was a mistake.  I cost us the game.  It was left us too open so Delap got a brace and Kamil Jozwiak finished off the scoring.  We tried, we played well but their defense knew how to handle Stewart and Sadler.  Good side.

Most frustrating part of this league table is 4 out of 7 losses have been against the bottom 4! :seagull:



This is interesting, 'cause either striker could break the record, heck maybe even both.




Stewart with another award :cool:  3 York players were up for it! :D



FA Cup


Well, I'll take the money.. :lol:

Youth intake


Weird rumour, I'd never take the Arsenal job anyway :lol:



January will bring transfers.  Two are leaving, one has just said he wants a new contract, I accepted, he wants a 4 year contract at 7k a week... he must be mad. 


I'd be buzzin' with 3 points, maybe even 6.  Tough month.


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Crackin' month.

We took the lead against Palace but Andone again this season scored against us and we share the spoils.  Could have gone either way.

Brilliant against Swansea, proper revenge after our 4 - 6 loss earlier in the season and their manager blamed the ref after :lol:.  Layton Stewart with another brace and Sadler with the other.

Such a mad game against Norwich.  We took the lead early on through Medley heading in a corner, Rayan Clarke doubled.  Medley then scored the worst O.G I've had on FM2021.  Keeper kicked it out to him, he's gone to pass it back and he has... into his own net :seagull::lol:.  Stewart was a lovely finish makes it 3 - 1 but Norwich came out the 2nd half guns blazing.  Pull one back in the 47th and another in the 72nd.  Medley becomes the hero heading in the winner!  What a game :lol:.

Stoke was close.  Ogbene gave us the lead in the 44th and they equalised in the 55th.  Sadler scored in the 87th minute for the spoils.


Goal difference puts us top!



Layton Stewart is still on fire.



FA Cup


They had players out worth more than our entire club, couldn't expect anything different.




I was like, what? No, are you mad?  He's about to play against Swansea :lol:.  They came back with a different offer.



My youth Scottish RB signed for 125k on a punt moves a season for 7.5mil.  Madness.  Is he a premiership RB? Not in my opinion, no. 




Wilson-Esbrand isn't championship standard and he wanted more football so I cashed in.  Zouma exactly the same.  And Cook went on min. fee.


Newgen LM meaning Odour can fill in at LB if needed.  Williams can play RB and CB.  It means I've got the back 4 positions covered.

Williams was listed, still playing first team for them though so they fact he's gone out on loan seems odd.  Love how I've brought in a player from league one to fill on for us though :lol:

The Cook money will be used in the summer.  There were two good players very cheap that would have easily improved the squad but we couldn't get work permits for them.

Winger isn't much but the flair and pace might me take a punt.




Stoke making the biggest championship purchase.

We still have the lowest budget and we're top of the league :cool:



Let's see where we are after February though, especially with us playing Newcastle.


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What a start!  Smashing Luton.  Sadler hat-trick and Medley and Clarke getting one each.  Giving Newcastle an event game and we scored the goals to take the points thanks to Goode and Clarke.

Then it didn't go very well.

We were the better side against Watford and Clarke put us ahead in the 59th minute.  Shoya Nakajima has been able to cut in and hit a close shot in after 85 minutes.  We couldn't hold on when in reality we were the much better side.

Some players were rested for the 'Boro game and we went down to an early goal after Goode conceded a penalty.  Not much he could do as the player just threw himself to the ground looking for a penalty and the ref gave it.  Better late than never, full on attack mode, the new LW Alcaraz puts in an absolute beautiful of a ball for Layton Stewart to smash in to get a point.

Then it got worse against Doncaster, we bettered them but didn't make enough clear chances.  All it took was me to make a sub, that sub came in at LB, they crossed a ball in moments later to the LB spot who got beaten in the air got us to lose 1 - 0.  Talk about being punished for using my subs :lol:

Then we turned it back on and demolished Barnsley, could have been 5 but Cottrell had his penalty well saved.  Stewart scored after a lovely first touch with a ball over, he took down, rounded the keeper and hit in.  Sadler with a brace and Hamilton with 20 yard volley, that was different.

We're 2nd but could be easily top, come on lads.  We can do it!






So Sadler equals Stewart with 10 MotM awards.. which will break the record first?



Coaching Course


Keep the good times going.


I'd like to think we can get 12 points from March.  Every game from now 'til the end of the season is a game we can win.  Lets see if we can hit form.


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Class.  Absolute class.  What a month.

We had players out suspended and on holiday but Medley heading in after just 5 minutes gave us an early lead against Bristol City.  I've mentioned him alot recently and checking his stats he's had 8 league goals this season, nice.  Stewart doubled just after the break and then in the 63rd minute an absolute peach of a cross found El Ghazi to pull one back.  Alcaraz got his first York goal just minutes after to give us all 3 points.

We were good first half but just couldn't score.  Brought on some returning players and Sadler was amazing.  Got a brace and Medley got us our 3rd.  Meaning Sadler beat Stewart to current MOTM holder.  Anyone of them could still keep the record.


Oh, I also got this at some point in the month, pretty funny how many games we still had left :lol:


Charlton were decent, a bit more quality could have seen a draw and much higher xG.  Stewart put us ahead after just 5 minutes and a good strike from Ciaran Dickinson saw the game level again.  Sadler hit in a pen and Glendon hit a good strike to kill the game off.

Sadler headed one in and Glendon scored a beauty of a freekick to give us all 3 points away at Brentford, not the best football game.

And we battered Peterborough, was lovely.  Edmondson only scoring 2 so far this season was playing instead of the injured Sadler and got a hat-trick, great to see.  Cottrell scored a pen and they pulled one back in the 88th after I'd made subs.

Still top, all 3 teams in great form with only Newcastle dropping points when they lost 2 - 1 to Huddersfield.  I didn't realise how close Norwich were either.  Heck, you can't write Bournemouth off either.


This could be either Sadler or Stewart and I'd expect one will take Redshaws record.







Our last six games, every game is winnable.


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Even though we lost to Wycome, they were the better side.  Other teams have dropped points.  It's our title though thanks to that massive GD.


Norwich just battered Stoke 5 - 1 so we've won the league with two games to go :cool:

Newcastle really did lose form.



Looks like I need to spend some of that prem money on improving facilities.



Really good budget, try and find some cheap gems.  Shame I've got average players already demanding 20k a week contracts off me. I'll be shipping them out.



A 4 - 0 battering vs Cardiff at home finally let us lift the trophy :cool:




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Wasn't expecting this, they could have named it after me :lol:


Strikers were amazing.  Stewart steamed ahead for that golden boot.  No idea which will take the new most man of the match award.  Love how my long throw CB is 3rd in assists :lol:


Lots of awards:








What an amazing year.  No idea what the squad will look like come the season start.  I love some of these players but I can't pay some of them the insane money they want.

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6 hours ago, Carambau said:

Congratulations on a great season! Cant wait to see how York will do in the EPL! Good Luck mate  :)

Cheers man.  Having to scout abroad for youth at the moment since not many English players seem to want to join York :lol:.

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First, facilites are being upgraded


And thankfully our scouting range has been extended as we've been scouting alot.



This has been a really interested transfer window and PSG must be a fan of York since they listed a very good MC for just 400k that should really help us stay up.  We've been to many different countries looking for the right players and who can get a work permit.  An amazing 19 year old GK would be #1 here for years if he could have gotten a work permit which sadly he couldn't but we've signed some absolute quality for not alot of money.  If we went down, we'd be straight back up.



Glendon was released on the last day possible.  He would only stay for 20k a week and important player, wasn't happening.  Sondergaard wasn't good enough so he also released.


Poole and Thompson made too much noise over contracts and aren't Premiership players, more than happy to sell.  The bottom four are youth I've let go.



Bulka comes in to compete for the #1 spot with Viktor.  He has just been relegated with Metz so I hope that isn't a sign.



Right backs:

I have a massive soft spot for Olosunde both due to him being a great Rotherham player in real life and he was awesome in my Rotherham save.  He comes in to compete with Haji Mngoa for the RB spot.  Mgnoa is a player I've been wanting since we sold Cook in the winter window but Portsmouth wouldn't budge until the summer.




Ananou is in the same mould as Goode so on a free I couldn't turn it down.  Zambrano is solid, deteremind and at 18 only has potential to be a big star here.




I feel I have enough LB cover incase Cartagena cannot play but my starting LB at worst since he's slightly injury prone will be sold as a much higher price if things don't work out.



The right wing has a new recruit, needed to put pressure on Ogbene.


And we needed to bring in strength in the middle and with Mayasi who was the huge PSG purchase.  Wing who is in the same mould as Glendon and we needed a new corner/freekick taker.  Lopez who is a deteremind team player.  We've got a good mixture.





Well, if you've read this thread you know Layton and he's a York player officially.  My board hate me for how much wage I've given Gelhardt but if I can get him to improve I've seen this lad play for England on FM2021 so.



There are a couple of players who may still leave but we have cover for every position and the squad is looking strong.  Ogbene isn't happy but there isn't any interest in him and I'm happy for him to play backup for Woo-yeong.


I love seeing Rayan Clarke who I signed in my first season is still here playing!  Infact he was my FIRST signing, that's amazing :D

We do have a player joining us in January, PSG were interested and he looks superb for his age.  He's cost us 2mil.



This made me chuckle :D


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Even more transfers


Santiago and Ogbene made insane contract requests and I wasn't having it.  Both loaned out for the season and replaced far too easily.

Youth scottish MC for his 1mil min. fee with potential.


And for 725k our backup RB instead if Maurizio Pochettino.


Now this should be it.  Hopefully Odour or someone doesn't ruin it for us.

Our transfer budget is pretty much spent and not alot of wage left.  I'm hoping there won't be any more angry players with mental contract desires.


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Season kick off

Playing at the KCOM is good for our fans.... if you ignore the travel :lol:



I've had my assistant take charge of alot of friendlys to players to get fit and ready.


This is how we open and 3 points vs West Brom is vital because Liverpool, United and Spurs after? Damn man.

And we have to play on the Sunday vs United so we get no rest for our Carabao Cup game.  Harsh month.


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What a way to start :cool:



Ref gave it and thankfully he did.  We were the better team without a doubt but they scored a quality strike early on and a great counter late on.

Love to see Rayan Clarke score our first goal, he also scored our first Championship goal last year when we won in the 93rd minute :D


City also beat United 5 - 1 in their opening game, but who scored a hat-trick?



Damn, City have Joao Felix and Mbappe :eek:

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Really good month and it could have been better. 

The West Brom game is above.



We just took our chances.  4 shots on target, 3 goals.  Odour should have scored in the 90th minute to put us ahead aswell.  Their first goal came from a woeful pass from Medley so I'm really glad it fired us up.

And then Manchester United visited York.  They're just absolute class, Wing came on and scored a belter of a freekick but United were just, too good.  Cartagena conceding an early pen and it only 1 - 0 at half time.  Then they just went with direct and pacey play that tore us apart.

We were strong vs Spurs.  Sadler got our goal in the 30th minute and we were looking at all 3 points until again Cartagena gave away a pen in the 92nd minute for Spurs to equalise.  2 in 2 games for him, so I loaned in another LB incase he doesn't improve :lol:.

Table is looking good for us though.  It's a very good start.



Carabao Cup


Shock but we went through.  Next game will be tough.



Turns out it wasn't over.  I asked for some more money and they me alot!




As much as I liked Medley, that's alot of money and his league performances have been shocking.  Atkinson wasn't needed.




I wanted another striker and boy, he looks good.


My #1 defensive target all summer would finally come to York, another reason I let Medley go.


Needed a stronger left back to cover as it was currently Odour who's better on the wing with Medley and Atkinson both leaving.


Wage difference






Money money money. 199mil :eek:


Look at the difference :lol:


This team should have enough about us to stay up.  With de la Pava, Zambrano, Correa and soon Alvarez we may have some quality HG players if we stay up and they aren't poached.

15th and then two games vs teams we were competiting against last season, big games.  Brighton have won 1, Newcastle and Norwich haven't won.  Hope we can take advantage of that.


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Been a few days!  Been working alot but got a couple of days off so... some FM :lol::D


Ah yeah, Brighton made us look like a Championship side, they outclassed us in every area and we had no answer for it.  Gelhardt and new boy Correa started uptop, Gelhardt did manage to back one but he really should of had 3.

I changed it up against Norwich and they took an early lead through a great free kick but we went in level after Pochettino equalised in the 45+5th minute.  We came out the 2nd half much better, Clarke putting us ahead and Ananou getting his first York goal to put us 3 - 1 up.  Owusu found space to get one back for Norwich but we held on.  Fun fact, they had 2 shots on target and scored both!  The game decided there was a late dismissal and late winnerl which sealed the game but I guess the reporter wasn't watching us :lol:

Sadler and Stewart started and proved their worth.  Sadler got us off to a good start and Stewart put us 2 up.  A weird mix up at the back let Otavio scored for Newcastle before Stewart scored again.  Cole Palmer scored late on after being gited too much space in the box(dejavu) but we held on. 

Being the bottom teams in Norwich and Newcastle were huge.

The biggest problem is I don't know my first 11 yet, I really want de la Pava to a longterm CB but so far he's record a 5.9, 6.4 and 6.6.  I know he's new and young and his partnership with my other new youngster Zambrano will take time.

I can't even figure out my fullback spots.  My best so far seem to be Ananou playing RB instead of CB ahead of Mnoga who's been okay and Olosunde who hasn't

My left back spot seems to be Odours who's a winger.  Cartagena has been less than impressive and Taylor hasn't shown to be any better.

At the end of the day our average age is 23.  Davidson is the youngest at 17 and Wing the eldest at 30.  It's a whole new experience for the entire squad.  Some may have grown up at Premiership clubs but they weren't playing for the first team.

Still early though but we're 9th so.. can we finish the season now? :D



I mean we know how to score but that means we've conceded 17 already :lol:


Carabao Cup


Both of Southamptons first half goals came from freekicks into the box that we didn't defend, gotta do better.

Hopefully in October we can get atleast 6 points.  That would prove to be huge in staying up.


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Things weren't made easy when we started the month without Clarke.  He may have been with us since the start but he's our best LM until January.



Going into the Villa game we got this, there was only one thing to change and it's actually worked.


de la Pava gave away an early penalty vs West Ham, we got one to even it up but.. Sadler hit it straight at the goalkeeper, a statue would have saved it.  Thankfully Lewis Wing equalised with a freekick from the edge of the box.  I tried to change it slightly with some subs but we played worse and now the leagues top goalscorer Gokdeniz Bayrakdar who I've never heard of before and checking out looks very very good scored a brace to kill the game off.

So.. what did I change?  I dropped Bulka who I don't feel has done anything wrong and put Viktor back in for the Villa game.  It was awful to start with, both teams lacked any quality but a long throw found youngster Darren Davidson at the back post to hit in on his first league start.  Aaron Henry equalised through a perfect through ball to hit in, I thought he was offside but it was just that good just before the break.

I brought on Captain Goode and it saw Sadler got a brace to kill the game off, big three points.

So we started with Goode back in at CB, Viktor in net and former Leeds player Gelhardt in for Correa who has also had a poor start to like at York.  We weren't very good and their goal was soft, corner came in, headed at Viktor who palmed into his own net.  He was playing fine though, at the time Ryan Kent was the league top scorer and he had some quality freekicks and shots that tested Viktor.  I went absolutely attacking 2nd half, made subs and we put Leeds on the back foot throughout.  Two goals in 2 minutes sealed victory.  A superb ball from Olosunde found Sadler in the 83rd to put us ahead and the player to put one against his former team, Gelhardt got the winner in the 85th.  First shot was blocked but he absolutely smashed it into the back of the net on his 2nd attempt.

In some of the stats we're actually an okay team and West Brom now have the worst defense in the league.

Being 8th is incredible.


And two of our players were in the youth player of the month for it .


We go into November with no Olosunde, Mnoga will have to prove himself.



If we come out of November with any points, it'll be a job well done.  That's some tough games. 



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We played brilliant football vs Everton, one of the best I've seen us play since I started this save.  Pochettino getting us off to a crackin' start after 29 minutes.  Cottrell heads it down, Gelhardt flicks on and Poch finishes, lovely.  Gelhardt earlier in the game missed an absolute sitter but made up for it after a Yeboah type goal which had me shouting out loud.  A silly foul from Mnoga let Nicolas Pepe score from a freekick from the edge of the box but we were too good for Everton.

We tried vs Arsenal.  Partey scoring not one but two worldies through the game which was the different.  Walter Correa got his York goal from a brilliant solo effort and de la Pava his York goal from a header via a corner but Arsenal just had that extra skill today.

I gave Bulka the nod to start due to his height but he was poor vs City, the entire defence were, the only saving grace was we equalised and it makes it that we've scored in every Premiership game and conceded in every :lol:.  City were just too good.  Their 2nd goal came from a freekick, low into the box with their midfielder stud on his own, awful.  A counter let Vinicius Junior in and our defense and GK just, didn't do enough.

The Viking was back in net vs Wolves and proved his worth with a great low save to deny Neto to put Wolves up.  We played really well, Wolves had a spell in the 2nd half where they were ontop but Taylors low cross was found by Pochettino to drilled in to give us the winner.  Sadler scored our opener and Neto scored just 1 minute after. 

Somehow we're 6th!


And Sadler is creeping up the scoring charts.





And I had to really argue for them to upgrade my youth catergory.  We're a long long way of the standard I want here.



Not sure what to take from December, 12 possible points, maybe 9? Realistic 6?  We'll see.


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Ah, Leicester were a bit too good.  Felipe Felicio is their Vardy replacement and he just did the same job, found space, scored.  First time we've not scored in the league this season. 

Chelsea weren't anything special they were just solid.  Second half goals from Gravenberch and Martial and it was another game we didn't score.

But my my my, can't say that against Southampton.  Zambrano scoring after 3 minutes for his first York goal, Gelhardt scoring in the 29th and Stewart getting a brace off the Bench, superb performance.  AND WE KEPT A CLEAN SHEET :cool:

And we continued it against Sheff Utd, a soft penalty but we'll take it saw Cottrell score after just 2 minutes.  Ryan Clarke doubled after 18 and they had no reponse.  Ananou on a sub saw himself get sent off for a straight red in the 91st after a nasty challenge but it was too late.

Goode put us ahead against Burnley but McNeil equalised with an absolute worldy, Bulka had no chance.  Sadler put us ahead again and Correa finished the scoring.

Very happy with 9 points in December and it seems Bulka is the #1 goalkeeper.  Somehow we're 6th half way through the campaign.



Welsh Player of the Year


He wins both awards, all we need now is for Arsenal to sell him to us :lol:

FA Cup Draw


Should win this one.


Youth preview


Exactly why we need to put money into our facilities.


Which thankfully the Chairman is willing to do.





Alcarez will be moving onto Crystal Palace for 700k.

Clarke Odour was wanted and I noticed his contract was due to run out in the summer.  Even though he's just put in a man of the match performance against Burnley, he's moving to Cardiff for 1.5mil.

I expect more transfers to be happening.

January is a very busy month!  If we can get 7 points from it, I'll be very happy.


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Well, this is somewhat annoying considering I've just sold two left wingers.


I thought the game would take that into consideration considering how early on I'd put in for him, that's very very frustrating.

Phew, we've got him coming on a free in the summer instead.


And we've loaned in a player to replace Odour for the rest of the season until Alvarez arrives.


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Great start, poor end.

We were the better side vs Liverpool!  We took the lead twice but managed to equalise both times, good result to take a draw.

We saw that positivity in the West Brom game, Gelhardt coming in to replace the injured Sadler saw himself get a hat-trick, lovely.

We were the better side vs Manchester United according to xG!  Gelhardt could of had another hat-trick but their class showed and they stuck 3 past us where our forwards fired blanks.

They didn't vs Spurs though and Layton Stewart scored a 9 minute hat-trick and Correa getting a brace.  We were 4  - 0 up before Spurs even replied but they tried.  Scoring in the 56th and 95th but far too late for them.

We held on vs Norwich thanks to Bulka, Pochettino scored after just 3 minutes and de la Pava doubled our lead, Norwich pulled one back and we managed to hold on, just.

Newcastle, xG and clear cut chances we were better but we didn't put them away and they did, we ended up with 10 men through injury which didn't help but our defending was poor.  Especially how easy Bulka let their last in at the near post, frustrating end to the month which otherwise would have been superb.

We're still in 5th somehow and 4 points clear.  Looks like we may be getting a Europa spot.




All above, we missed out on our key target and that's it until the summer.



It shows how well this team are doing on a budget.  Bloody hell I didn't know the gap in wages was that big.


FA Cup




Awful, some huge chances missed and I think this game showed a couple of players that don't belong here and will be moving in the summer.  One of them is worth a bit too much money so if I can get his value I'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Job Interview Offer


Even if it wasn't a one team save, I'd never go to Spurs.

So we going into a very quiet February.  Hopefully beating Brighton who are in 18th.


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Went behind at Brighton, we missed a penalty and a few minutes later they scored a 20 yard belter.  Gelhardt got us back and then two late goals from Clarke and Lopez score us win.

Compared to the West Ham game, we played well and their goalkeeper Meslier was being rave dabout before the game and yeah, he was brilliant again.  I'd even say we were the better side but they scored some belters, including one in my opinon was a cross but the game felt it was a "great strike" but yeah, they scored, we missed too many chances.


Still 5th but West Ham are just behind.



6 points from March would be great.


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We started well against Villa.  Corner swung in, de la Pava flicks on and Estacio hits in for his first York goal.  Watkins equalised but Stewart late in the game and much deserved got us all 3 points.

Leeds first half was a bore draw, I made 3 subs and went attacking, not long after Gelhardt was injured so we had to play with 10 men and we hung on.

We were woeful against Everton, oh man we were bad.  They outplayed us for 90 minutes, no answer.

We had the chance to equalise against City with Stewart pouncing on a mistake at the back to... miss.  Then they battered us :lol:.

Can't complan too much, was a tough month but so is April.

We're somehow still 5th, just.  I think we'll finish about 10/11th with the games left to come.


The board were happy enough though.



So I asked to improve my badge.


And a plus for this month.



Our form is bad and this month is tough.  If we can get 3 points, I'll be happy.


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You can see the Wolves game above :seagull:

We had to change it up against Arsenal due to injuries and suspsensions.  It took 4 minutes for Boga to put the ball in the net, too easy to break out backline from a longball into the box.  Thankfully when I changed back to our normal formations we found a bit of something and Ryan Clarke equalised for us, deserved.

And then we were absolutely brilliant against Leciester!  Sadler put us up after 16 minutes, Mayasi smashed a rocket in after 26 minutes and Sadler finished his hat-trick in the 45th minute.  Morelos pulled one back and they attacked us 2nd half but we held on, both of us scored again but both offside.

Chelsea are top of the league for a reason, they absolutely battered us.  We were poor, only saving grace was Viktor.

7th but we have 3 very winnable games.  Hoping to secure 6th, heck even 7th is a huge achievement.


Our finances are absolutely great.




Youth intake



Best of the bunch, awful last name :lol:



Onto May, hoping for 6 points if not 9.

We're against 15th, 18th and 20th.  Burnley are already relegated.


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