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FM21 York City. VNLN to the Prem!

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After finally winning the Champions League with Rotherham United I decided it was time to move on to a new save.  I wanted to a challenge to start from Englands lowest available tier and to take a team all the way to winnning the Champions League.

Why York City?

Even though I have no connection to the club and live closer to AFC Flyde and only recognise two York players when loading up the save, I love the place.  I went for the first time 3 years ago and then straight back the year after, Covid ruined my visit last year.  It's a beautiful city, the horse racing track is good, the pubs are excellent, especially the Pivni and the Minster is an amazing place.   The football though, I wouldn't know but it's time to find out.


Do they have any history? 

Well, it turns out, they do.  I remember growing up when Jonathan Greeing was at Manchester United, he's Yorks record sale.  Back in the 70s they were in the second divison and they've about to move into a brand new stadium.  It's a club clearly way below where they're supposed to be, even back in 2013/2014 they were in League Two.  The sky is the limit and some of the players here show the ambition of the club.  They've won League Two before and held the FA Trophy twice.  Looks like I need to fill the cabinet in a little bit.

The Database:


Exactly the same as my Rotherham save, it suited there and it should suit again.

Manager Rep:


We're going in blind, low as can be.  I'm just a football manager fan being invited to manage a club.



I can see with the quality of the players and the fact they finished runner up last season that 1st is the aim.  Bootham Crescent won't be out stadium come October.

The players:


We have some great great players.  Jack Redshadw and Jake Citty are the two forwards I know and will fit my 4 - 4 - 2 tactic down to the ground.  We have a goalkeeper who could see us back into the football league in Harry Flatters.  We have vry solid fullbacks and midfielders to play roles.  We have 20k transfer budget and 1.2k wage budget.  I am looking for a MR but as I didn't notice when starting the save.


How little staff we have, so I need a scout and a coach.  Scout first though.




Exact formation I use for Rotherham and it may not work here but I want to give it a try.   This is different for me and not something I've tried in about 10 years.  I'm a bit out of my depth as it's easier starting a save with a club you know well.

First jobs.  Find a scout and a parent club.

Let's see if can get this York save cracking.





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Nice. I posted my York City save here some years ago too, think it was FM16 or so. It was a great ride. I remember I had a rather old and fat bloke in attack from the original roster but he defied all odds and scored and scored. I hope you have as much fun with your save :) good luck!

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13 hours ago, Carambau said:

Nice. I posted my York City save here some years ago too, think it was FM16 or so. It was a great ride. I remember I had a rather old and fat bloke in attack from the original roster but he defied all odds and scored and scored. I hope you have as much fun with your save :) good luck!

That has to be Jon Parkin :D.  I remember him playing for Fleetwood, getting abuse and still scoring goals.


9 hours ago, withnail316 said:

I'm at York as well, although it's a stepping stone for me rather than a one club save. Best of luck, man.

Cheers dude!  How's your save going?

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10 minutes ago, SpillBlood said:

Cheers dude!  How's your save going?

Early days yet mate, only half way through my first season. It's fun, though. 

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Started with alot of friendlys to generate income and fitness.  Turns out the club really does have some great versatile players and we should be looking at promotion this season.  Both games against higher reputable teams came as draws.  We were class vs Salford but Jack Redshaw picked up a bad injury which has seen him be out of action for 6 weeks and it changed the game.  We battered Raith but we couldn't put it in the net.  I've been impresed with Reon Potts introduction to the team in place of Redshaw and it's nice to know we have a striker who can make impact of the bench.


An unwelcome sight was seeing a first team MC out for so long.



So my two transfers have been a MC to replace McLaughlin.


And a LM to give Bunn competition since he can't play LM all season by himself, it's a place where we needed a backup.  Clarke could be with us for a couple of seasons.



I've brought in some staff, part of me feels maybe too many but it's something the club really needed.  Two coaches, two scouts and a head physio as our current physio was a bit poor.





Really good Physio for this league.



And there really wasn't many scouts and there was alot of competition from better clubs so I missed out on some better but these are the two I picked up.




And my opening game is...



Time to start the season :D



See how it goes.  Pre-season makes me feel we should see full green.

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We started off with a victory in the league, we looked good.  Then it was time to play at home.



Where we were by far the better team in our new ground.  Potts came on, equalised, missed a sitter and then Corey Bucalossi won all 3 points for Boston with a 25 yard screamer, gutting moment.

We turned it back on vs Curzon Ashton through Jake Cassidy and even though Brackley battered us first half, we dug deep and found goals through Newton and Cassidy to take all 3 points.  Not helped by the fact we lost a star player.


And then we played fierce rivals Darlington.   Redshaw and Cassidy aren't geling and they were the better team in the first half.  We dug deep, we attacked and Potts missed a glorious chance to take all 3 points home.

But it's there, at the back we're very solid.  We just need to take the goals we're scoring in the FA Cup into the league.


FA Cup Journey




Absolutely superb, especially away at Tamworth, we played them off the park and it great seeing what I expect from Redshaw at this level.  It's time to face a team in a higher league though.  I'd like to think we can win this one.


Try and get the lads to gel better and make November a green month.


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11 hours ago, SpillBlood said:

That has to be Jon Parkin :D.  I remember him playing for Fleetwood, getting abuse and still scoring goals.

Yes, that was the guy! Retired as a York City legend :)  


You seem to have picked up pace and scoring for fun right now! Keep it up :thup:

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What an amazing month, real character. 

To start in the FA Cup away on TV vs Solihull and put them many goals past a team in a league above us was amazing.  But we suffered a bad injury with has forced us into a different shape for the month, one that has worked.



The new formation has worked well.  We defend with 9 behind the ball, break well, we have a very good striker in Potts to win it in the air and Redshaw knows how to score.  Cassidy would fit well but he's also out injured.


Cassidy gave us an early lead against Gateshead but a cross over and Dean Ager headed in.  Kieran Kennedy put us back ahead in the second half via a corner and then Scott Barrrow powered in a freekick to give us all 3 points, was a crackin' hit.  We'd been the better side vs Leamington and I didn't see us scoring and up pops Akil Wright to hit in to give us all 3 points in the 86th minute, lovely.  We were 2nd at the time vs 3rd place Flyde and again, we didn't let them attack us properly and our goal came from Kennedy heading in a corner.  Chorley showed Redshaws class, putting us ahead in the first half and second a penalty in the second.  Liam Loughlan for Chorley scored an absolutely belter but we took all 3 points.  We played well vs Telford, Redshaw scoring, missing a penalty and Michael Woods scoring a beaut.  What a great month in the league.


Still feel we could do with scoring some more goals but our defending is brilliant.




If we can beat Kidderminster we put ourselves in a great position.



Our form gives me my first award.


And I'm winning the chairman over.


FA Cup



No shame in defeat.  I tried to go back to our 4 - 4 - 2 but Bolton were the better side.  Changed it at half time and we couldn't find a way through.  Good effort vs a strong team.

FA Trophy


A game we should win and a competition I'd like to get very far in.

Hopefully we can keep this form up and see another very green month.


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1 hour ago, withnail316 said:

A good, solid start. KUTGW. 👍

Cheers man.  What keeper are you using? Or did you bring in another?  My brother started this save aswell.  He's got a new goalkeeper and I'm using Flatters.  Pretty sure there's some players I could get rid of in January if interest to free up some serious wage.

Quite a fan of how much money this stadium is bringing in.  We're making a profit every month, it's lovely.

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2 minutes ago, SpillBlood said:

Cheers man.  What keeper are you using? Or did you bring in another?  My brother started this save aswell.  He's got a new goalkeeper and I'm using Flatters.  Pretty sure there's some players I could get rid of in January if interest to free up some serious wage.

Quite a fan of how much money this stadium is bringing in.  We're making a profit every month, it's lovely.

I've mostly used Jameson, but Flatters has had some game time, too. Agreed on the stadium, in my thread I've just mentioned the board have made a chunk of money available for me to make new signings as we have a decent lump in the bank now. Always a bonus. 

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Was such a frustrating start.  3 - 1 up from a Redshaw hat-trick and McLaughlin was sent off for a second yellow in the 54th minute and we crumbled.  Jack Hutchinson scored 4 past us, 3 in 7 minutes with one of those being a pen.  Worst part was one of his goals was clearly offside, no one was near him but he scored and Chester went home with the points.  With players back from injury we went back to our 4 - 4 - 2 formation and I thought the same was going to happen against Kidderminster, we were 2 - 0 up and cruising and in 3 minutes they'd scored from 2 corners but Cassidy came on, scored, Redshaw scored in the 93rd and Cassidy again in the 95th.  Lovely.  Southport we stopped them from attacking but we couldn't get into gear either.  Wollerton scoring the only goal.  We were great vs Hereford.  Cassidy scording two and Wollerton scording again.  They pulled one back in the 94th minute to deny Flatters a clean sheet.  With the Blyth game coming only two days later I swapped some players and Redshaw got us an early goal in the 18th minute.  We played well, they had two shots with one on target all game, we just couldn't find another goal.

We're nicely top.



Redshaw is trying to win top scorer now and I do rate Flatters.



Chester ruining our least conceded.



But we've now scored the most :cool:



Redshaw fully deserved POTM.



FA Trophy



Battering a team that's in the playoffs in the NL is awesome.


Rivals!  We gotta beat them.




Sure it's the same rules as my Rotherham save and I had zero issues with that.  I wonder how much it'll effect lower league.

Parent Club


Second time of asking we found someone who'd partner with us.  They have a good CB and a great striker willing to come but I don't really need a striker.  I'll probably bring in the CB for cover.





So we may have a good DM, AMC and Winger comin' through.  Sounds good to me.

Should be able to have a good January.  Not sure how it's going to work with players in and out but I do have some players on far too much wage that need to leave.


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Brilliant month.  We lost Redshaw but it didn't seem to bother the team as Bunn, Cassidy and Potts all scored against Guiseley.  I decided to bring in the loan striker Tyreece Simpson from Ipswich and he came off the bench to score on his debut against Alfreton.  Potts, Wollerton got the other two.  Wollerton again gave us the lead against Spennymoor with Cassidy scoring from the spot and Wright getting the other.  Redshaw came back and got a hat-trick vs Farsley with Simpson giving us the first goal and Bale, Redshaw and Brown gave us 3 goals in 3 minutes away at Gloucester.  We're playing brilliant. 

Still nice and clear.


Redshaw now has most goals, even with being out for 3 weeks.



Of course I sell my goalkeeper and my main gets injured.  I've brought in for backup, he's as good as Flatters.



I got another MOTM award.



And we're breaking records.




We're conceded one more than Chorley but we're flying high in every other stat.  We're 12 ahead of Gateshead in goals scored :D.



The two players I've brought in on loan from Ipswich




And they've both hit the ground running.  Simpson scoring 5 in 3 and Baggot playing 3 and getting MOTM in 1 of them.


FA Trophy


Deserved win against our rivals.  Cassidy is out for a month but we have cover with Simpson.

And we have Chester next, time for revenge :mad: after that 4 - 3 loss in early December.




We're making a profit every month so I asked for some budget (turns out I don't really need it since everyone is playing so well) and I mean, I got something.  I have 800 wage and 17k budget so I could bring in an alright player if there's one that looks like they'll be a star player.



Let's keep it going!


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Not a great month but we've been plagued by injuries uptop and it's like a revolving door who's able to play.  We didn't turn up against Kerrerting and even though Grant was rated 6.3 in net, there was nothing he could do about the brace Decarrey Sheriff scored again him.  We were't great against Bradford either and a draw was a fair result.  Happy we managed to get a win vs Boston, they made a mistake at the back and Redshaw put it 'cause he was our only striker and we had to play with a AMC.  Curzon Ashton won through a 90th minute penalty, we didn't play well again and they Redshaw got himself a brace vs Brackley before he went off injured. 


We're still ahead but 10 points is down to 5.


And we've scord the most, ahead by 5 goals and we're joint when it comes to fewest conceded.



FA Trophy




Gutted to be out, we absolutely battered them.  Potts missed an absolute sitter to put us back ahead and we lost on penaltys, didn't deserve this but we gotta put the ball in the net when Redshaw isn't about.


We have to do better in March.


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We started off so well.  Cassidy getting a brace and Clarke scoring his first senior goal.  Simpson and Potts getting the goals agains Telford.  Gateheads game could have gone either way, it was so tight.  We scored via Simpson in the 25th, Clarke in the 29th and they pulled one back through a penalty in the 65th minute.  Luckily we got a penalty in the 94th minute because they scored in the 95th.  We take the 3 points.  We battered Leamington with no reward, we did score but it was offside.  I have no idea how, to me in a perfectly good goal and I've been scammed.  It's awful to lose the Chorley game but I was without my CB pairing, one was suspended and one was on international duty, yep, seriously.



We took an early lead and they equalised after the half hour mark.  Scott Barrow drilled one in just before half time to give us the lead.  Bad defending let Lewis Reily get a brace and give Chorley all 3 points.  One should have been offside if Kennedy had moved where he was supposed to and another was an absolute shambolic attempt at a headed interception from Newton, couldn't believe my eyes when such a simple pass and shot drew them level.


We're still ahead by 6 but we're dropping too many points.



We're still doing very well in stats.




Redshaw, Cassidy, Duckworth, Tinkler and Clarke will all be staying for another season.  Bunn sadly is pricing me out right now and Flatters could potential be replaced and the only contract he'll sign is for first-choice goalkeeper.

We're finally found a head scout to hire.

I'll also be here next year :D



Initially they rejected my coaching badge request because it'll lure other teams but I persuaded them and they'll "take the risk".  Don't worry, I ain't going unless I get sacked.


I'm just hoping if we finish first that some of this lovely money will be going into the squad.



Right, let's get a green month in April. 


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Brilliant month.  Type of month that will crown us champions :cool:.  Tyreece Simpson has been on fire.  Getting a brace against Flyde and we'd scored 5 by the time they got their 1st which came in the 87th minute.  My CB pairing were back at full force and repaid me as they got a goal each vs Southport.  Duckworth got us off to a good start away at Kidderminster and Redshaw put us 2 up before they pulled one back.  We scored another 2 before they pulled another back and Rayan Clarke killed the game off with our 5th, lovely.  Playing away at Chester was tough, xG had us at 1.75, we both scored offside goals but Chester missed the best chance of the game.  Draw was fair.  We went back to our winning ways with Simpson, Baggott and Redshaw all scoring in the first half.  Sadly there was no clean sheet was Lenell John-Lewis scored in the 93rd minute for Hereford.  We were strong vs Guiseley with Clarke, Duckworth and Simpson getting on the scoresheet.


Chorley very much crumbled, 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.



Playing some good football.



And scoring goals :cool:



He's been a great loan, hopefully I can keep both my loan signings for next season if they don't get released by their club.



Another award for me




Even with some new contracts given our I didn't offer them much more wage then they were currently earning so I'm somehow over my wage budget by nearly 2k and they're refusing to increase because it'll be looked at soon. 



Youth income


Three okay players.  Only Michael James I think will make it here.  Garry Wilkins could be a squad player and Yasser Ochoa is a straight up ball winner and I can't see making it here.

My favourite of the lot being trained at MC.




Being trained at LM and needs his pace improving.  Some great mental stats.  Could be used uptop if he could head the ball.



I don't think he'll make the grade. 



Last lot of games.  Can we break 100 points?  Sadly the max we could get is 103 and the record is at 107. 


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Then I got this through, this is mad money.  How good a team can we build!?



We were ahead against Blyth until the 92nd minute where they equalised, I saw it comin', they kept going I couldn't stop it.  Brown was sent off after one minute against Alfreton so yeah, it was game over then, we had no answer.  Back wirh 11 players on the pitch we played very well against Spennymoor.  Redshaw getting a brace and Clarke getting one.  We didn't play well vs Farsley, we went ahead via a penalty and they equalised in the 73rd minute.  Thankfully me shouting at the lads saw Clarke put in Redshaws cross to give us all 3 points.   We contiuned it into the Kettering game where Baggott got us off to a good start.  Redshaw scored a pen and Bunn finished them off.  Gloucester matched us throughout, for a team bottom and that have actually been relegated, they looked good.  Their goal was an absolute crackin' hit. 

I've bid for both Baggott and Simpson to stay on loan but they've both declined.  Give it a few weeks and maybe they'll change their mind.


Would have liked to break 100 points but promotion and clear by 11 point is fine.


Team stats look great.


Redshaw missed the top goalscorer but Flatters got the most clean sheets.  Still not sure if keeping.



End of Season









It's going to be great to see what sort of business we do in the summer with the huge budget!

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4 minutes ago, withnail316 said:

That's a huge budget! Congratulations on promotion, man. 

With the amount of players i'm releasing i'm glad I have it :lol:.  I don't plan on spending money on many players but the odd 10k or something I'm fine with.  Alot of players want too much money for their ability so it's going to be like a revolving door.

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Friendlys have been brilliant.  We were 1 - 0 down at half time to Dundee, I subbed a few and they came on and battered them.  I found a striker from the, bid and he wouldn't come to us.  Sadly Livingston decided they'd have him instead and got him on cheaper wages I was offering :(.  We've looked fantasic whatever teams I've played and it's given me a proper selection headache.  Even Ipswich had some first team players out, former loanees of mine and some very good youth that would walk into my team yet we were the better side.  I've tried to take advantage of finances with every game being at home.


We have alot of money.  Still 7k left in the wage budget and 15k spent of my transfer budget spent.  The money is there for some of the players that aren't wanted by anyone that would be huge for York to sign.  I'm keeping an eye on them.  A supporting striker would be huge for us.



I released alot of the club.  They wanted too much money or weren't good enough.  Players such as Bale, Newton, Wollertson, Wright didn't perform amazing but could have stayed if t hey didn't want so much money.


Compared to plays in i've signed 4 on 1k+ a week.  One is a massive risk, one will be first team and is a massive prospect.  Heck one is only a squad player but is very versatile and the other is a massive singing for me. He'll own that midfield.  I was able to get better players on cheap wages.





Every position has two players with Jordan Keane being cover at CM and CB.  It's a team now where everyone has the ability to put pressure on an underperforming player.




Both good enough to be first team.  Bonney is a great sweeper keeper but lacks with his 7 aerial reach.  Flatters was offered a new contract 'cause how well he performed last season.



Arthur and Jones will play a RCB.  Stott and Harbottle at LCB.  Wyatt is first LB and Hunt backup.  Duckworth will be at RB this year with Tinkler at backup.

Lloyd Jones is the risk.  1.5k a week but he's played at a much higher level than this.  Liverpool youth and he's been loaned out to League One and Two teams.  I think he'll be a solid player.  He's been very good pre-season.






Dunne has been great in pre-season.  Brought in due to experience at playing at a higher level I expected him to play backup to Stirk but he's probably going to start.  Bunn and Clarke stay at LM.  Glendon and Donawa are the interesting ones.


I mean he's pure quality, will be my DLP and can play B2B if need be.  Star player. 


This is the highest player Donawa has played at and Solihull only gave him 6 games.  Look at pace.  I think he'll suprise the league.  If not, Burey I've got in on loan isn't exactly half bad either.



Only one new striker.  18, 1k a week, scouts love him.  Pre-season he's been on fire and he has POTENTIAL.  He doesn't look all that but 6 in 6 in pre-season we may have got ourselves a player who will be with us for a few seasons if he can improve.


Unless I can bring in someone who's head and shoulders above my players I'll keep the good finances going.  There are honestly some incredible players without a club.  I don't have the rep nor does the club to get them here or even we can offer them the wages.





I've revamped the backroom so we have better scouts, physio and training.  Even paid a few k to bring in McCabe and Tompos.  We have some good players and good youth, I need the staff here to help them make it.


Time to start the season, I have no idea how it'll go.  Chesterfield have some great players and I'm sure Hartlepool will give us a challenge.  Southend are usually at a higher level than this.  This is going to be fun.  I always back my lads to do well.


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We've been absolutely class.  Glendon got us off to a season start with a rocket of a hit.  Russ doubled out lead and Cassidy hit in a pen.  Bunn finished off the scoring, class.  Solihull felt over in 7 mins after Bunn and Donawa scored.  Russ finished it up in the 28th minute.  Chesterfield we were the much better side just not getting the ball in the net, thankfully a great ball from Donawa found Cassidy early on to hit in.  Maidenhead came off a great victory and I used a different side that uh, dominated them.  Will Russ scoring a hat-trick and missed a pen.  Cassidy, Strik and Potts all scoring the other goals, amazing.  Woking took an early lead but Will Russ got a brace to give us all 3 points.  Again we found ourselves behind early on but Cassidy equalised in the 10th minute.  Ofosu punished Tinklers awful pass and we just couldn't score.  Redshaw comin' on as a sub for Russ put in a brace to give us all 3 points.

What a start.




Young Player and Manager of the Month.




I asked for improve my badges and they declined!



I said are you sure?  And they said okay you can have it, easiest conversation ever.



Let's keep it going :cool:


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September and October

So my area lost Virgin services for quite a few hours so I couldn't take any Gyazo pictures or post any updates.  So we've played two months of football, I've signed a new contract with the club until the end of 2023 already due to performance in the league and yeah, it's going well.


I mean, amazing for the amount of wins.  Harrogate we frustrating 'cause Bunn could of had a hat-trick.  Our loss was fair, we didn't put the ball in the net.  Stott lost the ball and they counted for their first goal and their second was an absolute belter.  Stott was the player who got our goal vs Barney to equalise though, we didn't play well.


Performance overall is amazing though.  The stats will show this.  January I'll be looking for a different RW to Burey unless his attitude improves, always underperforms in training, doesn't give it all in matches.  He is backup to Donawa but Donawa gets called up to play for Bermuda so I need cover.  We need a proper quality striker to play with Russ.  Russ can have bad games but he's still young, Potts is doing alright as he's replaced the injured Cassidy and Redshaw needs replacing.

Still have space for a key Goalkeeper also.

I wasn't able to get a screenshot of the new contract, all I have is this :lol:



I also won Manager of the Month again in September :cool: but due to our performance in October, I didn't make top 3.


Still 8 points clear.



FA Cup


This was not as clear as it shows.  We were awful and thankfully my old Rotherham full out attack tactic and some subs got us the win.  That could have been bad.

We've beaten Wrexham already this season, hopefully we can again.


Right, onto November and lets keep it going.


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Good and bad.  Great result away at Torquay who have some quality players but my strikers were very poor in the next two games.  Redshaw mising a penalty against Dover and then Cassidy and Potts both registering 6.1 and 6.3 against Chorley.  I am crying out for a striker with a bit of flair.  I thought we'd messed it up against Halifax but after going down to an early goal by left side destroyed them.  My backup LB who can play LM had to fill in there due to injuries and he got our equaliser, nearly got a 2nd, my LB put us ahead, Redshaw scored the 3rd and Jones got our 4th.   Russ hasn't scored in 6 games.

Thankfully Southend have dropped form also so we still sit 8 points clear with a game in hand on them.


Just need a striker :(:lol:


FA Cup



Deserved draw!  Potts hits the post, it hits back off Wrexhams goalkeeper into the net :lol:


Deserved victory in the away fixture.


And then a solid performance vs a League Two side.



This will be a good match.  Their doing poorly in the Championship, can we get a shock result?


FA Trophy


It does love drawing us against our rivals.  Let's go!


On any transfer news Clark Robertson still has no interest though no club has any interest in him.  Nathan Broadhead still won't come but Adam Thompson is interested.

Former Miller.  Played in League One and Two for a number of seasons and will be my best CB.  He easily has the ability to stay here for a League 2 campaign.  Do I take the chance?


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20 shots, 11 on target vs 3 shots, 1 on target.  0 - 0.  I was crying for a player to put one of the chances in.  Thankfully we managed to do that against Yeovil and took the 3 points.  Solihull scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to get all 3 points.  It came from nothing, not much I could do.  We played well against Chesterfield though and took all 3 points home.    We had a match cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch so I played a friendly to keep players fit.

We're top by 10 and a game in hand.




FA Trophy


We beat our rivals :cool: and we should beat Chippenham who we play next.




I signed Thompson and Otah on frees, hopefully add a bit of quality to the team.  Though our defense is our strongest position, a player like Thompson I can't turn down.  They've both started poorly but they've not been match fit.  Oteh put both goals in against Brighouse and hoping he can take that into the huge game we have next vs Doncaster.


Our CM on loan from Birmingham is wanted by 5 league one clubs!  So I've put a bid in for 25k it's been accepted and hoping he signs for us.



Just keep grinding way those points.  Not ruling out some transfers either.


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Not a good month in eyes.  Oteh has been brilliant.  Thompson has potentially been the worst signing i've made on FM2021.  He has to improve.  We were actually 4 - 1 up against Woking and it was close to being 4 - 4.  Thompson just got caught out too many times.  How we only drew to Dagenham I don't know.  Oteh scored a brace but a low cross in hit Festus Arthur for an O.G.  We were better against Maidenhead but again they scored an early goal and we managed to get 3 back.  We seem to like to concede early to fire ourselves up :lol:.  Hartlepool battered us, we managed to pull it back to 4 - 3, Thompson hit the bar and then Flatters made a big mistake to give them their 5th.  We didn't put our chances away against Eastleigh and to be fair it was an even game.  We just gotta book our ideas up if we want to win the league.  First thing for me, drop Thompson.  We didn't concede a single league goal in December and we've conceded 12 in January with only one change...

Still, ahead by 8.




Told you Oteh was good :cool:



FA Cup


No shame in defeat, we played well.  I had no idea Joe Gelhardt was on loan at Donny from Leeds.  He's an amazing player on my Rotherham save.

FA Trophy


I went with a different formation to rest players and we were terrible, I had to change it and we lucked out.  Not good.


Hard match next.



Robbins and Burey have gone back, they weren't good enough.  Kirk has signed on a permanent deal.  I do need a GK but I don't want to change much yet, I believe we can get promoted and bring in better players.  I've just brought in this loan player to cover positions.


Gotta do better in Feb.


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WHAT A MONTH.  Great spirit from the lads to hit this form.  The amount of sheer world class strikes we've conceded is mental and that's exactly what happened against Sutton.  We were great and battered them, all it took was a 30 yarder for us to concede and thankfully in the 93rd minute Potts put us back ahead.  Ebbsfleet was another mad game, we were 4 - 1 up and they just attacked us and they scored, brilliabnt from them.  Robbie Tinkler took one for the team in the 93rd minute and was sent off but they weren't exactly in an attacking position, it was a bad tackle.  We were solid against Bromley and Oteh got the goal to give us the 3 points.  Oteh had a slight knock for the Wrexham came so Russ and Potts lead the line and got a goal each, awesome.  Thompson must of heard me somehow because he's been alot better.  Play him on the left of Jones and then Athur and Stott together and they're two great CB pairings.

Hartlepool aren't giving up though, they're still only 10 behind if they win their game in hand.



Great stats.



Awards for myself and Potts :D





FA Trophy


It took till extra time but a win is a win.

And we were much better against Chesterfield.


We don't know who face yet though.



Alot of games coming up in March, let's keep it going :cool:


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We could have wrapped up the title but we've been so unlucky.  Dulwich Hamlet have the leagues top scorer/performaner and he showed it.  He only needed two chances to put two past us even though we played well.  We got back to our normal game against Harrogate and smashed Boreham Wood.  We battered Aldershot, we played so well but it was like there was glass in the net and everything bounced out or hit the woodwork, crazy what I was watching.  We found our scoring ways again against Barnet and same again King's Lynn, played well, we just couldn't finish them game off.


We only need one point to win the league.



Funny really.  I'm not happy we've only scored 87 goals which is 18 more than Dulwich Hamlet.  I know just know how well we can play.


FA Trophy



I thought well, I can rest some players, we smashed them in the first leg, we weren't very good in the 2nd!


But we're through!


Time to win the title.  Wonder why the FA Trophy so far after the season end?


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We fired a blank!


One goal would have beaten the record.


Oh don't get me wrong, what a season, never expected to walk it that badly.  Oteh really did add another dimension to the team, 11 goals and 10 assists in 20 games, quality.



We broke some records though





Brilliant season, just need to top it off with a cup win.

Youth intake



I was like ohhhh, winger! Then I read "left only" gutted.  Still could become a good footballer.



I do like the look of this RB, he may play some part here.



Right, now to wait 3 weeks for a cup final, wonder if we can get some friendlys in for fitness.

Aww, that's nice of the board.





I just was looking at the two players I wanted, both still out of contract and one is willing to come now.  Huge CB for our League Two campaign and I noticed our budget, it's mental!

Bloody heck we can get some quality in here.


Oh yeah, as a Miller, seeing this boyo on a free willing to come for 1.5k a week is a no brainer.  His physical stats have declined but I'm sure he'll be one of the best CBs in the league.


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FA Trophy Final



3rd in league vs 1st.  They had the most clean sheets.  Can we outscore them?

First half:


24th minute:  Finally a proper shot, Tinkler crosses and it forces a good save from Oxley to deny Clarke and Southend clear.

33rd minute: It's 1 - 0 to Southend.  Olleys corner is headed in by Jack Lee. 

We're so nervous, this isn't like us.

It's 1 - 1!  Oh wait, offside.  How are you stud offside on the freekick Russ!

We go in behind.  Stirk is coming off for Bunn. 


Second half:

57th minute:  2 - 0 again, corner and Jack Lee heads in.

I'm subbing Oteh for Potts and going full on attack.

61st minute:  Oxley pulls a good save to deny Glendons freekick.

66th minute: Tinklers cross is headed way over by Clarke.

81st minute:  Glendons freekick is wide.

82nd minute:  Freak goal and we're back in it !  Freekick in, everyone misses, hits the post, Olley tries to clear but it hits Thompson into the open net.  CAN WE EQUALISE!?  Bringing Hunt on for Clarke and moving him into midfield which he's scored from and Bunn outwide.  8 minutes of normal time left.


83rd minute:  Glendon hits one from just outside the area but it hits the post!

It's over.  Southend win.  Only myself to blame for the starting selection.  I should have started Dunne over Stark but my players looked so nervous.



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Well, we're about to start the season and this is how big my squad is, I've been sniped to so many decent players.  Got a couple coming in on loan.  Somehow I've ended up getting Angus MacDonald in which is massive since he should be in league one.

I need a LB, CM, RM, 2 strikers, potentially another GK.  This isn't as easy as last season!


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That's how we started the season.  Absolutely gutted.  I was ready to just quit the save. 

But we've had a crackin' start, we've got some good players in and I think we can challenge for the title(Yeah, seriously).



We were brilliant against Notts County.  Ipswich equalised in the 93rd minute from a quick free kick.  Great vs Bradford, even better vs Newport and we were the better team away at Northampton, it's been great to watch.



Russ has been scoring for himself and Oteh



He's got 5 in 5 and curret top league scorer.


Fans are flocking to see us aswell, we might need an expansion.


We've turned into a big club also :cool::lol:


I rejected it, I have enough cover now to play the match.

Carabao Cup


Good win vs a fellow league 2 club.


And we gave Norwich a good battle until our red card.  Still, a good opportunity for the lads.




I don't care about this tournament at all.  I'm using it for fitness and even though we played okay.  We lost out in our first game.




Yep, we needed players.



Bunn wasn't happy that I sold Harbottle who had no future here and he wasn't good enough for the LM slot now anyway.  Flatters and Bonney both weren't cut out for this level and Stirk was awful after I signed him.  Only Potts/Duckworth I could have kept, rest needed to move on.


Thankfully Kayode would come and he's my Oteh cover. 

Morton and Turner are ex-prem youth who can become good.

All loans are good enough to be atleast squad players.

Eaves, Adomah and Smith came in because I needed players.  Smith is far too good for this level, same with MacDonald.  Eaves and Smith are on 3k a week but should be good enough to compete for first team, Adomah is cover.  Those three are all on 1 year contracts just incase.

With Tiensia and Rushesha we may have the best back 4 in the league, seriously.  Vitek is also a great potential GK and I'm using his first team.



We have a very good team.



Time to kick on and see if we can push for promotion this season.


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We just edged the Salford game but we couldn't score, a draw isn't a bad result though.  We were the better side vs Swindon again we couldn't score, when we went 1 - 0 down I went attacking and conceded again, a bad day.  Thomspon gave us the lead against Wimbledon and I'm glad Russ scored in the 93rd minute as Wimbledon scored in the 94th!  We took the 3 points home.  Thomspon got the first goal again vs Mansfield and Marcelo Flores got a brace, he looked brilliant.  Will be the answer to replace Oteh?


Sadly we've lost our best CB for a month.



The league table is mad, 1 game can drop you so many places down.



And some good news.




Alot of games to come in October, I think that'll open the table up more.


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Same injury as Oteh.  We've no luck.



We were the better side against Oldham but a late header from a corner only let us draw, we gotta see games out.  We were brilliant vs Tranmere though.  We stole it against Plymouth, second best but we took the points home!  Crawley game was a bit, boring? Nothing from either side.  We battered Cambridge but another long shot that flew in and a follow up 3 minutes later vs our side not able to put the ball in the net we were gonna struggle.  xG doesn't matter when we can't score the chances we have and we have plenty.  Robertson pulled one back when we had 10 men when Tiensia was sent off for a second yellow but we really are missing Oteh.  Eaves and Kayode aren't the answer sadly.   Robertson scored our goal to grind a result out against Barrow who only had 1 shot all game.  Morecambe took all 3 points against us in a very close game. 


It's Swindon who sit on top.





We'd need a result against Rotherham to see us through.



We gotta do better. 


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What a month!  What a start!  3 - 0 up in the first half and we were 5 - 0 up before they pulled a goal back.  Fantastic!  A solid performance and a goal from deserved goal from Rayan Clarke saw us take all 3 points away at Carlisle.  We went behind to Stevenage and then saw us score 4 past them!  Kayode getting his first York leaguw goal and Girugi getting a brace.  Such a shame I missed out on his transfer and had to settle for a loan, he's been great.  We were really good vs Port Vale and cruising 3 - 0, I made some subs and it fell apart!  Luckily they only got 3 goals so we got all 3 points!

We're top on GD! 








Really good game against the side top of League One.  Sadlier was amazing and the difference 'cause were probably the better team.  It means we're out and good, it's a waste of time.


FA Cup

Now for a cup I actually care about.



And then this is a big game, hopefully brings in some money.



This is an amazing signing from a player who was top goalscorer in the Championship on my Rotherham save.  He's been without a club since the summer and to be able to pick him up is such a steal.  He only wanted to come 'til the end of the season but I offered a year ontop of that. 


Welcome Smudge.




Hopefully keep the league form going.


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We kept our form going with a great win over Exeter and took that into the Rochdale game.  Michael Smith scored a great goal to give us the win.  Somehow we couldn't put the ball in the net against Bolton so it was frustrating match to watch.  Same with Notts County we just lost our mojo.  We took an early lead against Newport and then two crosses in the box saw them score in the 8th and 10th minute.  We went attacking and they scored again, not good enough.  Angus MacDonald has been out injured and we're missing him at the back.

We're now 2nd with a game in hand.



FA Cup


We looked brilliant!  Their first goal was a mistake by Robertson as he let the ball bounce over his head where Deeney said thank you very much but Nkunku and Bayo both scored absolute piledrivers that I can't complain about at all.


We gotta do better in January and I'm not sure what can happen on the transfer front, we'd need players to leave first.


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This has been a great month.  Michael Smith has lifted the team and is playing out of his skin.  He got a brace vs Northampton, one vs Bradford and then when we were down to 10 men vs Ipswich, won the penalty and put it away.  Proper player.  We defended so well towards the end to keep Ipswich out.  Salford game was even, we cancelled each other out.  Angus has tackled their player the balls rolled to James Wilson to score in the 91st minute, was just unlucky.  I did rage list both youngsters Tyler Morton and Olli Turner because how poor they play.  They're young with potential.  Both of them playing 15+ games each and have an avg of 6.5 isn't good enough.  They'd played their last York game for me after that.  We then beat league leaders Swindon to go top.  They were the better side but we were resillient.  We were the much betetr side vs Mansfield wejust couldn't put it in the net, well we did but it was offside, after that we drew a blank.

We're 2nd with a game in hand.  Still good competition for first place.



He's scored 8 in 12, assisted 1 and 2 MOM since his arrival and he's the League 2 POTM.





My 5th CB on too much wage that had played 1 game all season so I cashed in.  We pretty happy someone had interest.  Selling Oteh sucked but after his injury and with Smith in I don't need him on 2k a week so I cashed in.  Morton and Turner thankfully had interest in them after time, they were never going to make it here.  They can't kick a football properly for one.  Eaves was due back, 3k a week and 5th striker, didn't need anymore.


Norburn covers the B2B role. He's been playing in league one for a few years so he's experienced. Diskerud coves the DLP role.  He's been playing in MLS, Norway, Sweden, South Korea.  Very experienced player.  Both of these are only signed 'til the end of the season.  Norburn could potentially kept another year.  A player my scouts loved at Ipswich had clubs bidding for him and I'd just made money from selling players so I thought why not.  Looks good for my midfield.  Potentially make a profit from him if he does well.  We really needed new blood in the MC slots so this could be a huge boost for us.




Alot of games we should be winning in Feb.  Let's hope we can do it!


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Started bad and recovered.  Wimbledon was so unlucky!  They got a late pen that was never a pen!  Good tackle.  VAR would have never given it.  Oldham game was frustrating.  LOOK AT THIS.


How we didn't get 3 points I'll never know and then we just let easy goals in vs Tranmeere.  Folivi was too good for us.  I threw the water bottle after the game.  It lasted 'til the 100th minute.  92nd and 96th minute they had injuries and we didn't take advantage of the extra man.


It worked though.  Glendon scoring and creating in a superb display vs Plymouth to give us all 3 points.

And we've been so lucky.  Cambridge battered us yet we won thanks to an early penalty that Smith put away.  Smith came off the bench to score a pen and a last minute winner vs Crawley who we did batter and I went mad when we conceded and a great strike from Will Russ gave us a win against Barrow.

This late run actually puts us top.  Swindon and Ipswich have a game to play still but it's nice to see other teams slip up.



Weirdly quiet month in March.  Not sure why we have a two week break?  Might need a friendly or two.


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Strange month.  Stevenage got postponed because I had a boat load of players out for international. 


And I'm the likes of Flores got called up so I needed to postpone.

We looked really good vs Hartlepool.  Russ getting our opener in the 53rd minute and Flores scoring off the bench to end the game in the 86th.  We played really well vs Morecambe.  Took the lead through Rayan Clarke as he put away an early penalty.  MacDonald put us 2 up.  We let Songo'o free at the near post from a freekick to hit in.  Smith on a sub hit it from 30 yards into an open net to put us 3 - 1 up after a bad kick from their keeper.  Benyu headed in for Morecambe from another freekick and Russ pus us back 2 up in the 91st.


Both his important goals wins him young player.



And we're still top by 2 with a game in hand.  I think we can say we're promoted but I'd like to win it.  Winning 3 leagues in a row would be beautiful.


6 games to play.  Bottom of the league to start with.  It's against those sort of teams we struggle.  Hope we can get on a high and win the league.


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What a month.  Michael Smith has been on fire.  19 in 26 games, 2nd top goalscorer in the league, didn't join until November.  Amazing.  7 in 6 and not even Player of the Month.  Vitek is solid in net and a Championship club are interested in him.






League One is a massive step up.  Clubs have players worth in the millions.  Let's see what the summer has to bring.


Forgot to put about my intake.  Next the best this season at all sadly.  Don't think any will make it here.


Edited by SpillBlood
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Recruitment has been very difficult.  I don't have the badges, we as a club don't seem to have the pull to get league one players in.  We have one player who is far above our level and I doubt he'll be here long before his 2mil min.fee is activated.




I wanted to keep Donawa but he wanted important player, he'd still be first team but I can live without.  Tinkler wanted a two year contract and I'd give a one.


Sold my 3rd goalkeeper before his contract expires.




Both Josh Giurgi and Tyler Frost are my right wingers.  League two level with some potential left.  Wingers are impossible to find.  I've had Rayan Clarke on my left wing since my first season and I can't find someone better yet.

Ramsay is backup RB as I've kept Rushesha and Tiensia(my left back) on loan for another year.  Wilson-Esbrand will probably be my starting LB, has potential aswell.

Edmondson and Stewart are both strikers I've had in my Rotherham save.  Hoping they can get the goals that Kayode and Flores couldn't.

Zouma is my 4th CB.

Bowden is here to rotate in the middle.  4 quality players there this season and using my youth player as my 5th.

The best two I've brought in:



And yeah, this CM is amazing.



I have a backup goalkeeper coming in so I'll still have wage and room for free transfers during the season.  There's a couple of great players without a club.



Due to it being so difficult to find players.  My players aren't that fit, which is why I have a friendly so close to my first league game.


That is one heck of a tough month and I'll be lucky to get a point.  Let's see what we're made of.


How my squad currently looks.  Yep, I'm paying that much a week on my loan strikers :(. That's how difficult it was to get players in.



The useless cup draw:


Don't care, it means nothing to me. 

It's strange they do this.  I ask for the next level of coaching.


Then I talk to the chairman and...


Time for the Sunderland game!

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WHAT. A. START.  Record breaking infact.


Michael Smith got us our opening goal of the League One campaign after 43 minutes.  Went on to score a pen in the 53rd and got his hat-trick in the 63rd.  Clark Robertson got one and Rayan Clarke got another before his month injury.  They pulled one back but it was too little too late.  We got another pen and that's how we started our Mk Dons game, Smith scoring again.  Giurgi put us 2 - 0 up and then they pulled two back in the 62nd and 85th.  Billy Lakin on his debut burst down the left and whacked it past the keeper to give us all 3 points.  If Clarke wasn't injured he wouldn't have been playing and he had an immense debut.  Layton Stewart scored a wordly vs Rochdale so I started him against Fleetwood and he got us off to a good start after 8 mins slotting in.  Smith doubled in the 60th and they pulled one back.  MacDonald and Frost got goals before they pulled another back in the 92nd.  ANOTHER Penalty :lol: that Smith put away put us ahead vs Preston and he doubled two minutes later.

What a start.  Smith has been on fire but he's had a Striker pip him to POTM!


I'm really impressed with some of my players.  Both Giurgi and Frost are playing well on the right showing me that they're good enough for this league.  Wilson-Esbrand has been solid at LB.

Looks like it could be us vs Charlton for the title.  Can we the end of the season now? :lol:


I beat Paul Hurst to Manager of the Month though :cool:



Carabao Cup


Such an amazing strike from Stewart.  Absolutely beautiful.


Glad we won on penaltys, no idea how we didn't win the 90 minutes.


At the least it'll bring in money.


Turns out the transfers weren't over.



Brentford wanted my youth goalkeeper, he isn't going to ever replace Vitek as #1 and that's some money for a bench player.  I've invested in in a proper exciting player aswell.  Thompson last year of contract and there's a first teamer I can get in for his wage so I let him go.



Sondergaard is backup GK, homegrown from being at Wolves for 6 years.

Zech Medley is a good player.  He played 40 games in the 2020/21 season at this level and has been playing in Arsenal reserves since.  Give him first team football and those mental stats could improve.  Could be a cracking player for us.



Now this is where the money was invested.  He's a young Scottish RB with lots of potential, good enough for first team already and at 18 could be trained at club.  Ayr were relegated so he was transfer listed by request.  Think he could be a cracking player.



Just to throw in.  The best youth player from our first year is improving well.  He's being given minutes this year.  Would love for that technique and those physicals to be improved but I like the look of him.  His mentals are great for his age.



Finances are looking good still. 



The season ticket sales helped.



League One has some players going for millions, damn.  IF we get promoted this year, how on earth are we going to compete in the Championship :lol: the money is mad.



I guess is coming the norm for us with the young players we have.



I guess we see where our form takes us in September.  I have no idea how hard any of these games will be as I expected more of a challenge in August.


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7 minutes ago, Pompeyboyz said:

Please lose to Portsmouth, Please lose to Portsmouth, Please lose to Portsmouth, Please lose to Portsmouth,  :brock:


Sorry :p  Bass was the first keeper to save a Smith penalty though he didn't save the second :lol:


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