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Rules verified in basic rules, but fails in advanced + two other questions

Wild Dog

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Hi, hoping to find an editor guru out there, who might be able to help me.

Long post ahead...

My custom league system is verified and playable in the basic rules, but when I convert it to advanced rules to make a few changes there are suddenly multiple errors. So far I have had the following errors:
1st error) "Promoted and relegated teams do not match up for NSL3 (2 relegated) and NSL4 (1 promoted) (extra teams requested = 0)" (and something similar for NSL4 <-> NSL5 and NSL5 <-> NSL6)
NOTE: Promotion and relegation works in the basic rules.

I think I am able to iron it out - at least it pops up with different error after a few changes to promotions/relegations in the advanced rules.

2nd error) "Wrong number of qualified teams (15) found for competition (16 required)"
I don't know what to do about this one and it puzzles me, because I have no competitions with 16 teams. Only 24 and 26 - see below for my league system explained.


Some info about my DB that might help understanding/solving the problem.

Custom American DB with 322 teams.

League structure:

1) National Soccer League (26 teams, 50 games, 2 teams relegated) (also 8 teams in championship playoff - I will come back to that, as I have a question for this too*)

2) NSL2 (26 teams, 50 games, 2 teams promoted and 2 relegated)

3) NSL3 (26 teams, 50 games, 2 teams promoted and 2 relegated)

4) NSL4 (52 teams, 2 groups, 50 games, 2 teams promoted and 8 relegated)

5) NSL5 (96 teams, 4 groups, 46 games, 8 teams promoted and 16 relegated)

6) NSL6 (96 teams, 4 groups, 46 games, 16 teams promoted)

Then I have a secondary divisions structure as follows: (but I don't think that influences anything?)

15 regional premier leagues with 10 teams each (18 games, 2 relegated from each)

15 regional 2nd leagues with 10 teams each (one with 12) (18 (22) games, 2 promoted)

1 regional league 3 and 4 (California...) with 10 teams each.

Finally I have a main FA cup with all 322 teams and a super cup with the winner from NSL and the main cup.


As I said. ALL works fine in game, when I use the basic rules.


The reason I want to use the advanced rules:

1st) I want to eliminate draw games and make all league games go into golden goal and then penalties - I know how to do this in the advanced rules.

2nd) I want the playoff games from the NSL (see above*) to be played at neutral stadiums (as it does with the basic rules), but with a minimum capacity of 60.000 (basic rules = even small stadiums of 2.000 used = not good!) - Again, I think I know how to do this in the advanced rules.

Can I do these two things in any other way than by using the advanced rules? Maybe by editing the .xml files?



If you are still reading. Thank you. I hope I wrote every detail... And I hope someone can help me :)

I should add that I am playing FM19 and using the FM19 editor if that has any relevance.

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