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Fourth place is "so many points behind where we were expected to finish" - but target is top half.

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6 hours ago, Tony Garvey said:

hey @BuffaloPhil

There's a couple of saves called "St Pats" but they're in June, where the board are happy

Can you reupload for me please? Just a save where they're unhappy is fine (your screenshot is September)


Thanks for the reply Tony, unfortunately I don't still have a save - I continued the game (just avoiding the sack by picking up 9 points from 5 games!) but as soon as the season finished they were suddenly quite happy again - and that's where my oldest existing save is I'm afraid. Sorry.

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hey @BuffaloPhil don't worry about it! I know not everyone keeps a massive save library of what they find when they try to enjoy the game :D

We do have a few really similar issues in the system internally being looked at....so I think what you've raised here might get covered, just because at the root of it I think it's the club vision going a bit haywire.

Thanks for telling me what happened, I'll have a go to recreate this in-house.. but if you do see this again, don't be a stranger, just throw up a save :)

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