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Top 5 players

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i'm going instead mentioned some of my favourite players managins so far in fm21:

PLaying Borussia Muchen Gladbach:

Jonas Hoffman: terribly injury prone, but he gets me lots of assists from the right wing.

Morten Thorsby: a failry cheap hard working midfielder 

Kristoffer Ajer: he is worth it as he is a great captain and those are hard to find.

Darwin Nunez: haven't tried him, but he looks great and he's my favourite player that i haven't bought yet

Dominik Szoboszlai : probably one of the best buys in fm21

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Only ran with my AC Milan team this year, here's some of my favourites.

Gianluigi Donnarumma
I've played FM since 2006, and I don't think I've seen many goalkeepers as good as Donnarumma. He's not a sweeper keeper by any stretch, but he's an incredible physical presence in the box, and has the shot-stopping ability to match. It's possible to poach him from Milan on a free in the first season. No-brainer for a big team. 

Andrea Belotti
If he's not harassing defenders off the ball, he's bullying them with the ball. 25+ goals a season, with a fair share being 90 minute winners. I managed to snag him for £22mill (£6mill upfront). Bargain for a player of his quality. 

Ismeal Bennacer
A swashbuckling box-to-box midfielder. Glides through midfields with his 17 dribbling. Plays LCM in my 4-3-2-1, and regularly taking the ball from opposing full backs then going on a run. 

Franco Vazquez
Possibly my favourite signing. 31 year old Franco Vazquez, transfer listed by Sevilla for £1mill. 10 acceleration, 10 pace... 10 goals and 10 assists a season as a squad rotation player. Absolute wand of a left foot, with every goal a screamer. 

Theo Hernandez/Davide Calabria
Hard to decide between the two full backs. Calabria is a classic full back, looking to hold the width and ping in a cross (The 18 assists last season shows he's good at it aswell). Capable of playing both flanks. 
Hernandez on the other hand, is a more direct attacking force; he'll get the ball on the overlap, then surge towards goal - pulling defenders towards him for a swift layoff, or even beat the keeper at the near post. 

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Best player of the game is Haaland for sure. I already love him since FM 20 and this year he is nothing less. Anybody who can afford him, don't miss him. He scored 37 goals in 30 games in his first season and the season isn't over yet. Never played him in the EL because I want him to be fit to win the Premiership. 

Szoboszlai, Merih Demiral and Donnarumma comes after him for me. Don't know who's the fifth one (:

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So far these are my favourite players to sign with almost any team i can..



Mislav Orsic - What a player he is.. pacey, super technical, can play on the wings or striker on any team, an international, and only 5 million... no brainer..


Morten Thorsby - A total workhorse, puts 9/10 into every game for effort and will drag a struggling team forwards ... amazing player for cheap.


Michael Olise - 8 million release clause, wonderkid, scores goals for fun from midfield, becomes a world beater.


Daniel Nachev - 60k, 16 years old, ridiculous technical skills and will detroy teams from midfield single handedly if given time to grow.


Jose Juan Macias - Wonderkid striker for cheap who can easily becomes a ballon d'or winner in game... brilliant.

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