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Gameweek 37

4 games to go but this is the biggest one. A win here and we still have a brilliant chance, a loss and its going to be a hard. A draw and well, we will need some help.


Braintree at home and Tiverton Town away should but some pressure on us. No Hendon, they play on the Sunday. We are the bigger fixture. Biggest of our managerial career I'd say.

Lets get to it!


Awful start. We allowed a player to ghost through the back and then blast it in from 2 yards.


A penalty and I can feel our season slipping away.


We have been the better team and we deserve this lifeline. The home side have had 2 shots all game at this point. Game on, a draw wouldn't be the end of the World. Especially from 2-0 down.


We do not deserved to be losing this game. Huge 45 minutes coming up.


No less than we deserve! Left back ghosts in and its a carbon copy of their first. Game well and truly on!


A simple ball over the top and its clinically finished....

But wait....

He strayed offside! Score remains 2-2.

Since we levelled its been all Salisbury. If we hold on for a point I'll take it!


Nothing happened after that disallowed goal.

We probably deserved to take all 3 points, but from 2-0 down we can't be upset with a point.


Braintree and Tiverton Town both slip up as well. As do the leaders which means if we had won we would still be mathmatically in the title hunt. As it is we aren't.

Neither Farnborough, Dorchester Town nor Hendon played on the Saturday.

We also don't play for another 13 days so its finally our week off and we will hopefully no exactly where we stand heading into the final 3 games of the season.


Hendon drop points which is great news for us.


Its a result that pretty much takes Farnborough and 2nd away from us but Dorchester stay behind us for now.


We are in the Playoffs! Although the game in hand hovers over us!

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How To Get Fired On Your Day Off

We dont play this weekend but everybody does. This is an update where I don't have to do a thing! Its still a hugely important week.


All the relevant games. Everybody in and around us should win. 


Braintree Town drop more points. I think that's them down. Dorchester Town win big. Farnborough drop points which means 2nd isnt farfetched.


Hendon and Salisbury have made this very interesting. As have Tiverton. They keep their playoff hopes alive.


Wealdstone win the league. We can still catch Farnborough although with the GD against us its unlikely. The important thing is with 3 games to go everything is in our own hands!

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Gameweek 38

3 games between us and the playoffs. If we win out then I can't see us not being in the playoffs. 


Everybody should win but lets face it at this point of the season its easy to drop points.

Lets get an early goal, take the pressure off.


Nothing has happened at all, we have had chances but finishing has been awful. At half time the only team in the Top 8 who are winning are Tiverton Town. Amazing stuff so far.




A goal out of absolutely nothing. Just in time as well.


We aren't clinical enough and this is the problem. Not good enough really, despite another equaliser we should be winning these games.

Despite this bad result we were lucky in the sense that all over results went our way except one.


Dorchester are the big winners. 


Braintree rejoin the fight.


2 games to go and realistically we are looking at 4th as the best case scenario. Farnborough would need to lose in the last game of the season while we win both ours. If we finish 4th I'd be delighted. If we finish 5th I'll be happy!

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Gameweek 39

I can't predict this at all. It seems nobody wants to be in the playoffs! Dropped points everywhere!

We are at home at least. Disapoint more fans.

We are at the stage of the season where a win and results going our way we could bag a playoff place with one game to spare. That would be nice!


Braintree need to win and hope that either us or Hendon drop points. 


I'd say there's a fair chance of that happening!


If Dorchester drop any points and we win then we will still have an outside chance of 2nd.


If Salisbury and Tiveton lose and we win then the playoffs are ours with 1 game to spare. That's the best case scenario.

Bottom line, we just need to win. Don't worry about results elsewhere.


A free kick whipped in and utter confusion in the box ends with the ball being blasted into the back of the net. Own goal but I don't care. Huge.


Hayes with a belter! We are taking care of our own business at the moment.


Its not been the most exciting game but I'll take it!

As things stand...


We bag a playoff place. I say this a lot but...big 45 ahead!


Boring half of football, just what the doctor ordered.

Question is are we there or do we have more work to do?


Its over for Braintree in the most spectacular fashion.


Tiverton could only manage a point and for them the playoffs are over.


Hendon picked up a good point against already promoted Wealdstone. 


Come from behind win.

It all means the table looks like this...


We have more work to do. We could finish as high as 3rd and bag ourselves at least one home game in the playoffs or we could finish 6th and miss out altogether!

Onto the final day we go. 


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Gameweek 40

So its come down to this. We are basically 3 wins away from Promotion. Remember a promotion via the Play-Offs count. 

I promised the board Play-offs when I took over so at the very least getting a Play-Off place will get me another year. Although I would be losing a few very good players because they don't want to renew their contract.

A bit of housekeeping as well. My intention was to remove Tier 10 and 11.


I may need to just remove Tier 11 for now.

Back to Truro.


They have given me a new contract which is good because surely it means win or lose we will be around next season.


Hendon face a tricky final game while Salisbury will be heavy favourite. Can Farnborough lose and give us chance to finish 3rd? A point will be enough for them with the GD. All I care about is winning. Lets get to it.

We have 15th at home. We will be strong favourites but it would be dangerous to underestimate anybody at this stage.


I think its safe to safe Salisbury have bagged themselves a playoff place.


Hendon are losing. It means it doesn't matter what happens in our game. Which is good because nothing is happening.


Ok back to needing to win to make sure.


That should be 3rd gone.


Nothing doing at half time.


As it stands we drop down to 5th but the funny thing is I expected to be facing Farnborough away so nothing has changed there. Could get nervy if Hendon go ahead or we go behind.


And breath. Stunning volley and that might just be enough.


Good 5 minutes and that should be playoffs secured.


Hendon doing everything they can.


Nicely done.

A silly sending off with 10 minutes to go. Will he miss the Playoffs now? I think so.


Fantastic finish to the season and we go into the Playoffs full of confidence.


Goal fest and job done.


We started 12th and finished 4th. Great stuff. 2 wins away from Promotion. Either way I think we have left a mark on Truro and surely put ourselves in a good position if we need to stay next season.


Fisher went down. Idiots.

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Play-Off Semi Finals

Lots of hard work ensured we even reached this stage. If we had a full season we would have been challenging for the Title. That fills me with confidence. Win or lose here I'm happy with how this season has gone and optimistic for the future.

I was also wrong with how the playoffs work...


Its just an open draw! Farnborough and Dorchester are both at home, its either a coincidence or they got a home draw because they finished 2nd and 3rd. Either way its Farnborough. We played them and drew 0-0 at home. This is away and a completely different ballgame. I thought it was going to be this fixture before a ball was kicked on the final day, then I thought we had avoided them!

Extra Time and Penalties if needed, no two legs. Straight knockout. Brutal.

Truro lost 7 games this season, I was in charge for zero of them. Lets carry on that record!

2nd minute - Early free kick for Farnborough in a dangerous position, but its straight at the wall.

10th minute - Farnborough have started the brighter and a pop shot from 25 yards out just goes over. Strong start for the hosts. No playoff gitters.

14th minute - Farnborough are passing the ball around beautifully and a well worked moved ends with another long ranged shot, brilliantly saved. Its all the hosts in the opening exchanges here.


Its been coming. McNamara (who is only playing because of that stupid red card 10 minutes from the end of a game where we were 3-0 up) loses the ball on the wing. A simple ball booted forward and a cool finish. Deserved. Do Truro have anything?

22nd minute - The home team are just everywhere. A free kick floated in and the attacker leaps higher, his header just brushes the crossbar and goes over. Truro have not turned up.


Complete dominance. Only one side has turned up here. Big team talk ahead for the Truro manager.

Farnborough get the second half started knowing if it goes the same way as the 1st then this game is already over.

46th minute - More of the same, a free kick whipped in and a bit of a scramble luckily (for Truro) ends with a clearance booted.

54th minute - A brilliant cross is met completely free 2 yard from goal and its headed over. Anywhere on target and its 2-0. 

56th minute - There is the chance for Truro! The first they have had all game. Another great cross met by the stirker, this time its on target but what a save from the keeper. He's had absolutely nothing to do all game and pulls that out. Brilliant. Is this a flash in the pan or a sign that Truro are finally ready to make a game of it.


Game over. Its been an absolutely awful performance from Truro. Its come at a time when Truro were looking good but a counterattack has knocked all the wind out the sails and Farnborough are going to advance.

89th minute - A free kick is whipped in and there's a bit of a tussle. The ref has given a penalty. Truro have a lifeline so late in the game. The way they have been playing this game I would bet a lot of money its missed....


The scoreboard hasnt updated but I can assure you the penalty was scored! Straight down the middle no worries. Its the slimest of slim lifelines. 3 minutes of added time. Can Truro pull off the impossible?

93rd minute - A free kick, in a dangerous position. It just clips the post and goes out! I mean it was for Farnborough so it won't make a jot of difference.


So the first league defeat as Truro manager and that is how the season ends. Not with a bang but with a wimper.

Rounding off the Playoffs.

I mean I'm annoyed with the performance and how the season ended...


But it could have been worse!

Can't argue with 2nd v 3rd for a chance for promotion.

Hope Farnborough go up they gave us 2 tough games (I was in charge of anyway).


Tough way to miss out on Promotion.

We go again next season. A full season in charge and who knows where we could finish!


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Harsh C- there. We went from 12th to 4th going unbeaten in the process. I literally couldn't have done anymore. (The screenshot was taken before any other playoff game).


I don't think I was here for any of these moments!


Finances arent great. Shame you don't get 250k for losing in the Semi of a playoff.


To say we finished 4th only one player really stands out...and guess what...he doesn't want to sign a new deal :seagull:


Current mood. Disappointed yet optimistic.

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They won't pay for the final one worried that I will be leaving them for a bigger and better team. If only they knew the only team I will be leaving them for is Tier 10 Fisher :lol:

After contract renewals we are only losing 1 player which is a bonus. This team was good enough I feel to go up. We were showing Champions form during my part of the season. I'm happy to go forward with it.


We will play in the FA Cup for the first time this season!


Lay of the land looks like this. 

Now the good news is I've been told to Shield until the 31st March so I'll be working from home until then. That should mean lots of time to FM!


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So I have been going through the list now we are a few completions away from the "out of box" at the start of the game part of this save being completed.

There are still a few County's that the options are very limited if I want to be as high as I can be.

For example. Leamington are the best team in Warwickshire. They have been relegated in game and now sit Tier 7. They are now added to the "out of box" part of the game.

You'll be surprised to know the best team in Herefordshire is in fact Hereford. They also play in the 7th Tier meaning they need to be added to the "out of box" part of the save. Although they have won promotion to the 6th Tier this season. It appears they might be a yo-yo club.

The most interesting one looks like Northumberland. The best team at the moment there are Bylth Spartans who are also a Tier 7 team. There is also Berwick Rangers who at the start of the same were in the Lowland League. Be interesting to see if they have been promoted into a playable league.

So the roadmap at the moment looks like this...

Win with Truro --------> Fisher ---------> Then either Leamington, Bylth or Hereford ---------> Then one of the other two ------> Then the remaining one

This will mean 7 Counties will have been completed and we can look a bit more into the save being a bit more open. There are still more Counties where there is only 1 realistic team but they are further up the Divisions. Such as Hull City for East Ridings of Yorkshire.


Edited by andychar
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urgh Hull!

I can never understand why they won't let me shield and deliver pregnant women at home....

unlucky with the board, a very harsh C when you delivered everything they asked of you. They wanted playoff football, they said nothing about promotion through the playoffs.

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Pre-Season 2024-25

Honestly there is not much to report here. We lost a CB so we are weaker there but we gained a CM so we are stronger there. Other than that its pretty much the same team from last season which suits me.

One thing that did come from our Friendlies is...


Plymouth belongs to us. Some great results there sets us up nicely for the new season.


Expectation is Playoffs again. We have to be looking a the Southern League Cup as probably our best chance to complete Cornwall. Although I do think we have a chance in the league...


As do the bookies. I'm excited for this season. Lets get to it!

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And After Alllllllllllllllllll You're My Cornwalllllllllllllll

First of all I would like to apologise for the title I really struggled.

All this post covers if the start of the season before I made my debut in the FA Cup!


We are away in the FA Cup. I can't remember the last time we were at home in a Cup!

Soham Town Rangers are a Tier 9 side who are currently Top of the League. We are 2 Tier's ahead of them so we should be winning but anything can happen in the cup!

Firstly though how did the league start? 40 games between us and promotion. We need to be aiming for first but bare minimum needs to be playoffs.


Dropped points in back to back difficult away games gave us a mini blip but I can't really grumble with the start.


I don't think this is going to be the usual "ahead by 20 points" type of season. Important thing is we are where we need to be right now. Decent start.

RIght now thought our attention changes to the Cup and my first crack at the FA Cup.

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Finally Up for the Cup

We have absolutely everything to lose. Away to a team 2 divisions below us. An expectation that can only be broken today and not reached. 

I can't wait for my first look at the FA Cup. Best Cup Competition in the World.

It also marks the first time this save I've been able to have 7 subs instead of 5! The possibilites.


We have been the better team and finally the dominance shows!


We finally double our tally after smacking the woodwork twice. They had a ball cleared off the line as well. Its been a good game.


Stats you expect with it being 7 v 9. Happy so far.


Now then. Out of absolutely nothing we have a nervy finish. 


In the cup a win is a win and you bet your a** I'll take it!

4 wins away from the First Round Proper.

I wonder where we will be travelling to in the next round....


They sit 13th in the 8th Tier. We were beaten by an 8th Tier team last season in the Southern League Cup so I'm not going to assume it will be an easy game. We will be favourites and we should win but I don't want to put my all my eggs in the basket!

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Thick and Fast

No not me, the way games are coming at the moment.

Just the two league games to update you on. 


Two wins and two clean sheets. Can't ask for much.


We have opened up a nice lead over 6th while maintaining pace at the top. Nearly at the 1/4 stage.

Any way you are all here for the FA Cup updates!

Once again we are away against a lower league team. A win will be one step closer to the expectation and the First Round proper.

Its the next round Tier 6 teams enter, which will be interesting.


Like I said best competition in the World. 


Much needed breakthrough when it looked like nothing was coming!


Not a game that will live long in the memory but we progress to the next round.

Where will we be travelling to in the next round?


A home draw will come...one day. You might remember Taunton Town from such leagues as the one we are currently in! Could have been better, could have been worse. Our expectation is the 3rd Qualifying Round so a win there will mean we hit the minimum. 

2 more league games to go before then and they are quite big ones.

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Takeover Rumours - Fact or Fiction?


At what point do I have to believe them!?

So I mentioned 2 big games in between the FA Cup games. Home to 7th and away to the only team ahead of us right now. I'd say they are big enough. But lets face it a title isnt going to be won or lost in October. Not in football anyway.


Two big wins in the league and more clean sheets!


We are top. Where we need to be. Need to keep plodding along.

We are away to Taunton in the Cup and as you can see its not going to be easy.


We missed a chance after just 15 seconds. Either way fantastic start.

24th minute the ball is in the back of the net but its chalked off. We got away with one!


We started strong but have allowed Taunton back in it. We are ahead, we are going to have to work hard to stay there.


A goal out of absolutley nothing. Its been a boring half. A shot from 30 yards somehow manages to trickle in. We should be safe!


Job done! Expectations met. Good stuff. Two more wins until the First Round Proper.

Wonder where we will have to travel to in the next round....


What fresh hell is this!? 

Lewes are in the same Tier as us and 4th in their league. It won't be easy but we might just be favourite. The fact that we are home will make sure slight favourites. Can we go 1 win away from the Proper Rounds and maybe a money spinning tie?

See you in another 2 league games!

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What do you mean we are at Home? I've already paid for the bus!

We start this update with the two league games. And FM being as predictable as anything...


We followed up a brilliant result with an absolute s*** one. We did everything but score then they sucker punched us with pretty much their only attack of the entire bloody game. Frustrating to say the least but it happens. It didn't help that the worst bit of news came through before the game "Truro on course to set new winning streak". We might as well not have bothered turning up after that nail! Luckily we bounced back very well. I said this wasn't going to be a season where we were gonna open a 20 point lead.


We stay top. The gap is still 3 points. Not going to lie. I'm happy. 

Now onto the Cup. Two wins away from the First Round Proper. This isn't going to be easy.


Well its not been the most noteworthy game. We have missed some big chances. Hopefully we don't live to regret them.


We have done absolutely everything here except score. No replays apparently its straight to extra time. I can see this going against us. 


We are going to lose this on penalties arent we.


Well here we go...

We will take the first penalty...


Good start but its what you would expect from the usual penalty taker.


Same side as ours. Good penalty.


All gone the way same so far. Another good penalty.


Fabulous save and Lewes blink first!


Smashed in! Keeper went right way but no chance.


Straight down the middle but the keeper didn't move. Score next and we are through.


Poor penalty. Gave the keeper a chance and he took it. We go on. Lewes need to score otherwise its over.


Good penalty! Keeper went right way but it was perfectly in the corner. 3rd time lucky winning this penalty shootout?

Its all on our AMC....


Get in!! Finally we get over the line!

They came here with a plan to defend and it worked but luckily we came through the lottery.

One more game until the First Round proper. Who stands in our way? This is the Round the National League come into it. 


Wow! AFC Mansfield are a stones throw from where I grew up. I've seen them numerous times live. Excellent draw in teams of Tier's as well. They are 19th in the 8th Tier. I could have drawn 1st in the 5th Tier so this is a great draw and gives us a huge chance to get to the First Round Proper.

Only one game between these Cup games...Farnborough away....

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4 Wins Down 1 To Go

The FA Cup dream has taken us to the brink of the first Round proper. I mean when you are being asked in a press conference if you think you can go all the way its hard not to get excited!

We had 1 game first and it was a replay of the Playoff Semi. You know, the one we didn't bother turning up for.

A win would be revenge and open up a nice gap at the top of the table. So how did we do?



A nice gap at the top. Very good result.

Next up was AFC Mansfield. Would be a great achievement if we could reach the First Round Proper.

We are the favourites no question about that. 


We have been dominant from the start so naturally we are one down.


What is happening! We have absolutely self destructed.


Sorry sir but you appear to be enjoying this save far too much. Time to take you down a few pegs.

Currently chugging my water so I have a spare bottle.


xG seriously needs to do 1. What an absolutlely pointless stat and is only there to p*** people off.


Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

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2 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

ouch! Boomed out just before the 1st round! 


More frustrated about the performance more than the result. We just seem to have a game every now and then when we just don't turn up. Also seems to be a big important game as well. 

Oh well not like I was going to go on to win the thing!

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We have the FA Trophy but its not as special as the FA Cup and its not a cup I think we have a realistic chance of winning. The next update will be the start of the Southern League Cup which is still our best chance of escaping Cornwall.


We are away to a team who are in the same Tier as us but a different league. It could be over before it begins!

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Who needs the FA Cup. Its all about the Southern League Cup

My record in this cup is played 1 lost 1. Feeling good!

Question is did we bounce back from that awful AFC Mansfield game?


It looked like we did but then we fell off the edge of a cliff.


Salisbury in 17th one place above relegation are closer to 5th than relegation. Absolutely crazy season! We hold a 5 point lead but if we keep on dropping points that lead will be gone. Hopefully we can get out of this mini rut ASAP. 

What better way of doing that than winning away from home in the cup.


The first highlight showing them attacking.


Yeah that looks about right.

53rd minute - And that's the crossbar hit from Truro. Life is pain.

75th minute - Down to 10 men and somebody just fouled their way into the reserves.


Totally and utterly fair this game.

87th minute and the ball is in the back of the net but chalked off. Honestly f** off.


Played 2 lost 2 in this cup. We better hang on in the league because I want out.

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If you had told me in October my next win in the league would have been...


The last day of the year then I wouldnt have bothered playing today!

Its been an awful run, easily the worse run of the save and one that has really seen us drop.


I mean only one position but we need to win our game in hand just to go 5 points off. Its not over by any means but our confidence really took a smack. Except in the FA Trophy which we have exceeded expectations. We will face Solihull Moors in the 4th Round. Not expecting much there but happy we got as far as we did.

Overall its nice to finally win, even though we left it late and it was at home to the team bottom!

Our next game is Hendon away. We really could do with putting 3 or 4 wins together. Otherwise its going to be the lottery of the playoffs once again. 

I'll see you in 7 games as we hit the 3/4 mark!

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3 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

are there any water bottles left without boot prints on?

They banned them. I’m only allowed to drink out of polystyrene cups and I have to attend 100 hours of anger management.  


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I thought it would be good to let you know how the teams I highlighted before are doing. It looks like Truro is on a knife edge for me leaving this season but it helps to be prepared.


Blyth are in Tier 7 and still have a good chance of not only Play-Offs but the Title in what is a very competitive league.


Here were Promoted to the National League North so at the moment they are out of the "Out of Box" portion of the save. I will still keep an eye on them but at the moment they are 6 points clear of relegation.


Leamington are Tier 7 and need to be better otherwise they could be staring Tier 8 in the face. That would mean they would be bumped up in my list of next teams.


And then there's Tier 10 FIsher wanting an immediate return to Tier 9 and very close. They are back and forth it seems. I think they will be my next job as soon as Truro are finished. I think with Local Cups I can have them finished fairly quickly.

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10 games to go

I'm going to start by saying this has been the most stress enducing season I've had on FM in a long time!

We last touched based after we finally won a league game. It was against bottom of the table at home so nothing to get excited about. 

And from then on its just been so inconsistent.


Just can't get anything going at all!

It means with 10 games to go the table looks like this...


The 2 horse race has turned into a 4 horse race. Neither of us seemingly wanting to go up. Amazingly despite everything the title is very much in our hands as we face Farnborough in the run in.

I think I'll see where things are in 5 games time and then start milking an exciting finish.

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On 17/02/2021 at 14:52, lionel messi said:

What about the teams from cornwall in the st piran league/south west peninsula league?

Not that I want to spoil my next update but...tell me more about these leagues.....

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The Final Countdown

Yep we are in Milking territory.


Tiverton we destroyed them and only drew because we were reduced to 10 men. Farnborough we blew a 2-0 lead at half time. No game has been comfortable but we have been picking up wins.


5 games to go and it couldn't be closer. Obviously the dropped points against Farnborough could be huge. AFC Totton refuse to go away.

5 games to go. Game by game updates. Basically if we win all 5 we are Champions. That's the mentality we need.

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Gameweek 36

This time last season we had to look at some many teams results. This season I'm just going to focus on the 3. Ours, Farnboroughs and AFC Totton.


We don't have an easy game. But looking at the last 5 fixtures we could easily end up winning them all. We have this in our own hands and really, after everything, that is a miracle.

The maximum amount of points we can finish on this season is 82. That wouldn't have been enough for top in any of the other seasons during this save. 


Hendon won't be easy for Farnborough. 

This is the week that AFC Totton miss out so we could open a 4 point lead over them.

Could easily see AFC Totton winning today without kicking a ball!


We are 0-0 at the half and I've played this season enough to know we are going to lose this game. Farnborough are also 0-0. AFC Totton winning at the moment watching Soccer Saturday at home.

I....I was supportive. I decided to hold onto my bottles. 


This is a blow.


This game is more than predictable. 


I think that's me done. 

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Gameweek 37

Updates are here but my heart isn't in it in the slightest.

This is the team who are going to F me in the A this week.


Not an easy game but I'm sure I'll p*** all over them for 89 minutes and then concede from their only shot all game.


Easy game for them both.


Good goal and just what we needed.


Call me salty (and you'd be right) but I just don't think we are going to win this game.

Farnborough winning at HT and Totton drawing.


That'll do pig!


3 games to go. 3 points behind. We are only 1 Farnborough loss away from regaining control.

I'm still salty.

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Gameweek 38

Ok I've had a sleep I'm far less salty than I was yesterday. Bring on the next 3 games.

First up is this one...


Home to a mid-table team. I'm getting flashbacks.


I mean if we win we are Top. Its a cheaty way of doing it but if we can win the pressure will be ramped up.


AFC Totton don't have an easy game. We could put a little daylight between us...which could be important later...

Anyway nothing else to do but get to it!


They make a mistake at the back and we capitilise. Good start!


Wide open header from a free kick. Still had to get some power on it. If I'm staying here I'm 100% getting a new keeper!


Even game. Can't argue with 1-1. We need to be better!

AFC Totton 0-0 at HT.


Another header. This time free header on the near psot from a corner. Easy as you like.


Great team goal and we have played some great football today! Fine finish and we are in for a big 19 minutes. 

AFC Totton still 0-0.


Game stopped being winnable for us when we had to play a CB at LM cos the injury. Another game with more possession and more chances. We need a big clear out next season. Too much under achieving deadwood.

AFC Totton also drew meaning we at least keep hold of 2nd.


So erm....Playoffs it is.


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Gameweek 39

Lets start 39 with the end of 38….


Opportunity wasted but at least we still have a slight chance of the Championship! It means that any dropped points from Farnborough between now and the end of the season coupled with 2 wins from us will be enough.

We could do with AFC Totton losing or at least dropping points. We play them away from home on the last day and really I want 2nd. It will mean we can at least disappoint our home fans in the Playoffs.


I mean on paper we should be winning this comfortably but lets face it we haven’t played any football since the AFC Mansfield game on paper this season.


Should be straight forward wins for the other 2 lets see what happens.


Big goal. If we can win and Totton lose then at least we will have 2nd wrapped up.


Never mind.


There's the title.


Give me the water bottles.


F*** this team.


Well done. You did something *Slow clap*.


I'm annoyed as anything but even I have to admit that was a brilliant goal. Problem is we need to win, at this stage a point (although would be a brilliant comeback) means nothing.


At least we arent the only ones having a bad day.


Amazing. Absolutely amazing.


Couldn't hit a barn door.


AFC Totton can't win the league anymore. Amazingly thanks to that 94th minute goal we had nothing to do with we can still win the league. We need a Farnborough loss and somehow go to Totton and win but hey...at least there's a chance.

Just to give you an idea of how poor this season has been for everybody...I still haven't reached my points total from last season.

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Gameweek 40

I had the post as a minute by minute account of the final day but then Google Chrome decided to throw a wobbly and I lost absolultely everything. Fun times.

So here are the results and the final table.


As you can tell there's a reason I'm annoyed at losing the entire update.


Farnborough did what they needed to.


Playoffs again for us. Last season it was a good thing we got there, this season its with a bit of annoyance. We have one more shot at promotion and leaving Cornwall this season. Lets see what happens.

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Awww S*** Here We Go Again

The same familiar of dread has surrounded me.


Hemel Hempstead Town at home. This season...

We lost 2-0 away and won 2-0 at home. I know what correct score I'm betting on but still not 100% sure which way I want to bet.

If the Truro that beat AFC Totton turn up then we are golden. We looked vibrant. If the Truro that has been plaguing this season after the AFC Mansfield result turn up then its going to be a long 90 minutes. 

That being said lets just get it done and see what happens. We are either 180 minutes from Cornwall finished or we are 40 games away. Big difference.

Whatever happens happens. I shall be salty or this is the greatest story ever. 

The other Semi is being played at the same time, change of pace from last season but much more fair when it comes to fitness.

1st minute - Truro kick off and are straight away causing problems. An early corner results in a long distance shot. Easily saved but a strong start.


Truro can't seem to win a header anywhere on the field and its cost them as once again they are exposed at the back. Strong start has quickly turned into a nightmare start.

2 shots in this game, 1 a piece one went in and the other didnt. 

20th minute - A fine save stops this being 2-0. A free kick is headed away straight to a man on the edge of the box, he fires a wicked shot which is tipped over the bar.

28th minute - Another free header and really the away side should be gone. Straight at the keeper for an easy save.

33rd minute - There was the chance for the leveller from a corner. Good leap but heads over. This game has had fine margins be the difference and theres another.

37th minute - And that will 100% be the final thing this player does for the side. A two footed lunge and Truro are down to 10 men.


Its been a brilliant first half if you are a fan of the away side. If you are a Truro fan you can argue this 45 minute has been the entire season in a nutshell.

AFC Totton lead 1-0 in the other Semi Final.

57th minute - The drama continues here. Its a penalty for the home side! A corner comes in and the defender was too hansy with the striker. What a chance to drag Truro level...


Blazed wide. He has hardly missed a penalty all season but when it matters he has faulted. If you didn't laugh you'd throw your laptop through a window.

One thing's for sure, its us winning the xG battle now.


A long range shot hits the post and falls lovely to the striker who slots it into an open net. I really wish I was making this up.

72nd minute - Dangerous free kick but well saved by the home keeper. Fans, players and manager are just waiting for the full time whistle to sound like a bullet coming out of a gun to put them out their misery.

75th minute - If there is another goal its going to be for the away side. Another missed header lets them through but its blazed wide.


The 10 men of Truro have a lifeline. A well worked move finds its way into the box and a cool finish gives the team from Cornwall hope. Just enough to finally kill off the manager I think.

83rd minute - Another dangerous free kick for the visitors but its harmlessly blazed at the wall.


3 subs made and the goal scorer for Truro has pulled up. He is going to go off injuried. You honestly couldn't make this up.


There's the nail. Long range shot finds its way into the bottom corner.


AFC Totton go through 3-2 in the other Semi Final. Hope they both kill each other in the Final if I'm honest.


AFC Totton up. Zero casualties.

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Superb season. Yeah ok.



This basically tells me I need to be replacing about 7 of these players.



This is the state of play. That was a horrible season. Interestingly we went from 1st on the season preview to finishing 7th and the board next season are just wanted a Mid-Table finish. The expectations have dropped which worries me! Maybe this team isn't as good as I thought it was!

Another season in Cornwall...I mean at least I'm stuck in a nice part of the Country.

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Oof, rough ending to the season. We've all had years like that, where the players just let you down missing chance after chance to secure promotion.

On the plus side though, at least struggles and the occasional failure make a thread more entertaining than constant success does.

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Stuck in Cornwall

So I was either 180 minutes away or 40 games....here we go ready for another 40 games in the league.

I have been a little ruthless with the culling. I have resigned the players who were half decent and left the players who didn't perform. Didnt matter if they had the stars or the stats at this level. They went.


I want to believe!


Once again we offically favourites. The board has changed their mind...


They want Playoffs and then will be disappointed we only reached the Playoffs! In fact all expectations are the same as last season.

I've bought a few new players in and got rid of a few underperformers from last season but its by an large the same team as last season. They proved at the start of the season they are capable so I'm hoping last season was just a blip.


I think we are a CB short. There's 2 obvious holes in the team that I am hoping to fill but its a very young side which is good. 

Am I hopeful? Not really. I think last season was a learning experience. I put far to much pressure on finishing Top that I didn't enjoy the season at all. This season the goal is playoffs. If we are challenging at the top then great. If not then playoffs will be nice. To have a chance at Promotion is May is all I ask.

I bigged up the FA Cup last season and it lead to our downfall so this season I'm not going to give it the attention it deserves!

11 hours ago, DaneBramage said:

Oof, rough ending to the season. We've all had years like that, where the players just let you down missing chance after chance to secure promotion.

On the plus side though, at least struggles and the occasional failure make a thread more entertaining than constant success does.

Rough season completely. We had so many chances to win its almost like the game wanted me up. But then took with the same hand! 

If its occasional failure then you are in the right place :lol:. I had a bit of a mental breakthrough. This save still has 46 Counties left. If it doesn't work out this time at Truro I can always leave and come back in like 9 decades time when the current generation has no memory of me. Although FM will still call it a "sensational return".


I want to believe! Although this Local Businessman better originally be from Saudi Arabia.


Pre-Season went well but I picked lower league teams as I felt our confidence needed a bit of a shot in the arm.

Speaking of which this is where we are...


I'm going to make more of an effort to not throw water bottles and stay positive. Easier said than done but this needs to stay green.


This has been anything from an A to a C-. Its been a rollercoaster!

Without futher ado lets get into the season. We started well last season, lets do the same this season.

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40 minutes ago, andychar said:

I'm going to make more of an effort to not throw water bottles and stay positive. Easier said than done but this needs to stay green.




Its all good.

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I mean I've had better starts to seasons. 


We were fined? WE WERE FINED?!


Ok. Breath. We have started 2 wins from 2. This is just a set back...

Edited by andychar
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I Mean the FA Cup is a good Point to Update

I'm not going to do a goal by goal update of my journey in the FA Cup but we are 7 games into the new season so its a good place to update.

One mistake I made last season was constantly chopping and changing the Starting XI. I'm not doing that this season. Ive discovered my lineup and want to keep it that way, injuries pending of course.


The 2 away losses both hurt as we had a lead in both, 2-0 up against Hitchin Town and we missed a penalty at 2-1. Bounced back well though and I'd say its been a decent start.


Hats off to Staines who have started brilliantly although 7 wins no losses and only a GD of 10 shows how close the games have been. We are where we need to be at this stage of the season I think.


Also a Tier 7 team and currently 2nd. Not a great draw at all! Honestly though I want to concentrate on the Southern Leauge Cup and the League these are our chances of completing Cornwall. Not the FA Cup. I know this comes as a shock and I'm sorry for not showing ambition.

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The Start of a New Cup

From the start of the FA Cup to the start of the FA Trophy and everything in between.

Let me start off by complaining, I know, that doesn't sound like me...


This happens far too much. 


We just haven't really managed to get anything going really. The FA Cup win aginst Lowestoft Town was probable the best 90 minutes I've seen at Truro. We went 2-0 down against Whitchurch but couldn't find the winner and was punished on penalties. We won 2 shootouts last season so can't grumble. Generally our penalities have been awful this season.

The 2 league games lost in this time period have both been "One shot on target" enough for the win type of games, its really starting to depress me. 


We are a bit in limbo. Even though the gap is only 4 points for the playoffs. I'm not worried. I think we will hit the minimum of the playoffs quite easily. Obviously the higher the better. Staines were awful again me and didn't deserve anything never mind 3 points. 10 points is a lot but I can see them getting found out in the second half of the season. Or maybe thats hope rather than expectation.

Our FA Trophy adventure begins. I enjoyed it last season, it gave us a distraction when the league was going downhill. 100% means we will be knocked out straight away this season! I think my next update will be New Year so see you then!

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