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[suggestion] Option to request specific compilation videos from analyst staff


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Following the introduction of dedicated analysts to backroom staff, I've been wanting to see a more specific impact from them on the game experience. One way of doing this is to increase the number of requests you can make, as well as types of assignable tasks.

I feel there should be a benefit to hiring staff like there is IRL, and one such benefit would be to lessen the work load on you as a manager. For example, I spend a lot of time analyzing games. I go through the match reports, I look at what my team does well and were I need to improve things. If my flanks don't provide enough quality crosses, for instance, I will look at the match events involving cross attempts more closely. If the team squanders possession through low quality long shots, I will look at those events to see what the problem is. It would be great if analysts could be used to make this process a bit less time consuming.

So, my suggestion is, that an option is added to request highlight compilations from analysts involving specific match events, or pertaining to specific match stats. It would be great if I could tell one of my analysts: "Hey, could you compile a video of all the attacking set pieces of the previous match? Thanks!" or "Could you please compile a video of all the times we fired off shots from outside the box?"

This would be a great way to involve the analysts more, and could also make the tactic tweaking part of the game even more enjoyable.

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