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Daveincid's Info-Channels for the "Increase Realism Megapack" and more

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Hi guys

I finally found my way into social media. Geez it's stressful already:lol: 

I would be happy if some of you guys would follow me on:



I am also planning to do a info channel on youtube to explain my megapack in detail as well as my guide, which can be found here: 


My main projects:



Due I am constantly dealing with some difficulties with my health, I am not sure how good this all will came out, but I think it's worth a try :)

Feel free to message me if you have questions, ideas, critics, or just want to have a chat :)




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I just released my first video on youtube about to increase realism in FM21, don't judge me too harsh, greenhhorn here:lol:




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I have just released a short explanation video of my megapack. In part #1 I will show you the differences in terms of wages when you play with my megapack vs default.


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