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Players happiness rant


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Guys, anyone have some tips on how to stop the players asking for extension every season? And how to avoid them getting mad everytime you turn down an offer for them? this thing drives me mad how unrealistic it is.

One players was getting 1 mil per year, still a young prospect, but after half a season he asked for an extension despite having like 4 years left and asked for 10mil! I know that SI make the game harder for us the players, but come on its ridiculous sometimes, also when you don't offer them the contract they get unhappy and want to leave.

Another thing, I've won Champions League 3 times in a row, having highest reputation in game, yet every time Barcelona or Man City shows interest in my top players, they get pissed because I turn their ridiculous offer down (player is worth 80mil yet they offer like 60mil, wtf is that?!) I mean seriously, it's so annoying to deal with these issues every season....

Never seen a situation irl when a club doesn't extend a players contract lasting for another 3 years, so the player cries and gets unhappy and wants to leave....


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If you've won the CL 3 times in a row, giving you the highest reputation in the game, then players will expect to be paid top wages, even the prospects. If you aren't willing to pay that, they will want to move to teams that do.  

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