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Stadium exspansion... confused

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I have just got a  new stadium, 24.000. Half way into the season in feburary I asked the board to exspand it, they aggreed  to an exspansion to 32.000, price 14M pound,, work began and should be finished around 9 month later in october.

After the season in may the board annouced an  exspansion to 36.000 price 21M pound; it will take 11 month and sudenly we are relocated to Ethihad for the entire next season,

In the club vision screen the work began in feburary. Building time is feburary until june the following year ,,,, around 16 month.

What is going on, I am playing FM20..   

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So I am not sure how accurate this is but from my own experience when upgrading stadiums, the construction work doesn't actually begin until the offseason / end of season. In this time between when you made the expansion request and the construction start date in the offseason, if your team performs exceptionally well, I think this improves your team's reputation more than expected (at the time when you made the request) so your board may adjust the expansion amount to meet increased reputation / fan support. Once construction has started in the offseason, the expansion amount will not change. If they increase the expansion amount this will also increase the amount of time and money needed to complete construction. I have had expansion work before where I didn't need to relocate stadium and continued playing in the same stadium at reduced capacity, but I find most of the time when expanding stadium that you will need to be relocated to a different stadium while construction is underway. Also I believe on the club vision screen, the start date is the date you made the request, not when they started construction.

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