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I'm finding this really unrealistic and confusing, i have taken a tiny club from the non-leaugue into the VNN and all the way to the premier league by playing a high-pressing attacking brand of football, every season they insist on putting 'direct football' into the vision there is no scope to negotiate it or discuss it it just is their expectation. At the end of every season despite me absolutely smashing their expectations and playing this amazing brand of football i am being berated for not playing defensive, direct football...

Surely at some point during this they would see that we have an identity and brand of football that isn't going to work with their idea of direct. I could understand it if we had hit a wall or were not making progress but it's completely the opposite, this cannot be a realistic view of the way a board would work?

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Hey @tremor

Yeah I see your point. I mean, when a season begins, you should be given the opportunity to discuss the club vision... did you try to change this, did it let you?

But the board should adapt. If you have a save where I can see this I can definitely take a look

You know when you say you're "being berated" - what is this exactly, an email from the board, or the end of season review? Might be best if you have a save before that happens, just so I can see what you mean and take it to the developers to unravel

Saves can be uploaded to our cloud: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4

Just reply letting me know the name of it and I'll take a look!

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I've uploaded a file, it's called 'seadogs 25-26 renewing'

update - i've just moved it on a bit and they've offered me a new contract, but again no ability to adjust the club culture - new file is "seadogs 25-26 renewing contract"

I think it's because it's part of the clubs vision, it doesn't seem to be negotiable at all, i've tried to do it when renewing my contract and i can't deselect it or remove it or suggest we remove it.

By berating i mean that it comes up in discussions and press conferences.

I also query the 'playing defensively' i had a +44 GD at the end of the season. I know that is because i scored a lot, but i didn't really concede that many either. I think i average 3 scored for every goal conceded but i guess that doesn't include a lot of clean sheets.

I've just been through and tried to renew my contract and there isn't any option to negotiate the philosophy or club culture... they are just fixed now. I do remember at one point being able to remove it, but they just put it straight back in, there was no dialogue about it or option to suggest an alternative. I can't find anything in my old saves that has that though.

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Still having an issue with this... the boards expectations are so contradictory and their reactions seem completely unrelated to how i am actually performing... i know it doesn't really make a big difference, but it really bugs me.


I'm playing entertaining counter-attacking, defensively sound football and in my first season in the prem i'm sitting 7th with 3 games to go with the smallest playing squad and budget by a mile

I'm doing way better than most clubs as far as goals from corners (3rd) and goals from indirect free kicks (8th) go...

it also doesn't seem to track the fact that i score a lot from throw ins. I haven't scored a direct free-kick but i don't have a free-kick specialist but surely that can't be what's making it a serious concern?

I'm literally smashing what should be expectations in every single department with the exception of possibly direct football (although i have used direct passing for 30% of my games)

even the budgetary ones seem totally out... i haven't made a loss on a single player, in fact i've made a lot of money for the club by selling on players ive picked up on frees



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This is still a problem that i'm just not understanding. Is there likely to be any way i can counteract it?

... at the end of the season above i managed to get them to remove the play direct football by constantly reloading and insisting until they randomly allowed me to remove it. So i've gone and completed the next season, ended up 3rd and won the Euro2 cup and had the most amazing season in this tiny clubs history and yet i still seemingly have no say in the club culture... it just seems so unrealistic. 

They are again insisting on putting this in the club culture when in the 8 years i've been at the club i have never played direct football.

I'm really enjoying this version of FM but this set of interactions with the board is just bugging the hell out of me, in every other instance we negotiate things, i've had all the upgrades i've requested, they've been agreeable and supportive but it just seems like a completely random addition to totally change our style of play when it has been so successful.

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