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Tactic Help for the Owls

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Evening, just looking for some advice. I can’t work out if I’m tactically inept, if my side is just simply not good enough or whether I’m on the right track but missing a simple piece to the puzzle.

im playing FM21 Touch on the iPad as my beloved Sheffield Wednesday and I cannot work out how to get my tactics to work properly.  So we’ve started with -6 points in the championship, no money, so not been able to sign any players and my plan is to keep them up, make do with what we have and then offload players in the summer. Media have predicted that I’ll finish 22nd.

My tactic, as suggested by my assistant and also in  agreement with the positions that my players can play is 4-4-2 Wing Play.


My Squad I don’t think is too bad I feel like I can easily achieve mid table - what do you think ?


Below is an example of how I set up each game

1. check the odds on the game. If I’m favourite to win then I set my mentality to Positive, if it’s 50/50 I go balanced and if I’m expected to lose I go cautious or defensive.

2. I then check the opposition report which provides me with the style the opposition tend to use for example “vertical tiki taka” and then I also check out their formation in this example I’m playing derby and when looking further in to it it looks like they like to play a balanced, 4-2-3-1 Wide formation.

3. I also get my assistant to do opposition instructions

I then watch the game unfold and generally I get battered. I’m currently sat in 22nd after 20 games but to me it feels like it’s 50/50 chance as to whether I will come away with anything.

can anyone help please

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Here are main weaknesses of your tactic IMO:

- needlessly too many instructions (some of which combined create tactical overkill)

- poor tactical balance on the left flank leading to defensive vulnerability (BBM is not a role that can effectively protect the flank when you use an attacking WB there)

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Currently playing with Sheffield wednesday. I’ve had decent sucsess with a 4-3-3 formation ending 7th in the first season and currently placed in 5th season 2.

Agree with ED that you should probably try to limit those TI’s.

I play a possession style on positive mentality. Penney did a great job for me as left back first season, so that might be a tip for you as well.

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Yeah preset TIs are good hints as the kind of instructions for a a style, but too many just confuses things---especially given I wouldn't actually know how they affect my play or matches without testing with and without. 

When I visualize a "wing-play" tactic I imagine having a very solid central midfield partnership. One that's main goal is to stay in shape and just recycle the ball around the flanks- who are going to be doing all my final third attacking. Defensively, I'd also like them to stay in shape rather than have them running out to press the ball and leaving a gaping hole behind. Experiment with central midfield combinations until you find a solid pairing.

I'd start building the tactic with just focus play down left and right flanks as the only TI. Over time, experiment with adding another TI based on what you see happening in games, (e.g. if you see your team creating chances by playing direct passes, then add that TI, if you counter attack a lot, add the counter TI, etc etc---TIs should accentuate your existing play not create it from scratch.) Some TIs like tempo have a massive impact on your style, the only way to understand those is by experimenting and seeing which situations they work in and which they don't (I find myself adjusting tempo depending on the opposition style quite a lot- although I always start the match with the tempo I want.) Use the preset instruction as a guide to which ones TIs might be useful to introduce and then see how they affect things.

EDIT: one more thing, I wouldn't adjust your tactics prior to matches except in very specific circumstances e.g. playing a prem team in the cups. Much better to focus on your own consistent style and gameplan for all matches--if things aren't working after 15 or 30 minutes then make those changes.  

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