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Touchline Tablet forgets which windows are displaying

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I have mine set to display team stats and the opposition formation.

It seems to keep forgetting this configuration though. I'm not sure if when i'm playing away it just displays the away teams formation (the formation of my team) but if i'm choosing the opposition formation and my team stats surely it should remember thats what you want it to stay on and not keep swapping it around.


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Hi, yes it happens all the time on my current save and just tested it, it happens in the very next match.

You will see my teams formation and the team stats of the other team, when it was originally set to the opposite.

File name S5.fm


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This is driving me crazy.

It has only started in the last 5 or so matches of my save that every time I make a sub, or at the start of the second half, all my preferences are set to General Info.  Normally I have Body Language, Passing and Attacking.  Prior to this (2 and a half season's of matches in this save) it was fine, except for the other aspect of home/away.


Also, since this has started occurring, the Match Stats remain visible in highlights.  This wasn't always the case, or am I imagining it?


The home/away, where the game doesn't switch automatically to my own team whether home or away is just annoying.  The last game I bought was FM16, and in that and all previous games the interface would know to stay on the vice-versa of whatever I had in the previous match.

Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 18.04.22.png

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